EXCLUSIVE: ‘Whitehouse.gov’ caught freezing vaccine choice petition to prevent signatures from reaching 100,000 threshold

Sunday, March 01, 2015
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Thanks to D. 

(NaturalNews) A WhiteHouse.gov petition calling for the prohibition of laws requiring mandatory vaccines has been throttled by the White House, buried from public view and finally frozen for over 36 hours to prevent the petition from achieving 100,000 signatures, Natural News can now reveal.

The petition, which was rapidly headed toward the 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a response from the White House, was frozen mid-day Friday and has remained stuck at 56,791 signatures for over 36 hours.


The petition reads:

No human being should be FORCED to be vaccinated against their will and/or personal/religious beliefs. I petition against making vaccinations of any kind mandatory. This includes forcing children to be vaccinated to attend public schools, activities, and daycare centers. This also includes adults working in the public or private sector.

The petition still allows people to sign it, and it still sends a confirmation email that claims your signature counts. But the numbers on the petition website never change, no matter how many people sign it.

Petition signatures systematically ignored

As the following screen shot shows, the petition confirmation page claims, “Your signature has been verified and counted.”

But in reality, your signature doesn’t count at all, and the signatures number on the petition page stays frozen:

Throttled to a maximum of 100 per hour before being frozen

Before the petition was frozen by the White House to prevent it from reaching 100,000 signatures, it was throttled to allow a maximum of 100 signatures per hour.

Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation has been monitoring the petition’s numbers for several days. “Counsel Ralph Fucetola, JD, and I were tracking the number of signatures for the petition on our Skype chat and I noted something rather strange: there were many hours when the number increasing on the petition was exactly, EXACTLY, 100,” she told Natural News.

“We realized that although it is really important in this debate to get to the 100,000 signature threshold on this petition, the system was gamed, making it harder than it should be. We knew that if we did not reach that number, the White House juggernaught would claim that only a tiny fraction of Americans were against Mandatory Adult Vaccines and would use that against us.”

“…the White House Petition Site programming is not recording signatures on a petition it disagrees with,” Dr. Laibow concludes in a breaking news warning published at her website.

WhiteHouse.gov buried the petition to try to hide it from the public

Even before the throttling and the freezing of the petition numbers, the White House went to great lengths to bury the petition and make sure it could not be easily found by the public.

Unlike other petitions which are easily found at Petitions.WhiteHouse.gov, the petition opposing vaccine mandates was deliberately hidden from view and could only be accessed if someone knew the direct URL.

On YouTube, this is equivalent to setting a video to “unlisted” status to prevent the public from finding it.

To help people find the petition, Rima Laibow set up a new link that directs people to the correct petition URL:


A pattern of systematic deceit by vaccine pushers

This fraudulent attempt by the White House to suppress this petition and prevent it from reaching 100,000 signatures is part of an extraordinary pattern of lying and deceit on the part of today’s medical extremists who demand all people be injected with vaccines, even against their wishes and in blatant violation of the American Medical Association’s code of ethics.

The vaccine industry, we have all observed, is willing to do anything it takes to prevent the public from learning real facts about vaccines or even achieving success with an online petition that calls for the protection of medical choice for mothers and their children.

USA Today, the same publication that ran an article authored by a mentally deranged vaccine fanatic who called for the arrest and imprisonment of “anti-vaxxers,” recently conducted an online survey that asked Americans whether they support the arrest and imprisonment of people who rejected vaccines. The results of that survey reveal that 92% of Americans support vaccine choice and reject government coercion for forced vaccinations.

Jail parents who opt out: 2%
It’s a choice: 92%
Fine parents who opt out: 5%
Inform parents vs. jail: 2%

Only 2% support government coercion against parents who choose to avoid toxic vaccines. Public support for laws prohibiting forced vaccination policies is remarkably high; far higher than public support for President Obama himself.

So in an attempt to destroy the perception that the public strongly opposes the government coercion of medical choice (also called “medical fascism”), the White House has now gone to extraordinary lengths to suppress the online petition that calls for fundamental human rights and medical choice.

This pattern of deceit and coercion is far larger than the White House alone. It includes:

• The CDC’s deliberate burying of scientific data linking vaccines to autism (as confessed by the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson).

