Pharma’s Vaccines are Secretly Genetically Altering Anyone Forced to Take them

Source: EbolaGate
ebruary 19, 2015

Did you know that the vaccines Congress may mandate for the entire country are GMO vaccines and anyone who gets them is having their DNA altered by them?

The wiki article on DNA vaccination makes that clear.

Pharma is using  just the same method as Monsanto uses to genetically alter seeds – randomly shooting GMOs into the seeds DNA with a gene gun, and hoping for “DNA uptake.”  

With all the new children’s “DNA” vaccines, the same thing occurs.   GMOs are shot into the child’s DNA, with Pharma hoping for “DNA uptake.”

DNA uptake means that GMOs have become part of the child’s DNA. 

If that occurs, the child then has three parents – 1.  the father who contributed his unique DNA, 2. the mother who contributed her unique DNA, and 3. the pharmaceutical industry that contributed unknown GMOs of other DNA strands to the child. 

Incredibly, corporations in contributing DNA strands become a third “parent” genetically.  And what DNA strands is this non-living corporate parent contributing?  They can come from swine, monkeys, poultry,  insects, viruses and even can be synthetic (not from nature but wholly man-made).  This entirely alien DNA for human beings, becomes the child’s genetic heritage.

What’s more, given how many vaccines the children are forced to get, more and more of this animal, insect, virus, and fake DNA is being forced into the child’s human DNA.

Pharma created and is behind pushing agricultural GMOs which include bizarre mixes of DNA that alter characteristics of plants.  To do that, it is lying, subverting laws and undermining democratic rights. It is RIGHT NOW preventing labeling of those GMOs, is preventing real testing of them, and is producing ever more GMOs, with public protests unheard.

Pharma also created and is behind pushing GMO vaccines that include bizarre mixes of DNA from from swine, monkeys, poultry,  insects, viruses and synthetic biology.  To do that, it is lying, subverting laws and undermining democratic rights.  It is RIGHT NOW pushing to get its GMO vaccines mandated by Congress.  They will also be UNKNOWN and UNTESTED and if Congress passes the bill to mandate vaccines for the entire country – to use force to inject them into the American public – this Congress will be opening the door to at least 200 vaccines already waiting, with public protests over vaccines unheard.

If Congress passes the bill to mandate vaccines, any vaccine can then be used at will by Pharma, for Congress with have let corporate will crush human will.   In doing so, Congress will have eliminated the human rights to self-protection, the human right to save one’s own and one’s children’s DNA.

Pharma’s push for such power over human beings is essentially a push for removal of human beings’ rights to defend their bodies from whatever Pharma wishes to insert into them, to do whatever Pharma wishes to them.

The whole momentum for this insanely fascist push is based on media promotion of the measles outbreak related to Disneyland as a crisis.

The reality:

Measles deaths in 12 years – 0
Measles vaccine deaths – 108

Those figures are from the CDC’s own data. Yet the CDC is pushing more vaccines.

The bigger reality:

Secret government documents reveal vaccines themselves to be a hoax.

The worst reality:

There is a hidden FDA rule inserted by Pharma that would allow them to do anything at all with vaccines.  Under that rule, new ingredients can be put into vaccines with the approval of only one person at the FDA.  No testing is required.  The vaccines will then be both UNTESTED and UNKNOWN. 

If Congress passes the current Pharma bill, thinking they are mandating the current vaccines, they would in fact be mandating UNTESTED and UNKNOWN vaccines.  The vaccine manufacturers have already removed their own liability.  Now they want to remove all rights that stop them from forcing whatever they wish into everyone in the country. 

Be sure to read the following article which explains in detail about the hidden FDA rule and how it would allow Pharma to put into vaccines whatever it wants, and describes some of the horrific things Pharma has already been pushing to include.  There would be no limits.

The “Pharma Wants Carte Blanche With Vaccines” Bill:  Can Congress Find Pharma’s Hidden Trick?

The country needs to face the fact that the new VACCINES ARE ALL GMO vaccines, and America’s children are being genetically altered. This is true of anyone else being injected with vaccines now as well.   When people line up for the flu shot, they are in fact lining to have their DNA altered, and in unknown ways.

Is it easier to alter a fetus’s DNA, just as it’s easier to alter a seed than a plant?  Is this why vaccines are being so heavily pushed on pregnant women?

Is the severe harm so many parents are reporting that vaccines are doing to their children related to the fact that the GMOs vaccines are actually striking at the child’s DNA?

Is the bizarreness of “autism” related to Pharma’s  using GMOs vaccines to bizarrely genetically alter children’s DNA?   Is this why children with autism are often dysfunctioning even at a cellular level, their mitochondria not producing energy, as is true of cloned animals?

Is Pharma so focused on unvaccinated children (who are many times healthier than vaccinated children) and attacking their parents so ferociously because it wants to get its hands on all those who have not yet been genetically altered?

This effort by Pharma to reach ALL children worldwide is not what media and government agencies say of it: “Vaccines are saving the lives of billions of children around the world.”  Quite the opposite is occurring.  UNICEF and Save the Children and the Gates Foundation are maiming and killing children in huge numbers with vaccines.  This is so obvious to people in Africa and Asia that they have gone from decades of hiding their children to now starting to kill vaccine teams coming near their villages.

Right now our entire country is threatened by a pharmaceutical industry run amok with vaccines. 

Pharma has been playing God in genetically altering people with its GMO vaccines without anyone knowing. 

Now it wants a “no holds barred” pass from Congress to go after the entire American public with its DNA-altering, any-ingredient-included vaccines. 

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5 Responses to Pharma’s Vaccines are Secretly Genetically Altering Anyone Forced to Take them

  1. Biill says:

    This is hugely important. Thank you for putting it on a part with the Ukraine and financial things because this is a threat to all human life.

    I expect it will take people some time to process the enormity of it. Their children would become less human because of the GMO vaccines, and some children are already being destroyed by them, losing many of the things that make us human, speak and thought.

  2. Mila Valdrez says:

    If this becomes totally mandatory and forcibly impose to the whole population of man against their will and consent, hence it is better for all of us to stop doing anything, just about anything at all.

    “However”, this vaccination can not push through, as the collective consciousness force & power of the billions of people were now coming together and more powerful than ever.

  3. paleohippy says:

    When does lethal force become an option in self-defense against this? I’d say right about now, or maybe yesterday. Isn’t one of these vaccines the same as a bullet? It’s so blatant now that some folks will be making this choice when they come after them with syringes in the schools, the workplace, etc. And think about every military recruit that has to get a pile of these shots upon entry. Is this the precurser to the Zombie Apocalypse that we’ve been prepped for on TV? Put this together with an executive order banning 5.56x45NATO M4 rifle ammunition. There is actually a whole nation full of people so dumb or terrified that they can’t put this together and see what we’re up against. I don’t see any survivors without intervention.

  4. Debbie says:

    Good for the Africans – they have a better sense for survival than do Americans. Maybe it’s time for Americans to grow some kahunas and start killing these rotten, stomach turning “people” who are killing us with Monsanto death by diet food, and these horrid vaccines. How much longer will stupid Americans go on taking this?
    Good job JEAN – great stuff here to today……… if people will just respond with the level of anger needed to change all of this nightmare being foisted upon us!

  5. says:

    Well hello , You are at again trying to force your thoughts and your medical garbage upon us. If you think this is so good then you give it to your kids and leave us alone .

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