UPDATED: The Millennium Report – Did Ringo Starr Admit Paul McCartney Died In 1966, Replaced With Look-Alike?

The Millennium Report
March 1, 2015




Did Ringo Starr Admit Paul McCartney Died In 1966, Replaced With Look-Alike?

Facebook.com Removes Original Reference To Paul’s Death on Google which appeared on Ringo Starr’s Personal Facebook Page

TMR Editor’s’s Note
Years prior to the The Millennium Report website going online one of our writers conducted exhaustive research into the “Paul McCartney is Dead” conspiracy.  It is, in fact, a real conspiracy because of the number of willing participants who, by necessity, had to participate in it in order for it to be successful for almost fifty years.

However, only one element has been missing over the past 49 years. And that is a member of the BEATLES stepping forward to tell the unvarnished truth. It now appears that this little secret has been finally told by Ringo Starr. Certainly, with the death of his bandmates, except ‘Paul’ of course, the burden of this secret became greater for him to carry alone as the years wore on.


The newsprint piece shown above well captures the respective roles of the fourBEATLES. What it fails to point out is that Ringo Starr was not only the drummer, he was also the heartbeat of the band as all drummers are. It now appears that the true story about Paul is Ringo’s to tell or else the heartbeat would become increasingly labored by the sheer weight of the harder-to-hide truth (The internet has a way of doing that, yes?). There is no one else who has the authority, by virtue of his firsthand experience with the whole wild and crazy affair, like Ringo Starr.

The “exhaustive research” conducted over several years did produce an extraordinary amount of evidence pointing the great likelihood that the original Paul McCartney did leave the BEATLES circa 1966.  There is now a massive body of forensic proof, anecdotal testimony, scientific photograph assessment, comparative voice analysis, circumstantial evidence, etc. on the internet which supports Ringo Starr’s ‘alleged’ revelations.

The following article appears to be correct in stating all the primary facts with the exception of the very last paragraph as follows:

“The British MI5 also announced an investigation to determine if an imposter could have indeed posed for 48 years as the Member of the Order of the British Empire, Sir James Paul McCartney, during official ceremonies involving Queen Elizabeth II.”

Surely, it was MI5 which coordinated the entire coverup, since they were best positioned to ensure that the conspiracy of silence would stick for so many years.

flaming pie_07

As for why the BEATLES agreed to go along with the coverup scheme since 1966 — the answer, especially if you were living during the 1960s and had sisters who could sing every single BEATLES song with perfection, is quite obvious. Paul McCartney’s deathwould have triggered an unprecedented shock to his millions of young and often delirious female fans around the entire world.

For a much better explanation of just how traumatic such a shocking revelation would have been in 1966, the following true story is presented for the reader’s edification.

“During the BEATLES performance at Shea Stadium, which kicked off their 1965 US Tour, the massive contingent of New York City policemen who were assigned to crowd control reported “rivers of urine” which flowed from the girls and young women in attendance, they were in such genuinely altered states. They were so excited and beside themselves that they were literally ‘unconscious’ to controlling their bodily functions.”

Here’s another take on the fans’ out-of-body excitement and uncontrollable urges:
Did Beatle fans wet their pants at concerts??

Fans at Shea Stadium in 1965

Clearly, MI5, MI6, together with the British Monarchy and Parliament had to make a very swift command decision to hide the death of Paul McCartney.  The following quote from Guitar World’s article titled “Did Paul McCartney Actually Die in 1966?” reveals more of the inside story.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 5.01.10 PM

The Replacement Of Paul McCartney — Why? And by Whom?

The article below, as it turns out, was published by a tabloid-styled, faux-journalism website by the name of World News Daily Report.  However, it contains a general narrative regarding the Paul McCartney story which could actually be true … right down to the exact dates and details.

That the real Paul McCartney left the ‘world scene’ on November 9th of 1966 is an absolute certainty for those initiated into this particular line of inquiry and investigation.  Their only questions relate to why MI5* (Military Intelligence, Section 5) arranged for his removal.  And, exactly who did they replace him with?