• The mainstream media’s blatantly one-sided media coverage of vaccines, where no scientific questions about vaccines are ever allowed to be aired, and any doctor who asks an intelligent question about vaccine ingredients, vaccine safety or vaccination schedules is verbally assaulted with the derogatory, intellectually-bigoted label of “ANTI-SCIENCE!”

• The ongoing delusion of “mercury denialism” where even the Associated Press publishes articles that falsely claim mercury has been “phased out” of all vaccines even though the CDC confirms mercury, MSG, formaldehyde and aluminum are still used in vaccines.

• The Disneyland measles hoax, where the CDC knows full well that the viral strain of measles found in MMR vaccines is different from the strain of measles that has spread among children. The genetics don’t match, which means the MMR vaccine would have done little or nothing to stop the outbreak in the first place.

• The complete suppression of true stories of vaccine-damaged children who have suffered severe neurological harm, painful skin disorders, comas and even death due to vaccines. See horrifying photos here of just some of the children who are being medically mutilated by the very same vaccines that government authorities tell us are “safe.”

• The widespread refusal of the FDA to acknowledge the truth that it does not test vaccines for safety or efficacy and instead relies entirely on Big Pharma’s own self-funded studies to “prove” vaccines work. But those studies have been faked, say the industry’s own scientists, who describe how animal antibodies were used to spike human blood samples in order to defraud the FDA and keep selling vaccines that do not work.

• The publication of a medical extremism article in USA Today which openly called for the government to arrest and imprison so-called “anti-vaxxers.” This article, like nearly all articles on vaccines that appear in the mainstream media, was written by a mentally ill vaccine fanatic with a bizarre desire to incarcerate informed vaccine skeptics who raise intelligent, rational questions about vaccine safety and immunization scheduling. USA Today has no problem giving a platform to mentally ill vaccine fanatics as long as they keep calling for more vaccines.

TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition and watch how your vote doesn’t count at the White House

Want to sign the WhiteHouse.gov petition and see the petition fraud for yourself?

Click here to sign the petition and notice how the number of signatures doesn’t budge even after you sign it.

Or, possibly, WhiteHouse.gov will reactivate the petition after being caught red-handed and exposed by this story, but they will still throttle the petition to make sure it never quite reaches the 100,000 threshold.

This petition fraud, of course, perfectly mirrors every fraudulent tactic of the vaccine industry which is utterly incapable of any behavior at all that resembles ethics or honesty. Every layer of the vaccine fraud now being perpetrated upon the American public is steeped in deceit, fabrication and fraud.

Sources for this article include:








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24 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: ‘Whitehouse.gov’ caught freezing vaccine choice petition to prevent signatures from reaching 100,000 threshold

  1. carlene3 says:

    I went to the petition website on in the morning of March 1st after reading Mikes email about the frozen counter.
    Sure enough it was stuck at at the number he said which was the last recorded signing from several days earlier on 27th Feb.
    I went through the signing process…….no change on the counter all day.
    Monday morning the counter was working and huge numbers were recorded throughout the day.
    I spent ages scrolling back through the recorded signatures to see if signings were now recorded for any of the days when the counter had been frozen but nothing is showing for 28th Feb or 1st March.
    Sent an email to make a comment about it (that seemed to be working) and asked for an explanation and an assurance that my signing was included in the numbers.
    Today I decided to sign again as I did this once in the past by mistake and I was blocked.
    I was not blocked this time so I assumed that it went through because my earlier signing had not been recorded. I urge everyone who thinks their signature was unrecorded to re-sign.
    Apparently some people have noticed the counter number dropping back at times and then moving back up…..weird!
    On the positive side I believe that huge numbers of people have added their signature as a result of Mike bringing the frozen counter problem to peoples attention….I was not aware of this petition before I read Mikes news story on it. Then you Jean put it out on your site and I’m sure that you further increased peoples awareness of the petition by even greater numbers. Maybe in the long run any deliberate attempt to sabotage the target numbers being reached has back fired on them by triggering a massive counter response from us.
    It only runs for 3 more days now but, despite the lost 3 days when nothing was counted, the number has leaped up by close on 30,000 since the counter got “unfrozen” on Monday leaving
    just over 13,000 more signatures needed to reach the 100,000 target.
    At the rate that signings are occurring we will be there inside the next 24 hours. Unless of course there IS deliberate interference. We shall see.

