Why Is Congress Preparing to Remove All Medical Rights, When STUNNING Health Technology Exists To Cure EVERY Person in the US?

Source: EbolaGate
ebruary 19, 2015

The Pharmaceutical industry, the same ghoulish corporations that put Hitler into office with help from the Rockefellers,  committed genocide on an unheard of scale, are now 20 times larger, depends on actually intentionally expanding diseases for profits, and which is considered one the most corrupt industries on earth, now wants to remove all medical rights of Americans.




“Your medical choice is about to be usurped by Washington. Legislation is in the works that would nullify your right to decide what medical interventions you wish to accept or reject for your own body.

“Under the recent vaccine hysteria agenda, Washington is now trying to establish a precedent that could order you to do things like donate your organs or submit to experimental vaccines.”  [Emphasis added.]


It’s clear now that . . .

Pharma’s Vaccines are Secretly Genetically Altering Anyone Forced to Take them


People are being genetically engineered with animal species and with truly disgusting other things.

Removal of the right for a human being to say no to having anything injected into them that might cripple or kill them, means removal of people’s rights to the most fundamental of all self-defense.  Pharma is pushing Congress to make the American people submit themselves and their precious children to potentially being killed.

Here is but one small example of what people would be defending against, a childhood vaccine infamous for causing SIDS. The Dtap Package Insert  Pg 11, “Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS [death of an infant], anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea. Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting.” [Emphasis added.]


But given that GMO vaccines are altering a person’s DNA, self defense against GMO vaccines means even more than defending against disease and even death.  It means defending and the protecting the very essence of a person’s being – their genetic heritage going back millennia.  It means defending their DNA purity and defending against their DNA being damaged or corrupted, so that it can be handed down to future generations.

People over thousands of years have known not to intermarry with people who have serious diseases in their blood line (in their DNA).  And we are all appalled at a rapist impregnating a woman because her child with then carry his DNA.

A Congressional bill would override the human wisdom of the former and the revulsion of the latter, and allow the pharmaceutical industry to continue literally RAPING the DNA of the children in the US with GMOs and not even with the DNA of other people but of pigs, monkeys, insects, viruses, and even synthetic DNA.  [Human DNA is normally acquired via sexual intercourse and a rapist forces their DNA onto another.  Pharma has found a new means to rape someone – they do it through “vaccine rape”in which they violently – literally shooting GMO into someone with a “gene gun” – and force foreign DNA from non-human species even, into the human DNA of someone – without their knowledge so against their will.  This is rape.  It is literally corporate rape.

They claim to be persons.   And they have been raping all the children of the US, leaving bizarre DNA in all of them.  They have been doing the same to as many adults as they can lure in with lies.  Sometimes they offer gifts but mostly they promise “health” as the benefit of the rape.

Forced rape of DNA on a national scale is what is planned by Pharma, with Congress as the pimp.  And Pharma is also asking Congress to arrange for Pharma to take people’s organs after death, with the definition of death now being a conveniently changeable thing and organs worth a fortune.   People simply lose all rights to over their bodies and their children’s bodies.

Though this grotesque plan to make all Americans’ bodies subject to the sick genetic “experiments” and even ownership of the criminally corrupt and historically fascist pharmaceutical industry is moving forward in Congress, there is help.

It turns out that Americans have paid for health technology that is being withheld from us.  Believe it or not, it is on Mars where Dick Cheney is part of a Mars Colony Corporation.  That health technology can cure everyone in the country – autistic kids, amputees, people with cancer, people with multiple sclerosis, diabetes, MS, ALS, Alzheimers, …. you name it.

So while Congress is preparing a health catastrophe for all Americans, turning the entire country over to total control of a fascist pharmaceutical industry, abhorred for their gruesome human experiments including with vaccines, those behind that pharmaceutical industry know there is true health technology that will utterly destroy their industry.  So, they are in a rush to take control of people’s bodies and must keep that technology hidden.


Because once people across this country know the choice is between absolute and total fascist control over their bodies and that of their children, or absolute and total health, even for those who have suffered for years, there will be massive revolt.

Because the health technology belongs to us. 

And Americans really won’t tolerate being cheated and harmed any longer.

Here is the information on the health technology.  It comes from Newsinsideout.com in a interview conducted by Alfred Labremont Webre (a judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal that indicted Bush and Cheney and Israel for war crimes)  with Marine Captain Randy Cramer.

“US Marine Capt. Randy A. Cramer, Special Section (ss) is an active duty Marine officer deployed within the civilian population of the United States pursuant to Article 21 of Emergency Marine Corps Regulations. Under authorization from the U.S. Marine Corps chain of command, Capt. Cramer is speaking out against US government policies ….

Article 21: When the US Marine Corps can warn the public the US government is no longer functioning

Capt. Randy Cramer states he is speaking out in this NewsInsideOut.com interview under authorization of a secret mechanism established by U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower to warn American citizens in the event their government was compromised and in danger of failing them or being overtaken.