Their underlying theory goes like this: Paul McCartney’s 1966 death was the result of an MI5* Black Operation overseen by the Tavistock Institute. The BEATLES, it was understood, had way too much POWER AND INFLUENCE for the British Intelligence Services not to take advantage of it.  How to practically harness such power and influence, however, remained a very difficult task, especially given the indomitable John Lennon and deeply spiritual George Harrison.

*The Security Service, commonly known as MI5 (Military Intelligence, Section 5), is the United Kingdom’s domestic counter-intelligence and security agency and is part of its intelligence machinery alongside the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS; also known as MI6) focused on foreign threats, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and Defence Intelligence (DI).
(Source: Wikipedia — MI5)

The ‘drug overdose’ death of their first manager — Brian Epstein — in 1967 devastated the  BEATLES, as it was meant to.  His knowledge of Paul’s death led to serious personal problems, as well as posed a hugely unpredictable public issue.  That George Harrison lost his bouts with throat cancer, lung cancer and a brain tumor at the age of 58 are also considered suspect by many.  Then there was John Lennon’s shocking assassination by “Manchurian Candidate” Mark David Chapman at 40 years old which was the direct result of his ardent anti-war stance  and incessant world peace message.

The BEATLES Lead The British Invasion Bands

The key piece of this ongoing and originally British musical phenomenon, known as theBritish Invasion, revolves around the BEATLES, and especially the original Macca — Paul McCartney.  For it was Paul who was the premier singer for the first and most famous of all the British Invasion Bands to invade North America.  In that very special and unique capacity did Paul exert an inordinate degree of influence over a musical era defined as the “Golden Age of Rock” (sometimes labeled the “Golden Age of Modern Music“).

Starting in the early 1960’s, the BEATLES arrival in New York City on February 7, 1964 marked the beginning of a worldwide musical revolution that would continue until the mid-1980’s.  Sometimes known as the “Rock and Roll Revolution“, this global movement respected no boundaries and utilized the universal language of music (and English) to transform the entire planetary civilization.  British rock groups have consistently occupied the top 7 or 8 positions of the “TOP 10 Rock ‘n’ Roll Bands Of All Times” lists with the BEATLES always at the #1 spot.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 8.02.20 AM

What is not very well known is that throughout the development and evolution of theRock and Roll Revolution, there were always two sides operating in the background trying hard — VERY hard — to influence the direction … and the content … and the spirit of the movement.  Only by comprehending his role of the mega-Macca[1] in this often covert, multi-decade, Anglo-American operation will the real back story of Paul McCartney be properly understood.  So will the true conspiracy behind his death and coverup, as well as his purposeful replacement.

[1] Macca:

“A person possessing extremely large sex appeal in spite of being a care bear. Possibly the most gorgeous and sexy and cute thing ever invented, better than The Beatles and Darius put together. Also has good taste in music and smells nice.”
 — Urban Dictionary

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by Barbara Johnson


Beverly Hills| The former drummer of the Beatles, Ringo Starr, surprised the world this morning during an interview in his luxurious Californian residence, when he admitted that the 45-year old rumors about the alleged death of Paul McCartney in 1966 were actually true.

In an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Inquirer, Mr. Starr explained that the “real” Paul McCartney had died in a car crash on November 9 1966, after an argument during a Beatles’ recording session. To spare the public from grief, the Beatles replaced him with a man named William Shears Campbell, who was the winner of a McCartney look-alike contest and who happened to have the same kind of jovial personality as Paul.

“When Paul died, we all panicked!” claims Ringo, obviously very emotional. “We didn’t know what to do, and Brian Epstein, our manager, suggested that we hire Billy Shears as a temporary solution. It was supposed to last only a week or two, but time went by and nobody seemed to notice, so we kept playing along. Billy turned out to be a pretty good musician and he was able to perform almost better than Paul. The only problem was that he couldn’t get along with John, at all.”