  2. Hildegard says:

    F*CK GOOGLE. Hey people! You should have axed Google a long time ago! But better late than never. Use IXQUICK https://ixquick.com/ or OPERA http://www.opera.com/ STARTPAGE is great but unfortunately it will still give you Google results but without the tracking. Install GHOSTERY https://www.ghostery.com/en/ to block trackers on each and every site. For email use Thunderbird through Firefox https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/ or STARTMAIL. https://www.startmail.com/

  3. Judy says:

    Just signed …count did NOT change 69,471…..before and after…plus I had to verify, confirm my signature through my email…Still did not change the count ..surprised? Sadly, no.
    Counted about as much as the last time I voted…which has been a few years:).

  4. Ed Freeman says:

    Ed from Pennsylvania says;

    I signed the petition at https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/prohibit-any-laws-mandating-force-and-requirement-vaccinations-any-kind/HW1B3YKz on March 2, 2015 at 9:50 AM. After 3 minutes, the total number didn’t budge. After 2 hours and 10 minutes it was still the same!!! Definitely something fishy going on here. I’ll keep checking, off and on, up until March 6 and report back in.

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      FISHY?? It’s outright, in-the-open CHEATING, and the majority of the nebbishes out there will never know – they don’t READ that “Conspiracy Theory” crap. *sigh* I think that those of us who are awake and aware as many as we’re going to be until the Concentrations Camps (aka “FEMA Camps”) as half full. Once they start realizing that they’re dying in there, sometimes in huge numbers all in an afternoon, or evening or whatever, and they’re just “disappearing” (who would suspect a pike of ashes being hauled out of a giant incinerator, after all?), THEN some, but ONLY some, will understand.

      I guess I’ll have to file this under “Last Days of America”.

  5. lvarrow says:

    Aloha and good Morning. I just went to the petition site and signed. I then thought I would leave a comment and when I went to contact them, I got a “the site does not match the whitehouse site. So the set up is complete like the Disclosure Petition. It has being petition napped so that it doesn’t get to everyone. Try it. Go up to the top and hit contact and see what happens. I say let’s start another petition say through the Care team or Creedo. Love and Light, lvarrow.

  6. Hildegard says:

    There ya go, Jean! Signing petitions doesn’t really help. On the other hand exposing petition fraud is a nice wake up call.

  7. Damon says:

    Reblogged this on Awakestate.

  8. Biill says:

    I would be suspicious of Rima Lebow whose husband, General Stubblebine did mind control with the military and her actions around Codex have been suspicious.

    One might do a petition through the Canary Party which is primarily composed of parents whose kids have been injured by vaccines They could be trusted

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Bill! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Hildegard says:

      I would be suspicious of anyone suspicious of Rima Lebow and General Stubblebine. Many have tried to discredit them and one has to wonder WHO and WHY because they continually stick their necks out regardless of lies spread about them because they are dedicated to the truth. I would do a bit more research and consider the source of criticism.

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      I can’t figure them out. Stubblebein was head of Army Intelligence, she’s a psychiatrist, and they met working at MK Ultra as far as I know. On the other hand, they seem to have been fighting Codex, even finding a way out of it for countries who wanted out, and they began the “Stop the Shot” movement the last time the government tried to mandate vaccines. Now she’s selling nano-sliver and other healing substances Big Pharma can’t make a thing off of.

  9. paleohippy says:

    Nice article. No recourse except to play games. There is no remedy other than a radical departure from normal.

  10. Bradley says:

    As SAD as this is – it only makes me shake my head at those who STILL THINK we live in a democracy! I have seen the “law” and the “court” systems at work personally and FIRST HAND.

    As Jordan Maxwell so eloquently put it – our “system” is a SEWER SYSTEM and nothing more!

    As I wrote in the Great Con of Man – there IS NO SUCH THING AS JUSTICE any longer.

