Phenonmenal Photos, thanks to S. :) ~J

getImage-10 getImage-6 getImage-22 getImage-7 getImage-2 getImage-8 getImage getImage-1 getImage-3 getImage-9 getImage-4 getImage-22 getImage-18 getImage-11 getImage-12 getImage-21 getImage-16 getImage-17 getImage-20 getImage-23 getImage-14 getImage-13 getImage-15 getImage-19

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7 Responses to Phenonmenal Photos, thanks to S. :) ~J

  1. Rich Pack (bamboo-water) says:

    And here are some great photos of a shepherd dog and a tiny owl:

    Ingo and Else, A Unique Bond Between a Shepherd Dog and a Tiny Owl

    Jai Gurudev,

  2. veraiconica says:

    Dear Jean, these images are heart warming. Enjoyed them so much. Thank you for sharing. Sending you hugs! Veraiconica

  3. Ilex says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! In some of the photos not all are the same for as above so below. 🙂

  4. hannacora says:

    Beautiful! Thank You! Johanna

  5. swo8 says:

    Love the photos

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