William Shears Campbell, better known as Billy Shears, does indeed “disappear ” from records in 1966 and no traces of him can be found after Paul’s alleged death.


Mr. Starr alleges that the group did send out a lot of hidden messages through the years to prepare the population for the truth.

He notably says that the entire Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album was awash with Paul-is-dead clues: the Beatles had indeed officially formed a “new” band featuring a “fictional” member named Billy Shears, which happened to be the actual name of Paul’s replacement.

“We felt guilty about the deception” added Ringo Starr. “We wanted to tell the world the truth, but we were afraid of the reactions it would provoke. We thought the whole planet was going to hate us for all the lies we had told, so we kept lying but sending subtle clues to relieve our cousciousness. When the first rumors finally began about the whole thing, we felt very nervous and started fighting a lot with each other. At some point, it was too much for John and he decided to leave the band.”

Ringo Starr claims that he finally decided to tell the truth, because he was afraid that it was going to die with him. At age 74, he is the only other surviving member of the famous band besides Paul McCartney, and he was afraid the deception would never be revealed.


The rumors of Paul’s death began more than 45 years ago, but had always been dismissed as nonsense by the band and its entourage. In September 1969, American college students published a series of articles in which they claimed that clues to McCartney’s death could be found among the lyrics and artwork of the Beatles’ recordings. Clue-hunting rapidly proved infectious, and within a few weeks, it had become an international phenomenon. Rumours only declined after a contemporary interview with McCartney was published in Life magazine in November 1969.

Neither Paul McCartney nor anyone from his entourage have commented on Ringo Starr’s declaration yet, but the interview has already provoked a lot of reactions around the world. Journalists and paparazzis from around the world have surrounded the residence of the musician only minutes after the interview was broadcasted and are awaiting for the star to comment on the allegations.

The British MI5 also announced an investigation to determine if an impostor could have indeed posed for 48 years as the Member of the Order of the British Empire, Sir James Paul McCartney, during official ceremonies involving Queen Elizabeth II.

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17 Responses to UPDATED: The Millennium Report – Did Ringo Starr Admit Paul McCartney Died In 1966, Replaced With Look-Alike?

  1. Michael Olszta says:

    Just look at the pictures of Paul and Faul. I showed them to someone who wasn’t into rock and roll and had no idea who they were and I asked: “Do these two guys look the same?” “Oh no,” she said. “Those are two different people.” When someone who hasn’t been influenced by all of the hype and sucked into the Beatles like so many have can look at pictures with a clear mind, the differences between Paul and Faul are crystal clear. Further, it has been proven by Gabriella Carlesi and Francesco Gavazzeni, the former a forensic pathologist and the latter a computer specialist, by comparing pictures of Paul and Faul and proving beyond any reasonable doubt, that Paul and Faul are 2 different people. A copy of the report can be found in the original Italian and a machine translation at http://plasticmacca.blogspot.com/2010/01/forensic-science-proves-paul-was.html . There is no way to read this report with some understanding of the science involved to ever believe again that Paul and Faul are the same person; they are two different people. As for the whys and wherefores, I’ll let others entertain me with the theories. The scientific evidence is enough for me to prove that once again that the majority bought into a lie just like they did with Kennedy, MLK, RFK, Waco, Ruby Ridge, 9/11, now they are after Trump, it never ends. Anyway, my thoughts for what they are worth…..

  2. JB says:

    JEAN H.

    Hi, I just wanted to correct that LAST YouTube link on Manson, since it’s not the one I thought it was.

    With Manson being such a taboo subject, I want people with an open-mind to hear him when he was lucid and spoke against the corruption of the system.

    The Dave McGowan clip is important because he explains why Manson was such a threat to the establishment and how the case against him is unique in all of judicial history.

    But the following two short clips feature the man in his own words, and as such are very powerful and eye-opening. Given that the murders were attributed to the death of the Peace & Love movement, we ought to want to know the truth about what happened.

    The Wisdom of Charles Manson? Compilation


    BTW Jean, Thanks for your tireless efforts at exposing truth and raising awareness.