    All I can truly say is the sooner the people wake up to this FACT the better. THERE are few IF ANY Judges – Lawyers – and Police – not to mention our “government” officials who are HONEST any longer! When “push” comes to “shove” I have seen POLICE LIE THEIR ARSES OFF – FABRICATE EVIDENCE and FORGE DOCUMENTS!
    I was told personally by a former Assistant Distric Attourney – who told me he would “deny” it if I ever used his name – that the POLICE LIE IN WELL OVER 75 percent of all cases in order to get a conviction.

    As a District Attorney he was frequently visited in his office by Police Officers who would ask him what kind of evidence he needed for a conviction AND WHAT THE OFFICER SHOULD SAY IN COURT – ANY LIE AT ALL – to get a conviction.
    Fortunately this man was “less” corrupt – (not totally but less) than most District Attourney’s and would at least “not” coach the arresting officers or give them the exact “lie” to tell in court to convict every person they dragged in.

    Here is the smoking-gun-proof and yet after reading this article – still the people will go out and “HOPE” that OBAMA will fix their lives. He HAS NO INTEREST in people! His only interest is in serving those who are his “masters”.

    OUR COUNTRY NO LONGER EXISTS! What does exist is a television show – a sit-com, a fiction, that only appears like a country!
    Sorry to be the one to “burst” your USA is great bubble!

  11. Ron says:

    I’d say it’s time to boycott Google and it’s Android operating system.
    Use startpage.com or duckduckgo.com for private search instead of Google.
    Avoid Android OS where the user and their habits, interests and preferences become the product.
    See Jon Rappoport below:

    Breaking: Google gives new meaning to “Orwellian”

    Becomes Ministry of Truth

    By Jon Rappoport
    March 1, 2015

    “…if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became truth.” (1984, George Orwell)

    The New Scientist has the stunning story (2/28/15, “Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links,” by Hal Hodson):

    “THE internet is stuffed with garbage. Anti-vaccination websites make the front page of Google, and fact-free ‘news’ stories spread like wildfire. Google has devised a fix – rank websites according to their truthfulness.”

    Great idea, right?

    Sure it is.

    The author of the article lets the cat out of the bag right away with his comment about “anti-vaccination” websites.

    These sites will obviously be shoved into obscurity by Google because they’re “garbage”…whereas “truthful” pro-vaccine sites will dominate top ranked pages on the search engine.

    This is wonderful if you believe what the CDC tells you about vaccine safety and efficacy. The CDC: an agency that opens its doors every day with lies and closes them with more lies.

    The New Scientist article continues: “A Google research team is adapting [a] model to measure the trustworthiness of a [website] page, rather than its reputation across the web. Instead of counting incoming links, the [ranking] system – which is not yet live – counts the number of incorrect facts within a page. ‘A source that has few false facts is considered to be trustworthy,’ says the team…The score they compute for each page is its Knowledge-Based Trust score.”

    Right. Google, researchers of truth. Assessors of trustworthiness. Who in the world could have a problem with that?

    Answer: anyone with three live brain cells.

    Here’s the New Scientist’s capper. It’s a beaut:

    “The [truth-finding] software works by tapping into the Knowledge Vault, the vast store of facts that Google has pulled off the internet. Facts the web unanimously agrees on are considered a reasonable proxy for truth. Web pages that contain contradictory information are bumped down the rankings.”

    Right. Uh-huh. So Google, along with its friends at the CIA, will engineer a new and improved, greater flood of (dis)information across the Web. And this disinfo will constitute an overwhelming majority opinion…and will become the standard for measuring truth and trustworthiness.

    Think about what kinds of websites will rise like foul cream to the top of Google page rankings:

    “All vaccines are marvelously safe and effective, and parents who don’t vaccinate their kids should be prosecuted for felonies.”

    “GMOs are perfectly safe. ‘The science’ says so.”

    “The FBI has never organized a synthetic terror event and then stung the morons it encouraged.”

    “Common Core is the greatest system of education yet devised by humans.”

    “People who believe conspiracies exist have mental disorders.”

    In other words: (fake) consensus reality becomes reality. Which is the situation we have now, but the titanic pile of fakery will rise much, much higher.

