Why Big Pharma Killed President Eisenhower

Thanks to C. 

Censored Footage Now Revealed:

President Eisenhower’s Shocking
SECOND  Warning
To the American Public

In the final 60 seconds of Ike’s famous “Farewell Address”… footage previous censored until now… he warned Americans about a dangerous threat to our lives and freedom

Even more dangerous than the “military-industrial complex”…

So did the press censor Ike’s second warning?

And why you NEED to hear this controversial story right now – to protect your life and your family’s well-being?


Dear Reader,

54 years ago, Eisenhower ended his presidency with his famous “Farewell Address to the Nation”…

A live broadcast where he warned of the “unwarranted influence sought by the military-industrial complex” – big defense firms who leveraged their political connections for profit.

And who tapped their media connects to manufacture enemies and crises – misleading the America public into one war after another.

Eisenhower’s warning still rings true today –and the dangers of America being dragged into new wars… for private profits… still exists.

But, in the final 60 seconds of his farewell address – a segment previously censored until now…

Ike issues an ominous SECOND warning…A warning most Americans never heard.

The footage of this final segment – and the threat he warns of – has been kept under wraps.

Hidden in the archives of a government building…

And what it says was “off-limits” to the American public for 54 years.

But I’m breaking this story wide open… naming the big players…and broadcasting Ike’s warning to the public.

No matter the repercussions…

Even if the powers-that-be come and shut me down…

Let the chips fall where they may…

In this last minute – the last time Eisenhower would EVER publicly speak – he warned Americans of a far more dangerous threat.

One that could cost even more lives, and do even more damage to America.

In fact, since Ike’s final warning, it’s secretly cost at least 950,000 lives each year…

Lives that could have been easily saved…

And as you’re about to see, it would even claim Eisenhower himself as its FIRST victim…

But the mainstream media censored the final 60 seconds of the famous “Farewell Address”…

They were actively complicit in the “cover up”.

I’ve followed the money trail to their doorsteps.

And my research confirms the media now receives a whopping $27 billion per year for keeping this story quiet.

That’s why it’s remained written out of the textbooks…

Banished from the pages of history…

Until now.

Today I’m blowing the whistle on this secret plot.

The details of how it took Eisenhower’s life.

How it’s become America’s #1 killer…

And America’s #1 profitable industry…

But first, let me introduce myself.

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10 Responses to Why Big Pharma Killed President Eisenhower

  1. james boober says:

    pushing poison for profit and control to a maniacal degree the art of healing has morphed in front of many a clear mind toward such a diabolical agenda it beggars belief >. ignorance in this age of information is a deadly choice [as to the doctor info-mercial …let him fund his bodyguards some how while using this teaser to motivate your own research] the LIE IS SO VAST and our planetary system as well as our bodies require our responsible shift to truth asap !!!!!!!!!!!!many thanks Jean for your tireless devotion to informing our choices at this critical time

  2. judynz says:

    Jean had you said this was an Ad I wouldn’t have read it so I am pleased you only saw the good in it. Thank you.

  3. judynz says:

    I would like to thank you very much Jean for posting this . I am in my 70s & lived through an era when we didn’t rush out to Doctors for ever ache & pain. As a family we did not get deeply involved with health or lack thereof, we just lived our lives growing most of our food & got on with it.
    My father died of heart attack & all of a sudden my mother became concerned & involved with heart propaganda. My mothers father died of a heart problem but he had been hit in the chest with a bag of cement hanging off a chain. Perhaps this took on a different light when my father died. Later she had a triple bypass & one day she gave me this lecture about both of my parents having heart problems & how we children must realize it is the family etc.

    Almost immediately I started experiencing palpitations & started feeling concerned….Then I realized that I had allowed her to plant the concern in me.
    An older brother overheard me relating this story & said she did the same to him & the same had happened to him. Unfortunately he didn’t see the significance nor did any of my siblings. As soon as I realized what happened all symptoms stopped.
    The upshot was. the much younger brother died of heart problems aged 48yrs, the older brother is on god knows what, my younger sister is on the same & has been revived twice and another brother (overseas) has heart problems also.
    They are hooked on these drugs & cant see past them.

    What this post did for me is re confirm that `what you fear comes upon you.’ Also it cleared away little niggles that come under the heading of, “who am I to discount advice from so called experts about eggs, fats etc. etc. etc.”
    Now & again I have taken vitamins but have not been consistent with that, but feeling I should was likely been influenced by what I have read.
    So thank you Jean for helping me to boost my faith in my ability to help myself with more confidence.

    I must admit shortly after I started reading the article and it began feeling like an ad I thought Uh Huh, Oh No, then I realized that it is hard to get people to NOTICE, look at how disappointed most who are awake feel when people wont listen.
    This Dr used what was a great example to get his point across & I can see why he would do this.
    I have no doubt he will be targeted for GETTING REAL & NOTICED about the subject & he has to live.

  4. Randeau says:


    Though there is good information here, please indicate up front that this is an advertisement. It would be also be of value to read a transcript of the “…final sixty-seconds of Ike’s Farewell Speech” if the actual film censored is not available. Just my prospective.

  5. susan says:

    This article IS a big teaser AND an ad for his $49 /mo newsletter. Or something similar. When I discovered we were not going to hear the “censored” last public words of Eisenhower I stopped reading. Jean…………. don’t do this to us, please! We are looking for serious news here.

  6. Hildegard says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but this seems to be a big teaser. Where can we HEAR the last 60 seconds of Eisenhower’s farewell address?

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