    • Jean says:

      Welcome and hugs. FYI, I also know the people who are digging into Ringo’s death. having uncovered a huge cache of info, will be making another post . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • JB says:

        Thanks, Jean. That’s Awesome!

        I know some may stumble on this page in the future from a Google search, so I just wanted to quickly summarize the infiltration and co-opting of the 60’s and 70’s movements and how it relates to The Beatles, Manson murders, and the end of that consciousness-raising era.

        1) Evidence suggests that the Hippie Movement itself was contrived by the gov’t to interrupt social activism, or more specifically the powerful anti-war movement that was fomenting during this time.

        2) The sons and daughters of high-ranking military officials living in Laurel Canyon were likely used as unwitting(?) pawns to establish the Hippie music scene. With its emphasis on free love and LSD serving to re-direct the counter-culture youth activists toward self-indulgent behavior.

        3) LSD was used extensively in MK ULTRA experiments meant to control people and subvert movements, but as John Lennon famously said “We must always remember to thank the CIA and the Army for LSD, by the way. Everything is the opposite of what it is, isn’t it? They brought out LSD to control people, and what they did was give us freedom. Sometimes it works in mysterious ways its wonders to perform.”

        4) Once the gov’t realized that LSD was opening peoples minds, expanding consciousness and bringing about a true sense of unity and brotherly love, they decided to nix the whole Hippie movement in the bud.

        5) They used 3 memorable events to achieve their goal – (1) the arrest of The Rolling Stones for drug possession (they’d clearly been set up by MI5); (2) the Manson murders – meant to cause intense mass trauma and turn society against hippies while also conveniently casting a suspicious eye on all subsequent forms of communal living; (3) the Altamont free concert of December ’69 – during which an audience member was killed – and event that literally slammed the door on the the decade of “peace & love”.

        After prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi insinuated that Manson believed ‘Helter Skelter’ meant a war between whites and blacks that the Beatles were in favor of, the horror of the Manson murders was indelibly tied to the music of The Beatles. – An obvious attempt to demonize the music of “hippies” along with their movement.

        Dave McGowan has done an excellent job exposing all of this in his ground-breaking book “Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart Of The Hippie Dream”, but this video by Neil Sanders does a good job summarizing the story. The whole thing is worth viewing, but skip to the 1:30 mark if you just want to hear about the Manson connection.

        MK ULTRA, LSD and the Hippie Movement:

        @ TRACY – You are so right, the rabbit hole runs very deep, truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and we are definitely not in Kansas anymore. ;>

        • Jean says:

          I’ve shared your comment with Cosmic Convergence and they’ve told me you are right on, and there next article will be about these topics . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • JB says:

            FUNNY but very relevant:
            After noticing that I have over 20 thousand Evernotes, a young college student that I mentor started asking me questions about my research. I didn’t want to say too much, because I try to meet people where they are, and an overdose of information can overwhelm or frighten instead of enlighten. (Like people that attempt to pull back the proverbial 8 veils to expose truth to someone that has not even pierced the first veil. – That will always backfire and make the “truth-speaker’ look like a raving lunatic. Which I’m sure we’ve all experienced in our early zeal. 🙂

            After talking more with this young woman, I realized she was actually very knowledgeable about deeper truths, but she was also discouraged because she didn’t believe people would ever care enough to change the corrupt system. That’s when we both blurted out something to the effect of “until it’s personal no one pays attention”.

            Which made me wonder how to make truth more personal. Especially since not everyone here in Silicon Valley has experienced the harsh economic realities (yet) that tend to wake people up pretty quickly.

            After reading this thread I decided to jump in because it dawned on me that music and pop culture are extremely personal. We can all recall the soundtrack of our youth, and the visceral memories elicited when we hear an old song. We also each have our own heroes of old – people that we looked up to growing up that we felt were beyond reproach. So learning that they manipulated or deceived us, knowingly or not, is a powerful awakening.
            – One that will surely make the many people start to question other aspects of society, and who is really running this puppet show.