    Also, think about this: the whole purpose of authentic investigative reporting is puncturing the consensus…but you’ll have to search Google for a long time to find it.

    In the field of medical fraud, an area I’ve been researching for 25 years, the conclusions of standard published studies (which are brimming with lies) will occupy page after page of top Google rankings.

    Let me offer a counter-example to the Google “knowledge team.” Here is a woman who has examined, up close and personal, more medical studies in her career than the entire workforce of Google. She is Dr. Marcia Angell. For 20 years, she was an editor at The New England Journal of Medicine.

    On January 15, 2009, the New York Review of Books published her stunning statement: “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

    In two sentences, Angell carries more weight than 20,000 blowhard “science bloggers,” to say nothing of lying drug companies and that criminal agency called the FDA.

    Angell torpedoes an entire range of medical literature, based on her hard-won experience.

    But you can be sure that when it comes to “medical facts,” the Google “truth team” will ascribe absolutely no merit (ranking) to her conclusion or its implications.

    You may say, “But these search engines are already slanting the truth.”

    The new Google program is going to double down. It’s going to set up its own Ministry of Truth. It’s going to standardize algorithms that unerringly bring about officially favored lies.

    Stories on vote fraud?

    Stories contradicting the official line on mass shootings?

    Stories on the US government funding terrorist groups?

    Stories on the hostile planetary intentions of Globalists?

    Stories on corporate criminals? Secrets of the Federal Reserve?

    Stories on major media censoring scandals?

    Counter-consensus stories on 9/11, the JFK assassination, the US bankers and corporations who funded both sides in WW2? All anti-establishment versions of history?

    After Google launches this Ministry of Truth program, you’ll have to put on diving gear and go deep underwater to find any trace of them.

    Welcome to a new day.

    “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” (Opening line, 1984, Orwell)

    Let’s take all this one step further. Google’s director of research is Ray Kurzweil, who many people know as the promoter of a “utopian” plan to hook the population up (through direct brain-machine interface) to a vast super-computer.

    The super-computer will pass along virtually all human knowledge. Kurzweil believes such a momentous breakthrough will endow humans with a mystical level of consciousness.

    Even if this technological wet dream could be realized, we can now see what “connecting to all human knowledge” means:

    It means accepting all official knowledge. Being blind to counter-knowledge.

    It’s time to reverse AI (Artificial Intelligence) and call it IA (Intelligent Androids).

    IAs would be humans who are programmed to be androids. IAs accept truth as it delivered to them by official sources.

    Google makes its contribution by promoting official sources.

    And hiding other sources.

    Yes, this surely seems like Nirvana.

    You will be fed the Good and protected from the Evil.

    Sound familiar?

    Thank you, Google. When are you going to apply for non-profit status and open your Holy Church of Information?

    “Today’s sermon will be delivered by the director of the CIA. It is titled, ‘Data: everything you need to know, everything you must not believe.’ Breathe deeply. Your neuronal circuits are now being tuned to our channel…”

    Jon Rappoport

  12. I registered my vote for vaccine protest and it didn’t count up. I sent a scathing comment.

    • Jean says:

      Apparently, comments aren’t working either! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ian MacLeod says:

        If I may make a suggestion, how about a short blurb of some sort above all articles for a while asking ALL MEMBERS AND VISITORS to spread the information that the supposed “voting and comments site” are RIGGED? Place it into every comment area they can reach, write short articles, start discussions and offer proof. If enough of us did that (I will be doing it, alone if I have to) maybe people who see it will start to get the idea that our “government” is dishonest and has an agenda that is NOT for our benefit! .

  13. Mike says:

    It’s true. I tried signing the petition and the signature counter remained the same. So I clicked on the “share your feedback” link and stated that my signature wasn’t being counted and they should fix the issue to ensure all signatures are being accurately counted. I think everyone should flood them with this.

    • Ron says:

      I no longer bother with petitions or voting because it is clear that the Elite don’t care what we think. Why participate in their rigged game. Participation is a form of tacit consent in my view. Withdraw participation, withdraw consent. It is far better to try to awaken more of the sheeple, one by one if necessary, IMO.

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