“Article 21 of secret Marine Corps regulations authorizes the US Marine chain of command to deploy a U.S. Marine as a civilian to speak out publicly against the actions of the U.S. government when either of two conditions is reached:

  • Less that 50% of the constitutional guarantees of the US government are in place because of the actions of an extraterrestrial race; or
  • Less than 75% of the operating functions of the US government are no longer being carried out;

“Under either of these conditions, the U.S. Marine chain of command can invoke Article 21 and deploy a U.S. Marine in the form of Capt. Randy A. Cramer to warn the public as to steps it should take so that the American people and its nation can survive.

“There has been an official determination that one or both of these conditions have been met now.

“U.S. Marine Corps White Hat deployed to save American nation

“Capt. Randy Cramer states straightforwardly that he was authorized under Article 21 by his chain of command to speak out. He says, “When I agreed to speak publicly, my security clearance was raised to a Blue/Gold-13, which has granted me full access to USMC ss intelligence files, and weekly briefings by Brigadier General Julian Smythe, personally.”

More ….

Start at approximately 32:17 to hear about the health technology.


Americans can let Congress remove all their rights to protect their own bodies and their children’s bodies from harm and let Congress turn all of them over to control of the pharmaceutical industry – an industry which has been genetically altering most American children with vaccines, and which wishes the power now to alter the DNA ofeveryone in the country, to add ingredient it wishes into vaccines and to force that on people made helpless to refuse.  That is, the pharmaceutical industry wishes the power to run human genetic experiments with vaccines without limit and to be able to continue to sicken, sterilize, maim and kill Americans, but now to be able to do it to anyone in the US at will.

Americans can let Congress turn them over to pharmaceutical industry that created AIDS and infected and killed millions of people with it through forced small pox vaccinations campaigns.

1987: WHO Admits Its Smallpox Vaccine Caused AIDS – WHO Omits That It Requested The Virus


And Americans can let Congress turn them over to the pharmaceutical industry that created and patented ebola and now has criminal and Nazi companies and bioweapons labs ready to force ebola vaccines on the entire public or to take you away and rob you blind if you refuse.



Or Americans can come together across all races, ethnic groups, sexual orientations, religious affiliations, and political parties, and secure the release of the health technology they have all paid for, so they can all live extraordinarily healthy and long and happy lives.

Fascism and sickness and death?  Or happiness and life?

Choosing life is a question of first seeing in your heart that things can be wonderful.   Choosing life is then a question of standing up for what is good for everyone.  A place to begin is by informing as many people and groups as you can of the existence of this health technology.  Then people must begin calling their congressional representatives, telling them the “Vaccine Saves Lives” is SICK GMO joke since the vaccines are genetically altering anyone who is forced to take them.  Then choosing life is a question of demanding the release of the truly life saving health technologyAmericans paid for and which has been kept from the American public by criminal acts.

How many people do we all know this will help?  Stand up for them.  Stand up for yourselves.  Stand up for a future of happiness for all our children … and for all of us.

Stand up.

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10 Responses to Why Is Congress Preparing to Remove All Medical Rights, When STUNNING Health Technology Exists To Cure EVERY Person in the US?

  1. Lauraidh says:

    I watched the entire interview. Twice. Interesting! I have no doubt that Randy is correct about cure-all medical technology being in existence. What I did not hear is how we – the non-psychopathic “surface dwellers” can avail ourselves of this technology. Yes, we SHOULD have such access, but we don’t – and we won’t. What does it matter that it exists if we can’t use it? I didn’t hear any realistic means of gaining access to it. Plenty of pie in the sky “ifs” but those don’t go very far in the reality we currently face. And, no, politicians are not going to help us. Election outcomes are not determined by the voters no matter how well informed or well intentioned they may be. The “right” elected officials aren’t going to work on our behalf because there are no “right” OR “elected” officials, anymore! Apparently, Earth has changed while Randy has been on Mars.

    • Jean says:

      I believe such technology will be released when the financial house of cards falls. Then the cabal won’t be dangerous anymore, unable to start WWIII 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  2. lisa says:

    The important thing to know is that Pharma secretly owns all the vitamin producers.

    It is now a $84 billion dollar corporate boondoggle.

    In comparison, the global vaccine market is about 10 billion dollars.

    Pharma makes almost 10 times as much pushing vitamins as it does on vaccines.

    The vitamin industry was started by the German corporation Merck, was pushed by the Nazis and continues unabated today. Now Nestle, GlaxoSmithKline, and Bayer are in the vitamin business.

    So too is the Illumaniti controlled Carlyle Group in the vitamin business.

    Also involved in pushing vitamins on sheeple is the German chemical company, BASF.

    BASF is actually I.G. Farben, but was renamed because of IG Farben’s role in the Holocaust

    These companies secretly use GMO corn to make most of their bulk vitamins. These are then repackaged and resold under other names.