            So if sharing these types of stories helps people to begin to question everything, then that’s a great thing. What’s even better is that it gives those of us already in the know an opportunity to step in and gently guide others to deeper truths that ultimately matter much more than music or pop culture.

          • Jean says:

            Nice, JB!!! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  3. JB says:

    I forgot to post the promised INHERENT VICE link on IMDB, for anyone interested in a quirky film that exposes many truths:


  4. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    I must agree with the facts. IMHO, the ‘news’ about how Natalie Wood died is another ‘reveal’ to titillate the shallow fans. Why drag up old news items if not to deflect from some hot topic now?
    The music industry is under scrutiny for satanic ritual sacrifice after Whitney Houston’s alleged suicide, and now the daughter’s health watch.
    I wonder how many lies have been told to keep the money river flowing for the industry?

  5. anon says:

    at least 3 of them, an in depth photo, voice analysis… http://stargods.org/Paul.html

    “We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)”

    We three, we’re all alone, living in a memory
    My echo, my shadow and me
    We three we’re not a crowd, we’re not even company
    My echo, my shadow and me

    What good is the moonlight, the silvery moonlight
    That shines above
    I walk with my shadow,
    I talk with my echo but where is the one I love

    We three, we’ll wait for you
    Even till eternity
    My echo, my shadow and me

    We three, we’re all alone, living in a memory
    My echo, my shadow and me

    What good is the moonlight, the silvery moonlight
    That shines above
    I walk with my shadow,
    I talk with my echo but where is the one I love

    We three, we’ll wait for you
    Even till eternity
    My echo, my shadow and me

  6. Nancy says:

    Thank you Ringo for letting the truth out, which many knew already.

  7. JB says:


    VERY IMPORTANT preface –
    This recent Ringo revelation may turn out to be a hoax, we’ll have to wait and see, but the timing should immediately be suspect. – As it will surely draw intense worldwide attention away from the very relevant news about the global economy, the ongoing push toward WW3, and the proposed forced vaccinations.

    The fact that both world wars and plagues throughout history have been linked to the cover up of dire economic times should be reason enough to consider the possibility that the cabal wishes to implement a major pandemic – which will undoubtedly lead to mass hysteria and voluntary vaccinations. (In a perfect example of the Hegelian Dialectic, or PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION model of manipulation towards a covert agenda.)

    Now to the point –
    IF in fact Billy Shears did replace Paul McCartney, it’s likely that the fatal car accident was no accident at all – as PM was speaking out about the JFK Assassination / conspiracy, and was allegedly even attached to a documentary on the subject. IF this is true, then you can bet that this part of the story will remain hidden.

