Jim’s Rant For The Day.  Fun Filled Facts About World Wars.

This is probably going to be the hardest article I will ever write.  You may fire me for doing so.  Before I get into it please allow me some basic ground rules.  After a week’s worth of research on this I have learned that there are some very heavy thoughts here that may be shocking to you, but you must at least consider them.  Then you can do with it what you may.  If curious, then do your own research.  If not, then dismiss me as a fruitcake.  You choose.  But no matter which way you go, please do not argue about the math I use.  It will be fuzzy based on who’s numbers you go with, but all in all, the math is the least of our problems here.

WWI:  The U.S. entered that war when Woodrow Wilson deliberately lied to congress about Americans  killed aboard the torpedoed French ferry Sussex.  He knew that no Americans were involved.

War Deaths:     WWI: 16 Million;   WWII: 60 Million.

It is hard to estimate WWIII.  But if we take the number of nuclear war heads from today’s article posted, we get 16,000 warheads with the ability to kill about 1 Million persons each, for a total of 16 Billion people.  That’s pretty good considering there are only 7 billion humans on earth.

But let’s suppose that we do not go to nuclear warheads and just use plutonium tipped cannon fire as we did in Iraq and elsewhere.  I don’t know how to calculate the deaths of a tank crew and subsequent deaths of local inhabitants from the radioactive material in their soil.  Keep in mind that the half life for that radioactive material is about 250,000 years. 

POWs:  99.5% of allied prisoners held by Germany returned home after the war.  1.5 Million German POWs, held by the Americans, died when they were ordered to be cut off from all food and water at the end of the war, although food was available for them.  This was known as Eisenhower’s Death Camps.  Stalin executed or worked to death 3.5 Million German POWs.

Is the U.S. the One that Defeated Germany?  Let the numbers speak for themselves. 

   Germans Killed By Soviet Union:   2,742,909

   Germans Killed By other Allies:        534,683   The Germans were beat down by D Day.

How many Jews actually died in gas chambers at the hands of the Germans?   None.  

That is the biggest hoax to come out of the war.  In the U.S., if the Germans gassed  six million Jews then no one would object to the 1.5 Million deaths in the Eisenhower’s Death Camps.  It was Dwight’s insurance policy.

Now I am not saying that people were not interned and worked and starved to death, but the gas chambers were a lie. I personally believe it was done to set the future stage of world control and to give us a reason, although after the fact, to have entered the war. The powers had to demonize Hitler.  And by the way, all of those photos of piles of naked bodies as proof of the gassing were real but the truth wasn’t told.  All internment camps were breeding grounds for the deadly Typhus.  Only the U.S. had DDT for it, not the Germans.  I have read that the bodies were stripped so the clothes could be burned prior to burial.  It was in no way done as a disrespect to the victims that we all feel in viewing those photos.

I know the gas chambers is hard to swallow.  I suggest you view Part 21 – The Leuchter Report (15 Minutes), then go back to Episode 20, then do your own research.  But did you know that the Holocaust is the only historical fact ever to be bolstered by criminal charges (in Europe) if you refute it?  In America college professors lose their jobs for speaking of it.

Why Was WWII Fought?  Folks, the bottom line is Germany was dying from the loss of WWI and having to repay the world for damages done.  Their economy was dead and its citizens were starving. Hitler forgave all bank debts by dismissing the Zionist Central bank and Germany issued its own currency, producing in five years the most healthy economy in the world.   See Part 24 – What If Germany Had Won.

What’s the Point, Jim?  The next World War will be for the same reason – to protect the bankers’ hold over us.

See Part II:  More Fun Facts About World Wars. 

                          Source:   ResetUS.us

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One Response to  Jim’s Rant For The Day.  Fun Filled Facts About World Wars.

  1. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    Thank you, thank you, Jim, you are quite the charmer. I agree with the numbers, all of them. I figured all this out for myself years ago but one cannot even discuss it with the believers. There are some who regard me as a crank. I simply believe in the truth which is sometimes painful as the liars are revealed. And we know who the liars are, their Talmud gives them permission to lie to us. Keep on.

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