Plasma-side Chat #2: Hampstead Child Abuse Report

Peter Klein, the author of this report left this link in my Comments section, hoping you all will find his efforts of value. . . Thanks Peter and hugs, ~Jean

Published on Feb 28, 2015

In this report, we cover the current status of the story, the children & the adults involved. We share some possible leads, provide unique analysis and suggest actions that might lead to a resolution.

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6 Responses to Plasma-side Chat #2: Hampstead Child Abuse Report

  1. Michael says:

    I just found out that Hampstead Heath is a private police force paid for by the City Of London financial centre. None of their activities are subject to public scrutiny under the Freedom of Information Act. Interesting no?

  2. Neves Reywas says:

    That is all truth these people need low vibrational energy to survive on this level.we are going to hear a lot more about this as”time” goes on.They need the suffering of children to get this energy amongst other things.

  3. bewareofserco says:

    In my opinion, this video is just a rambling distraction trying to introduce “doubt” into what could easily have been proven one way or the other, in September 2014, if only the alleged abusers had gone for an independent medical examination to verify whether or not they had the “distinguishing features” in intimate areas, as described by the children in their original testimony. It was already confirmed in a doctor’s report that the children exhibited anal scarring consistent with sexual abuse that had taken place for (at least) some months.

    Not only have the alleged abusers failed to present themselves for independent medical exam but many have also changed their names! If such serious allegations were made against me, PROVING my innocence would be the first thing I would have done but these people are in receipt of legal advice – which IMO they would not need if they were innocent and had nothing to hide.

    It would have been SO VERY EASY for the police interviewer to confront Alisa with the question; “We’ve had a medical exam done on the alleged paedophiles and none of them exhibit the intimate features that your brother has alleged! What is your explanation”? It would have been a VERY short interview if they were indeed lying! Instead, the police interviewer embarks on a charade of relatively unimportant questions.

    We can never know what threats and/or coercion Alisa and Gabriel were subjected to by the police, before making their retraction video.

    For further background as to the goings-on in Hampstead, here is Alfred L Weber interviewing Mel Ve, a former Hampstead resident, who suggests that children may be getting abused and murdered as part of Talmudic ritual, as the area is known to have a high Jewish population. If this matter implicates the Jewish community, you can understand the high-level cover-up and the ignoring and/or sabotage of compelling testimony.

    The UK authorities are in a hole that they have dug for themselves and the low credibility attempted cover-up just shows that they intend to keep right on digging!

    Sadly, because of the importance of this case, the two children will never be allowed to leave the UK in case they attempt to whistle-blow from a place of safety. In ten years time they will both be adults and will have a better understanding of what has been done to them and the authorities cannot afford to let these children reveal the pressure that was brought to bear in order for them to retract their original testimony.

    IMO, you don’t need to be a psychologist or even a parent to know that these children were telling the truth in their original testimony.


  4. I lived in Highgate for many years, my children lived in Hampstead, 4 of my grandchildren went to school in Hampstead, not to that particular school. I BELIEVE THE CHILDREN based on what I know. This is England, everything is controlled, people are SUBJECTS not citizens. All this is only just seeping out into the public domain because of the work that has and is still being done in releasing th Energy from the Ley Lines that was used to control us. All that was hidden is now being revealed. I live only 30 mins. drive from Hampstead. Please understand that for “them” to hold control “they” NEED to DRINK BLOOD AND EAT FLESH, this is why there are so many WARS “they” NEED them to survive. It is time for people to take the time to LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT this PLANET, who is in CONTROL of it. Look closely at those who are pushing for WW3, why are they so desperate.????

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