    IF the Paul/Faul replacement theory is indeed true, it would also explain…

    1) “Paul’s” flippant comment upon learning of John Lenon’s death.
    2) AND the subsequent odd and seemingly contrived comments “Paul” made about John when he received the Rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame award. (The real Paul and John were childhood friends after all.)
    3) The very fact that The Beatles ceased doing concerts and just did a few more albums and then broke up shortly after Paul’s alleged death. – Seemingly so that the physical differences (i.e. height) would not be scrutinized
    4) Why there was never any reunions – except the recent and very short Paul and Ringo live session during a show in which Paul mainly used another drummer, even I believe when covering Beatles tunes.
    5) George’s knee-jerk reaction of shock and near outrage when a reporter first mentioned that “Paul” would be covering older Beatles Classics.
    6) Heather Mills cryptic public statements about “having a secret that would shock the world” – and promising that if she went public with it and something happened to her evidence would still be presented to the media. (If true, I guess she took the “hush money”. Say what you want about her character, but she seems to have been savvy enough to know going semi-public would protect her and yield the desired result.)
    7) Why Paul broke up with his long time love so abruptly and took up with Linda – just after his alleged death.
    8) Why Faul’s hair is so different in texture than Paul’s classic mop-top. Trust me, I have the same straight and stringy hair and it would never look so thick, even if left un-layered.
    9) Which brings me to another oddity that I observed – if you look at both sons of John Lennon, but especially Julian, they bear a striking resemblance to their dad. As does George Harrison’s son. But Faul’s son looks much more like the supposed photo of the original Billy Shear – before he had surgery to make him look even more like Paul than he naturally did. – With his hair being stringy and tinged with orange-ish brown hilghights. Ironically much like Faul is now sporting. Which, unless dyed, is a completely different color than the original Paul’s hair.
    10) Every video on this subject will also point out differences in their actual voices, heights, teeth, and eye color. To me all of those can be modified slightly – but hair texture not so much. (At least not without the use of a lot product – and that’s just too high-maintenance for most men.)
    11) The man himself raised eyebrows during a 2009 interview with Dave Letterman – after Dave asked about him about the Faul theory.
    12) He snubbed Julian Lennon, not inviting him to his wedding. Which just seems odd considering he wrote the song “Hey Jude” for Julian.
    13) The fact that John Lennon was murdered and there was a very gruesome attempt to murder George Harrison at his property – from which he narrowly escaped, leads me to theorize that both events may have happened shortly after both men stated they would finally reveal the truth.
    IF my theory is true, the edited version of the Paul/Faul saga may be released for its distraction value, but the part about the real Paul’s desire to expose truths at high levels (the version that presumably John and George desired to tell), will likely remain under wraps, as it obviously points to a great conspiracy – as in the murder of the real Paul McCartney.

    I thought I would share that for what it’s worth. But I still maintain that we should not let those around us get so obsessed with this very sensational story that they allow the dark magicians to distract from the REAL news of the day. Especially not now, at this very critical juncture in time.

    I have kept an eye on ALL the various aspects of the ALT NEWS world for quite awhile – from the hard factual, to the extremely speculative, the strictly finance-focused, to the spiritual-focused, and this is the first time they’ve all been in agreement/alignment – as each are predicting either a global collapse (which would be very negative) or a restructuring (which would be very positive). So unless the cabal pulls an unexpected new trick out of their hat, the system is going down one way or another. Which is why I would hope we all stay laser-focused on what we WANT – and set our collective attention on a restructuring the would in a way that will benefit ALL of mankind RIGHT NOW.

    …Because where attention goes energy flows – and if they can distract the masses away from creating a new system with our conscious focus, intention and choices, they will be more than happy to resurrect the Paul/Faul theory, or any other salacious story or false-flag event.

    IF the story does break, PLEASE remember that.

    • Tracy says:

      Agreed & good advise JB,
      thank you 🙂

      • JB says:

        You’re welcome, Tracy.
        Thanks for posting those Wes Penre links for people. That’s important for people to know.

        Although the above story has been updated (with the additional paragraph “The Replacement Of Paul McCartney — Why? And by Whom?” – making it clear that the article that proceeds it is from a faux news site) it’s still important to note that no one knows for sure what the truth is at this point.

        More importantly, as your links allude to as well, it’s critical for people to see and understand the long history of the FEDs infiltration of mainstream culture – for the covert agenda of curtailing the influence of anything that “wakes people up” in mass – like socially-conscious music and/or counter-culture political movements.

        It’s obvious for those with eyes to see that the leaders of such movements are considered grave threats that must be eliminated from Jesus (even if only allegorical) to JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcom X, and many more across the globe and throughout history.

        Yet, some still don’t understand how very deep the deception, misdirection, controlled opposition, cointel pro goes.

        For example, most women don’t know that Gloria Steinem worked with/for the CIA. I guess it feels like too big a betrayal. I myself am conflicted about what this means. (I actually met Gloria briefly while in college in New York City, and found her to be very genuine.) It seems that many socially progressive minded people were used by the system to infiltrate and direct “the story” if you will. I believe that some thought they were helping society, at least initially, while others were easily “bought and silenced” – muck like we see in mainstream pop music today.

