!!!!! BREAKING: We FOUND the Energy Weapon That Destroyed the TWIN TOWERS

Published on Mar 1, 2015
Thanks to D.

Brookhaven National Laboratories Particle Accelerator

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14 Responses to !!!!! BREAKING: We FOUND the Energy Weapon That Destroyed the TWIN TOWERS

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Doreen: Understanding the Different Brands of Alt-media Disinformation (Duff vs. Heneghan, OPPT vs. Swissindo vs. Neil Keenan vs. Karen Hudes, etc.) Update 1

  1. alexchubb8 says:

    It is pretty well documented that it was nuclear explosions located near the freon underneath the towers. This conclusion takes into account all other theories and is the ONLY one that explains all the phenomena at “Ground Zero”.

    Jean you really do a good job spreading the news but the info here is an information attack on you.

    For instance, only radiation from nuclear explosions can explain the high number of cancer rates associated with people in the area and first responders. Also there was a blueish haze that lasted some time after the attack which is a direct effect of the faster than light radiation that was emited from the bombs. There was even a blue light memorial that was put up after the event to cover all blue haze in the area after the blasts.

    I have seen this information in from a Russian nuclear weapons expert and Veterans Today.

    The 9-11-01 attack was carried out by the Israeli Mossad network with the help of its American allies. These groups are not privy to” energy weapons ” so do not forget to connect this very important dot. Nuclear bombs have been traded on the “secret black market” for decades now so this would obviously be the weapon of choice for these “lower level” world controllers.

    Energy weapons do not fit when taking into account ALL the evidence. Go check out Veterans Today for your 9-11 best information possible. Military Intel, can’t beat it. It’s not just that it’s Veterans Today that makes it good, its the quality of the information they present.

    Thanks again Jean!

    We need those people who are looking for the information for them to get the RIGHT information!

    • Jean says:

      Alex, I’m rapidly seeing VT turn into a site with a political agenda, and so I take evreything they say with a grain of salt. A site that hypes one of their spokespeople for President is questionable in my eyes. I’m watching them very carefully. Like Ed at rediscover 9/11, I think the how is not so important now as the WHO DID IT aspect. If/when the public is willing to look at the truth of it, then I think perhaps the military can act on our behalf to bring in those criminals in our government who were complicit, but not before. When that happens, we will surely find out the HOW of it.

      Thanks for the info, because I really do not know what is relevant 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • The “right information” is right for whom?

      Duff himself wrote that cancers are known to be caused also by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). PAH’s were found in gaseous form in abundance at ground zero in the weeks following 9-11-01.

      In a previous article by Duff speaking of nukes and cancers, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/359423.html Duff mentioned that farmers are known to have multiple myeloma (the type of cancer noted) from exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds (PAHs). Duff dropped that mention of PAH-cancer connections silently and has stuck to the ‘nukes’ story.

      Whether nukes or no nukes, what we have is a false flag operation that was orchestrated to create a clash of civilizations. WHO did the 9-11 crimes is far more critical to expose than how the buildings were taken down.

      Since we have ample evidence to commence indictments, let’s do so now. Do you imagine that Rudy Giuliani would sing if interrogated? Perhaps sodium pentothal (truth serum)? Waterboarding is too crude and unreliable. Here is an indictment of Rudy Giuliani, et. al.: http://911justicecampaign.org/the-case-against-rudy-giuliani/

  2. anon says:

    ‘brookhaven’= break heaven..?

  3. WJ says:

    Whilst I fully subscribe to Dr Wood’s theory of a direct energy weapon, I have reservations in accepting that the weapon was used in the horizontal plane. Applying my understanding, the buildings were gutted, as the evidence showed, and then the remaining outer walls were brought down by controlled demolition to hide that fact. Had the weapon been used in the horizontal plane the whole of the buildings would have evaporated before our eyes.

    • Ken Harris says:

      I submit that the device was used from a helicopter, looking to be part of the police/fire department, after the plane hit the building

  4. I watched this video. It is not conclusive to me that a diameter of the collider points to the WTC and is therefore the weapon. It is more likely energy from such a divice would come off on a tangent, rather than diameter. There may be relationship in energy weapon construct, but I suggest this is probative rather than conclusive. All colliders on earth are likely tied to dimensional portal work and should be unplugged. Nothing is under civil control.

  5. Ri-chard says:

    The good Dr. Judy spoke of the hurricane Erin http://www.drjudywood.com/articles/erin/

  6. Ilex says:

    The Skull and Bones colleges are all involved…..and DOE runs it now, what about back PRE 2001?


    The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is a significant asset to our country, through its scientific leadership and its economic impact not only on Long Island, but throughout all of New York state and the Northeast.

    img1 Brookhaven National Laboratory is managed on behalf of DOE by Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA), a partnership between Stony Brook University and Battelle. BSA also engages six of the world’s premier research universities (Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton and Yale) in the governance and oversight of the Laboratory. The combined strengths of these entities make significant contributions to BNL.

    As a leading research university in close proximity to the BNL site, Stony Brook offers scientific collaborations, joint initiatives, and joint research appointments in BNL’s core research areas, and provides a variety of services to BNL staff. As the world’s largest nonprofit research organization and manager or co-manager of six DOE national laboratories, Battelle offers management systems and tools designed specifically for research. The affiliated research universities offer world-leading experts for scientific oversight as well as additional opportunities for research partnerships, joint appointments, and other forms of collaboration.

    BSA is committed to the future of Brookhaven National Laboratory as both a world-leading scientific organization and as a source of technology innovation benefitting our region, our nation and our world.

    Staying at the forefront of science and technology requires thoughtful planning and vigorous action. BSA is working with the scientific community and with DOE to identify the most important opportunities in BNL’s primary research areas, and to develop the capabilities necessary to exploit these opportunities. BSA also is engaging regional companies and other stakeholders, looking for ways to increase the economic and social benefits of new technologies arising from BNL research.


  7. At this late date, quibbling over “HOW” the buildings were destroyed is delaying indictments, arrests, interrogations, trials and justice. So, the following are key suspects to be considered for indictments: http://whodidit.org and http://911JusticeCampaign.org Interrogations should clarify HOW the buildings were demolished. It wasn’t muslims.

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