RT: ‘Assad cannot be Syria’s future’ – UK & French foreign ministers

How arrogant their thinking. . . seeming to decide what is ‘right’ or ‘best’ for others, when they are only interested in promoting their own agenda!!! ~J

Published time: February 27, 2015 16:49

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.(Reuters / Francois Lenoir)

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.(Reuters / Francois Lenoir)

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and his French counterpart, Laurent Fabius, said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must not be part of any future government or participate in the US-led alliance against Islamic State.

In a joint statement published in Arabic daily Al-Hayat and France’s Le Monde, the French and British foreign ministers dismissed those who sought a rapprochement with Assad, arguing the Syrian leader was using the fear of ISIS for his own means.

“From the palace where he is hunkered down, Bashar al-Assad is not just waging a war against his own people; he is also fighting to improve his public image,” the ministers wrote.

Experts have raised the question whether Western governments should reestablish relations with the Syrian regime to combat the common threat posed by the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL). A four-year revolt has failed to depose Assad.

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Fabius and Hammond appreciated the view, conceding that many feel “in the face of extremism, Assad’s injustice and dictatorship is preferable to disorder.” But, they claim, “in reality, Assad is himself stoking injustice, disorder and extremism, and France and UK are standing firm together against all three.”

“Proposing Assad as a solution to the extremists is to misunderstand the causes of the extremism. After 220,000 deaths and millions displaced, it is illusory to imagine that a majority of Syrians would accept to be ruled by the one who torments them,” they wrote.

“To end their hopes of a better future in a Syria without Assad would be to radicalize even more Syrians, push moderates towards extremism and consolidate a jihadist bastion in Syria.”

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Four French parliamentarians traveled to Syria this week to meet with Assad.

Former British Army chief Lord Dannant has said countries would have to work with Assad to defeat ISIS. The UN envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura also said earlier this month Assad must be part of the solution.

Hammond and Fabius, however, argue a new government is the solution, which will likely include parts of the existing regime structures, the National Coalition and moderate rebels.

“For our own security, we must defeat Islamic State in Syria. We need a partner that can act against extremists. We need a negotiated political settlement,” Hammond and Fabius concluded.


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4 Responses to RT: ‘Assad cannot be Syria’s future’ – UK & French foreign ministers

  1. WJ says:

    Since when is it appropriate for foreign governments to determine who is suitable to govern the people in other nations?

    The West and its “Coalition of the Willing” that is, those who are willing to violate peace, order and sovereignty continuously talk about upholding democracy. Yet democracy is the root of all problems. Assad was democratically elected and thus enjoys a ligetimate mandate of the Syrian people to govern the nation.

    Under the League of Nations Covenant it was deemed an offence for a nation to politically or economically interfere with fellow nations. The same clause was originally found under the UN Charter. What happened to it? Those who meddle in the affairs of other nations do not respect soveeignty and must have an ulterior agenda. Human rights can hardly be part of this agenda. One only has to look how US citizens are being treated by their so-called democratic elected (and when not, just change the votes) representatives. Let the US show cause why it has an “Administration” rather than a Government to govern the people. US Administration, like the majority in the West, is based on a foundation of fraud. They are controlled by an organised crime syndicate, and I am not talking here about the puppet banksters who are but disposable pawns, though they personally believe they are important people

  2. Ri-chard says:

    I have fellow employees and Arab business friends in the Middle East and they claim 55 to 60% of Syrians want Assad to stay, and are motivated by fear of an all out civil war should he leave or the US or UK kill him. This I believe is not theoretical as it is also believed by those who live outside Syria’s borders in Jordan and Egypt.
    What’s The Real Truth?

  3. And their reason for coming to this conclusion is ?

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