    Selling vitamins to sheeple rather than just eating healthy natural food is now a part of Pharma’s plot. This plot has now infected all parts of the web including natural health sites which knowingly or unknowingly sell Nazi link Pharma products to their customers.

    Repackaged, the vitamins are sold under these brands
    Align, Andrew Lessman (ProCaps), Barlean’s, Bausch & Lomb, Berkley & Jensen (BJ Wholesale Club), Biotics Research, Bluebonnet, Caltrate, Carlson Labs, Centrum, Citracal, Cosamin, Country Life, Culturelle, CVS, Designs for Health, Doctor’s Best, Douglas Laboratories, Dr. David William (Mountain Home Nutritionals), Dr. Mercola, Dr. Sinatra (Advanced BioSolutions), Eclectic Institute, Enzymatic Therapy, Equate (Walmart), Ester-C, Gaia Herbs, Garden of Life, GNC, Healthy Origins, Integrative Therapeutics, Jamieson (Canada), Jarrow, Juice Plus, Julian Whitaker, KAL, Kirkland (Costco), Kyolic (Wakunaga), Life Extension, MegaFoods, , Metagenics, Natrol, Natural Factors (Canada), Natural Factors (U.S.), Nature Made, Nature’s Bounty, Nature’s Life, Nature’s Plus, Nature’s Sunshine, Nature’s Way, New Chapter, Nordic Naturals, NOW Foods, Nutricology, Nutrilite, One-A-Day, Optimum Nutrition, Ortho Molecular, Osteo Bi-Flex, Planetary Herbals, Pure Encapsulations, Puritan’s Pride, Purity Products, Qunol, Rainbow Light, Renew Life, Rite Aid, Schiff, Shaklee, Simply Right/Member’s Mark (Sam’s Club), Solaray, Solgar, Source Naturals, Spectrum, Spring Valley (Walmart), Standard Process, Sundown, Swanson, Thorne Research, Trader Darwin (Trader Joe’s), TruNature (Costco), Twinlab, Up & Up (Target), USANA, Vitacost (NSI), Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Walgreens (Finest Naturals), Webber Weil (Andrew Weil, M.D.), Whole Foods and Xymogen.

    Choosing between vaccines and vitamins is like going into a grocery and deciding to boycott Budweiser by buying Michelob. But all along both brands, Budweiser and Michelob, are actually both owned by Anheuser Busch. The same goes for boycotting vaccines and choosing vitamins instead.

    By now Pharma realized that it could actually makes more on vitamins than it does on vaccines.

    Pharma makes almost 10 times as much pushing vitamins as it does on vaccines.

    A yearly supply of vitamins costs more than any one vaccine. People take vitamins every day and every year. Individually they are very inexpensive. But over time vitamins cost the consumer more and make more for Pharma than do vaccines.

    • Jean says:

      Ilse, thanks for this info and links concerning vitamins. I never thought of this info, so I’m glad you have shared it. I’m now much more aware 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Ian MacLeod says:

    The answer is simple: because it would interfere in the Agenda 21 Depopulation Agenda.This is why easily cured diseases like Ebola, most cancers and many, many others are considered INCURABLE in the U.S. and in every other place their power can reach. It’s the reason behind vaccines, which more often than not CAUSE the diseases they’re supposedly to protect us from, and at the very LEAST they damage our neural physiology and our immune systems. It’s the same reason as why We the People are using what is to the so-called “elites” and the “Shadow Government” medieval-level technology – they don’t want us to have it, and that way they can charge us for needless oil and the pollution and sickness it causes and so on. It’s also the reason behind mercury amalgams, GMOs, chemtrails, use of glyphosate, the pollution of the WORLD with DU and other radiological contaminants, years of open-air nuclear “tests”… it’s a VERY long list.

    In short, we’re in their way now and they want us DEAD.

  4. Ri-chard says:

    Anyone know what Dr. Ben Carson’s stance is on this issue? Hint, don’t wait for him to address the tough issues.

  5. hannacora says:

    One of my concerns is that once the GMOs become part of the human body, they will then claim our bodies as their properties, since they hold the Patent to GMO genes.
    Is this something that could happen?? Thanks.

  6. Debbie says:

    My reaction to reading this was “Holy sh#t………….you have got to be kidding”……….
    If Congress passed such a bill – and have they EVER not passed a bill written by Big Pharma that comes complete with big $$$$ Goodies for Congress……………well, then its curtains for America and mankind…sure you can try to run away but these Nazi tactics are being used in EU, Canada, Australia – anywhere the long arm of NAZI ZIONIST can reach………..they do intend to maim and kill us…but not before they get to torture you in a hospital and empty your bank accounts………Perhaps Russia will give sanctuary to Americans en masse…………no doubt the 1% will have different vaccines or enough money to opt out…….unless they speak out against the NAZI ZIONISTS and then they too will get a special vaccine…….Joseph Mengele legacy lives on………..BIGGER and BETTER in America…home of the fluoride heads……

  7. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

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