The Oracle Report, Tuesday, March 3, 2015 . . . plus an Important Note from ~Jena

Important Note from ~Jean

Friends, Family, I simply cannot continue to monitor comments that are merely ‘venting’. I understand your need to do so, but I think my blog is not the place for it.

Yesterday, when I awakened, I had 100+ comments that only increased as the morning progressed. When I came in after an appointment in the afternoon, I had 74 more awaiting me, and these only increased into the evening. In an effort to keep my blog ‘clean’, I read every one of them, but I’m going to have to say now, with 124 waiting for me, that your comments should reflect some personal experience, some personal insight, or some good, solid information — not just baseless opinion. If they do not, I will not release them, but go right by them.

After several years of a sincere effort day in and day out to bring as much of the ‘real’ truth to you as possible, I’m very tired,
and so unless you want me to close comments,

I ask you to respect me, my humanity, and my efforts. 

Thanks and hugs,

PS I’m posting two extremely important posts right now, but then,
I will be back later with more.



Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Leo

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Bhuvaneshvari (The Goddess of Peace, The World Nurse)

Skill: contemplate; observe from afar

Positive Imprints: reinterpreting, resonance, alluring, gifts of knowledge, outer reflecting inner, wrapping around, magnetism, connection, answering a call to action, witty, peace with the past, learning from the past, overcoming outside interference in relationships

Catalysts for Change: pretense, guilt, fear of letting go, lurid, disconnection, noise, superficial expressions, manipulating minds, egocentrism, aggression, anger, insecurities, tension, meddling

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a crowded public marketplace” (human interchange and exchange, displays and expressions of self)

After almost a month of flat solar activity, yesterday the Sun released three solar flares, two of which produced coronal mass ejections (CMEs).  All of the energetics of the planets were supercharged (see the Archives for yesterday’s post to see what was being amplified).

The Sun does not release flares at random times.  It is purposeful.  We can look specifically at the degree of the Moon at the time of a flare for the most specific astrological message.

The first flare (M3.7-class) with CME occurred yesterday at 10:28 am ET/3:28 pm UT when the Moon was located at 8 Leo and the Sabian symbol of “a communist activist spreading his revolutionary ideas.”  This symbol brings the energy for upsetting the status quo.  It can also be a brain-washing or mind-control type of energy.

A second flare (M4.1-class) occurred at 2:31 pm ET/7:31 pm UT, but was not accompanied by a CME.

The third flare (M8.2-class) did unleash a CME overnight at 8:35 pm ET/1:35 am UT.  This flare almost reached X-flare range and is rippling through the fields of our bodies.  Were you able to sleep?  The Moon was located at 13 Leo with the Sabian symbol of “an old sea captain rocking on the porch of his cottage.”  This symbol images quiet reflection on the past and future.  We see what we have weathered and how it has shaped and strengthened us.  Perhaps we see how some element may have worn us down.  This symbol envisions that even the stormiest past can find peace.

The Sun’s sudden liveliness is happening with the wave of energetics that crests tomorrow, Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 1:29 pm ET/6:29 pm UT, with the conjunction of Venus and Uranus and Jupiter in trine and Pluto in square (Jupiter 120 degrees apart and Pluto 90 degrees apart from Venus and Uranus).  These angles produce massive intensity for the times, and many people are feeling it and responding/reacting to it.

For a week now, this energy has “loaded in” high drama, insomnia, feeling like you or things are coming undone, high anxiety, deep spirals of depression, sudden surprises and shocks, and things that are radically life-changing (especially within relationships).  Strong solar flares such as these super-charge already-present energetic dynamics.  So all of these themes are being amplified by the power of “sun works” – the strongest fireworks of all.

When we do not know what is going on, we personalize the energy and think that it is coming from something inside of us.  Something inside of us must be causing it.  But the fact is the energy is coming from outside of us, triggering a response.  Understanding the difference is key.  The knowledge of this truth frees us to see that we do not have to be victims of strong energetic influences.  We can keep them outside of us, and instead respond from a place of wisdom to circumstances and events that occur.

We understand that the energy is trying to change the status quo of the world at large and our own status quo.  We can work with this instead of it working us.

We practice a lot of skills, but today we will add the skill of being like an “old sea captain rocking on the porch of his cottage,” observing from a distance and far away from storms. Though we know a “stellar upgrade” is underway to bring all things to a new state (a new level, a new playing field), we can choose our responses.  We know that there will be effects from this energy (like insomnia and states of depression), but these are leading us to something else.  We can follow the transformation – the unfolding of Renaissance.

Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report!

The Oracle Report

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9 Responses to The Oracle Report, Tuesday, March 3, 2015 . . . plus an Important Note from ~Jena

  1. Alan says:

    Jean the fact that you have been very kind to many people who are at this site , people should appreciate the hard successful work being done . Jean you are good person with decent morals, no one should judge nor be critical of another person. I believe we are all trying our best to make this reality better, so let us work together, negative comments can waste a lot of time and effort. I understand people like to express their point of view, people at this site should use their time in a constructive manner we must remember we all have important work to do .
    Jean I would like to thank you and the many other people who post losts of worthwhile information here.
    Keep up the good work , Jean please look after yourself and also be aware their are people who care about the work you do .

    • Jean says:

      Thank you so much, Alan. I’m trying my best to eliminate the nonessentials so I can get through this — and I do sense a change is coming that will make it far easier! 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Janet Decker says:

    Thanks for this Sandy. I have had sleeping issues the last 3 nights. I am ready for change in one area of my life in particular. Lets hope they come about with ease.


    In Lak’ech (I am another you)


  3. Watcher (Nancy) says:

    I must apologize. I just now read this plea from you, Jean, and I posted an “opinion” (heartfelt and sincere, but nontheless it was a personal opinion) regarding the Zionist that has just finished his “demand speech” to the US sheep in the congress.
    I will honestly review what I am considering posting and avoid just opinions in the future.
    Bless your heart…. I know that you are tired, and I appreciate all your work .. Thank you.

  4. paleohippy says:

    Jean’s personal comments acknowledged and understood. She is braving the wild elements of the times on our behalf, and sometimes we ourselves are the wild elements. I think she handles the load with a lot of class and wisdom. After 20 years at sea, I have yet to obtain a rocking chair but I do have my garage and a beloved camp chair. With these and my 3 garage cats, I am totally in to the Sabian symbol for the described CME.

    • Jean says:

      🙂 Thanks so much and hugs, ~Jean

    • judynz says:

      I echo your sentiments paleohippy & for the life of me I cannot see how you cope Jean & still balance all with wisdom.
      Thankyou for all that you are doing.

      • Jean says:

        Lately, it’s been extremely difficult, Judy, and as you see, I’m having to distance myself from it. The news is all bad, and I’ve decided unless it changes the picture, I’m simply not going to post it – or else, I will create a list of headlines . . . I appreciate your understanding. Hugs, ~Jean

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