        Another example is ELVIS. – There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Elvis was working with the Nixon administration, out of a sense of moral obligation, since he felt guilty for helping usher in the “sex, drugs & rock and roll” era. It seems contradictory, but although he was addicted to prescription drugs, he was not a supporter of illegal narcotics, and he maintained the conservative southern values he was raised with. BTW, the same mockumentary maker who is the root source of this very article, having made the very popular film “Paul McCartney Really Is Dead – The Last Testament Of George Harrison?” in 2010, also made an equally popular film about Elvis’s role as an undercover DEA Agent under Nixon, called “Elvis Found Alive” (in 2012). In film supposes that the theory Elvis is still alive is not just fodder for those in denial or the delusional, laying out a pretty compelling case. As did BIll Bixby, in his TV expose back in the 80s 0r 90s. But mokumentarian Joel Gilbert takes the evidence even further and weaves quite an entertaining and plausible “tale”. The one thing that really stood out to me, because it’s indisputable, is that the “body” originally buried looked nothing like Elvis did at his purported time of death – when he was clearly overweight. The photos shown in the coffin were undeniably of a much younger and fitter looking Elvis, which prompted the mob to immediately cry fowl and attempt to dig up the grave – that is why it was subsequently moved to Graceland. Of this there is no doubt. This fact is then co-mingled with a fictional(?) backstory about how Elvis specifically exposed a mob-run drug ring along with Bill Ayers (who was considered a domestic terrorist, but was eventually released and wound up helping none other than Barack Obama get elected – also factual). The mockumentary claims that Ayers ties to Obama meant that the living-incognito-Elvis could not go public with Obama running the show because it’s a crime to fake one’s own death, and a personal friend of Ayers would never pardon someone who helped put Ayers behind bars years ago. Supposedly Clinton was about to pardon Elvis and make the story public, but then the Lewinsky scandal broke and he was faced with his own impeachment trial.

        Pretty imaginative at the very least, but there is actually quite a bit more anecdotal evidence – including a famous photo taken by a visitor to Graceland just after Elvis’s alleged death, which captures an image of him through a screen door of the guest house, behind the burial site. An image which Kodack claims could not have been faked, btw. So who knows?

        What I want to reiterate is that as fascinating as such stories are, and all new distractions will always be, let’s not forget what’s most important, and that is keeping our focus on what we want NOW.

        Having said that, it is important be aware of how easily movements can be infiltrated and manipulated – so we can avoid the same mistakes in the future.
        To that end I will post two links about Gloria Steinem’s involvement with the CIA, so those interested can explore the issue, and hear Gloria herself admit to it. I will also post the IMBD link to the latest Paul Thomas Anderson film called INHERENT VICE, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Josh Brolin, because it deals with the infiltration of the music industry and counter-culture movements of the late 60s & ’70s. What’s great is that Anderson has become a legend for his groundbreaking offbeat and original films, so he is obviously using his voice to spread some knowledge and truth. Although sadly most people who review this film love the characters but can’t make any sense of the story – but for those who are awake it is quite an entertaining expose of MK Ultra, Mind Control, and Cointel Pro (which is actually mentioned directly in the film, but yet people still don’t seem to get it).

        The film also sheds light on how the “Manson Murders” made all hippies suspect and thus helped bring down the “peace love and higher-consciousness” movement. This compelled me do some serious research on Manson, and what I discovered shocked me – and I am not shocked by much these days. So I’ll also end with a two Manson links – the first featuring Dave McGowan, who has done excellent work exposing many truths, including amazing insights on the development of the Hippie Movement and its ties to Laurel Canyon (where many early Rock and Roll pioneers were raised – by parents at very high levels of the gov’t – including Jim Morrison – whose dad commanded the fleet during the Gulf of Tonkin incident that many consider the false flag even that committed us to fighting the Vietnam War).

