US Congress Passes Dep’t of Homeland Security Funding Averting Shutdown / Sputnik International . . . this is the game they play with us. . . ~J


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The extension passed 357 to 60 to fund the DHS until March 6 before US Congress will need to meet again to decide how to pass long-term funding for the agency.

“This continuing resolution will last until March, 6 allowing us the needed additional time to continue negotiating a path forward on how to fund DHS for the rest of the year… I urge my colleagues to vote yes on this critical legislation,” US Representative Harold Rogers of Kentucky said ahead of the final vote on Friday evening.

“I urge my colleagues to put us on a path to enactment of the Senate passed long-term funding of DHS by voting in favor of the seven day path,” US Representative Lucille Roybal-Allard of California added before the final vote was made.

The short-term funding proposal is now awaiting US President Barack Obama’s approval, a measure that the White House said earlier on Friday the president would approve if it is presented to him.

Earlier on Friday Congress failed to pass a measure that would authorize funding for the DHS through March 19.

The House Joint Resolution was introduced just hours before the funding deadline would have authorized temporary funding for the DHS for a period of three weeks. The measure was supported by a majority of Republicans, but failed to garner Democratic support.

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7 Responses to US Congress Passes Dep’t of Homeland Security Funding Averting Shutdown / Sputnik International . . . this is the game they play with us. . . ~J

  1. Ilex says:

    Another dog and pony show. They are hoping that the citizens of the US think they are trying to save the US, however, they are doing just the opposite.

  2. says:

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  3. Trex says:

    This comes as a huge relief Jean; I was sleepless all night worrying about this. To think of a quarter million dhs jackbooted goons suddenly unemployed gave me visions of poor handicapped people on the streets selling apples and pencils. Perhaps today they would be selling a few billion rounds of hollow point ammunition instead of pencils. However, now that the gestapo is back in business, we can all breathe a sigh of relief as now we will again be completely safe from every imaginable harm. I am emitting a deep sigh, with heaven-cast eyes, knowing for sure now that there is a god, and his name is perhaps Irish, O’bimbo I think was his name. However, strangely, he never seems to wear green on St. Patrick’s day.

    • Tracy says:

      yoodle-he-haw-snort, funny very funny Trex and sarco spot on.
      Thanks for the giggle 😉

      • Ethyl says:

        I agree, Trex, that was SO funny! You had me going for half a second! I was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping they were going to put the jackbooted thugs out of business, for real! Whole thing was great! Trex, you rock! You’re going right up there with the kitty cat playing dead tonight! Thank you for your heartfelt response!

  4. Sacredpeaks says:

    I happened to catch some of the Congressional hearing on this yesterday. It was nothing but a shameless display of grandstanding and fear porn. Congress never had a mandate to fund DHS in the first place and should now take this opportunity to correct the situation. DHS is not accountable to anyone, has no oversight and has demonstrated themselves to be just another rogue agency.

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