The Oracle Report, Monday, March 2, 2015

I encourage everyone to read this energy report today that along with other energy reports gives us insight into the tough energies we are going to have to deal with this month.

I also must ask everyone to pay close attention to the Comments, where you, my readers, often suggest very important articles. The flow of information is becoming too much for me to cope with; I simply can’t publish everything of importance, so I’m trying to choose those articles that seem totally relevant to the moment . . . and, of course, I don’t always get it right 🙂 You all are doing a tremendous job of getting info out that I miss, etc., and I thank you for helping me with this. 

I also want to thank everyone who shares my posts with others. You play an extremely important role in spreading information that I believe is the truth, and this gives others the opportunity to consider it and make up their own minds. I happen to believe this is the only way change is going to happen:

My thanks to everyone who is now making my blog possible, Without you, I very likely would have given it up long ago. . . but, instead, we will see if we can make it to the end – together 🙂




Gibbous Moon Phase: trust; magical phase of the Moon

Moon in Leo

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: All Ten of Them

Skill: emanate peace

Positive Imprints: defusing situations, discharging what no longer is acceptable or of service, seeing a bigger picture, loyalty, support, aware of the “atmosphere” of things, turning things around, organization, decisive, ability to respond

Catalysts for Change: things getting out of control, taking personal advantage, robbed of joy, walled off, things happening behind-the-scenes, anger, dramatic outbursts, stress, breaking points, missing the point, manipulation

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a crowded public marketplace” (human interchange and exchange; creative self-expression)

There’s a crowd gathering around the tent of the crystal ball reader in the public marketplace today.  Word has it that something is afoot and everyone wants to know what’s happening.

Mars moves to the degree of “a crystal gazer” amidst a slew of energies that are generally unsettling.  Much is “loading in” to the field of the future right now (more detail in this month’s audio recording of the overview of the lunar month, available on the Home page

In the immediate future, all of the energy is building toward Wednesday’s massive astrological aspects.  What develops under this energetic is directly seeded into the future.

It’s also a time of high magic, as we are in the Gibbous phase of the Moon.  So the power of intention is high.

The energetic that is building toward Wednesday is accompanied, on one end, by miraculous transformations, alignment with more of who we are and what we are doing, strengthening of values, and relationships moving to a higher level.

On the other end, the energetic is accompanied by insomnia, hyper-vigilance, radical life changes, break-ups, sinking feelings of depression, and anxiety.  If your astrology chart is being activated by the degrees of Wednesday’s aspects of Venus, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter, you may be experiencing more of this end of things.  This is because you are undergoing radical transformation.  It’s a good thing, but it often comes with these symptoms, which are like growing pains.  Don’t get it twisted by thinking you are coming undone.  This is a by-product or effect of energy.  If you are resisting changes, it is harder.  It’s an opportunity to learn how to flow with the way things are taking you.  As with all things, especially astrology, it will end.  And you will be transformed.

The skill that wise owls practice today is the skill of emanating peace.  This means that we engender inner peace and hold the frequency of it so that it can radiate out.  The value of peace is a constant, but today it should be a concentrated focus.  All of the Mahavidyas (Wisdom Goddesses) are on duty today.  Their guardianship encircles us.  We join them by connecting with our inner power and connecting with the values of peace and freedom.

(Note:  I am emphasizing the notion of peace today because the confluence of Sabian symbols of the locations of the planets includes:

  • an examination of initiates in the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood
  • a sword used in many battles in a museum
  • a powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria
  • a bomb which failed to explode is now safely concealed
  • a big businessman at his desk
  • a watchdog standing guard, protecting his master and his possessions

I don’t like this set-up, especially given current geopolitical conditions and past imprints with several of these Sabian symbols.  Whether this energetic will be used now or is being used to load magic and ritual into the field for future action, we are wise to the knowledge that PEACE AND BALANCE are right alongside, and in fact now have the advantage.)

Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report!

The Oracle Report

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2 Responses to The Oracle Report, Monday, March 2, 2015

  1. BH says:

    Sweet soul sister, dearest one, Jean –

    Thinking of you and thanking you endlessly for all you do for so many! I love you tons!

    Hugs n Peace:


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