        I think you’ll find this information mind-blowing and important…

        Gloria Steinem Discussing Her Time in the CIA

        And now a critical view – Gloria Steinem Exposed: Feminist Spy for The CIA

        Dave McGowan on Charles Manson and The Family

        Charles Manson the Patsy – Who is Really Behind These Murders:
        MY NOTE – I’m including this one because it’s brief and it features Manson in his own words. – What is interesting is Manson had short hair upon his incarceration and sounded very intelligent and lucid – UNTIL he was put in solitary and not allowed to cut his hair, and likely drugged – giving him the look of a “crazed hippie” just in time for the trial.

        Other books by Dave McGowan that expose some truth:

        • Tracy says:

          Great add-on J.B., like you I too last fall went through my intense scrutiny about the Elvis potential death hoax, and I found some of the information you’re alluding to that he worked for the Govt. in some manner to infiltrate the “underground drug smuggling, crime syndicate” under the Nixon administration, the Bill Bixby T.V. show that talked about his possible “faked-death”, and I saw some video’s from a man who was said to be Elvis (or an Elvis impersonator who resumed his identity after he accidentally died after his fake death something like that [I read/reviewed so much information I might be getting confused on this impersonator tid-bit].

          You-tube/Google “on a good day” will direct one to more truism’s down the rabbit hole to help you find the real story on the subject in question. But sometimes they take you on the “windy-curvy” path that leads to dead ends. I’m going to look for the Joel Gilbert mockumentary on Elvis. And I’m listening to Gloria’s testimony now about going into the CIA and look forward to reviewing the other links you’ve provided. Yes as you know, truth is stranger than fiction –And I did know about J. Morrison’s dad and the Gulf of Tonkin command. I also recall reading about David Crosby and others in the music industry whose families were working for the Government in some capacity.

          Just like they say “we’re not in Kansas anymore, nothing is as it seems. But like you J.B., I fully try to focus my attention and intention on the “outcome/reality” that I desire to manifest. I don’t want to waste my time promoting an agenda (I didn’t consent to, nor one that I do not believe or support). Blessing to one and all, 🙂

          • JB says:

            Couldn’t agree more! :>

            Just a few final footnotes on the ELVIS may be alive & PAUL/FAUL stories –
            I think what Joel Gilbert did was absolutely brilliant because by exposing some truths within a mockumentary format mingled with farce, he has planted the seeds of doubt that make people start to question things, while also protecting himself from the wrath of those who would have surely shut him down if he’d attempted to make a documentary instead.

            About Gloria Steinem and the FEMINIST MOVEMENT –
            When I discovered that Gloria had admitted working for the CIA I immediately remembered a very chilling comment the late great Aaron Russo made in his now famous interview that exposed the Rockefellers and the nefarious NWO plot. In it he said that the cabal conceived the Feminist movement for the purpose of forcing more women into the workforce – thus reaping the benefit of more income taxes AND the added bonus of early childhood indoctrination via public education.

            Here is the best 10 minutes of the famous interview, and it is an absolute MUST SEE. I would actually recommend that everyone watch it in its entirety if/when they have a chance, but this is really the most important segment.

  8. Tracy says:

    Woozer……all I’ve got to say is “well done mate” to Billy Shears the stand-in as Beatle Paul. He’s done an extraordinary job and has proven he’s got the “musical chops”/talent to match. Especially as he went on to his own acclaim after The Beatles disbanded. They are each talented musicians, artists in their own right. With that said this just proves there’s so much more involved behind the scenes since Ringo or whom-ever is saying this was done (have a duplicate stand-in) for the lady fans benefit.
    REALLY, I’m throwing down the B.S. card again, it was done to keep the band alive and because of all the hysteria from the lady fans, it insured their “The Beatles” immediate success of being “the British boy band from over the pond” at the right time in our history — causing a change in the psychology of our culture & history. And it’s about how music is used for many reasons the biggest being “power, money-and market share” to dominate another industry and sway or push your hidden agendas.
    ** See: How the CIA and Military Control the Music Industry
    By Wes Penre, Illuminati News, Dec 21, 2008 ~
    See also Wes Penre main site: http://wespenre.com/
    In Peace & let the good times Rock-n-Roll,

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