The fate of almost all male chicks in organic, free range, barn and caged egg farm systems

Uploaded on Oct 15, 2010
Thanks to L.

Organic, free range, barn or caged eggs, none have any commercial use for adult males.

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Millions are killed each year in the UK.

Stop this unimaginable waste of life – don’t buy eggs.

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6 Responses to The fate of almost all male chicks in organic, free range, barn and caged egg farm systems

  1. Megan says:

    How did we ever get to this? This broke my heart, how can these people do this job? I sometimes think it would be best if so called “humanity” is totally wiped out for most have become totally evil and unredeemable. there are not many left worth saving. I feel totally sickened and deeply saddened by what many people have become.


    • Megan says:

      After reading Alfred’s article today, it seems that this is to be our fate also. It may be these beautiful little chicks today and all of humanity tomorrow. We must stop all of this now.


  2. Nora says:

    Hi Jean!.. I haven`t watched this yet, and I don’t know that I will. Because if I do, I may just stop consuming eggs.. I do a 30 mile round trip just to buy my eggs, which I consume raw, 2-4 eggs a day, from a small family run chicken farm, very small. Where the Chickens roam free, scratch, and forage and welcome me when I go to buy. I was very, very sick for many years with “ME” (MyalgicEncephalomylitis). which came to me following a three month course (one a month) of a Tetanus vaccination programme, following a minor accident at work. I still am not 100% well, after 25 years, the so called health system here in the UK has robbed me of my health… So it`s just the same here as in the US. but… It was only after I followed advice from Dr Mercola, at on consuming raw eggs that my health started to improve. I don’t think I can hope for any better than I am now, as I have gone from six years of almost 95% total bedridden to a life of OK!… I get my other symptoms from day to day… but I`m out of bed and getting on with my life as best I`m able. So… I encourage people to go and seek out a small time family chicken farm, where you can see the birds in their natural state.. acting out their natural instincts.. and just being happy. Then take in in to your own body the health giving, life enhancing nutrients that these birds offer to us. I have to admit, that if I sat around and thought about it to long… that I am consuming these potential “BABIES”, then I wouldn`t do it at all, but I believe that this is what these wonderful beings offer to us for good health. So… if you eat eggs, go far and wide to find happy chickens, full of life, happiness and vitality, and let them pass it on to you. Consumed raw, as cooking destroys their live giving nutrients.
    Lots of hugs and good health to you Jean.

  3. Greater Arcana says:

    You might be a redneck (or a follower of ️Dark luciferianism) if…

    …you still think that ALL your nutrients aren’t contained in an organic vegan plant-based diet.

    Either that or you’re just too lazy to read the extensive research others have provided on Google for free, or watch Earthlings all the way through in one sitting.

    Every single action has an equal reaction, and the Universe doesn’t care which action you choose. It only knows to return in kind. So, don’t bitch about the powers that shouldn’t be because your dominating other beings for food just like you don’t want to be dominated by gov, religions, $, pharma, etc.

    If I didn’t mean this in the most caring of ways, I wouldn’t even bother writing it.

    • Megan says:

      Well said GA, there are NO excuses anymore for causing this suffering.


      • Greater Arcana says:

        You bet, Megan. Eating animal flesh is part of the prop-agenda too. EVERY single thing we’ve been taught and born into in this world is brain washing to keep us down and not facing Source (or so-called “satanic” behavior). Plainly said, you either face Source with every thought, emotion, and deed or you turn away from it with each of the aforementioned. That goes for every animal, plant, and mineral that we come in contact with and at all times. This bad dream is our own creation by continuing in ignore-ance, laziness, or nescience. The choice to remain like this is OURS and not the dark ones. We are their “dead,” and boy do we continue to please our masters.

        By the way the main tenets of Satanism are:
        -Service to Self above all.
        -Moral Relativism.
        -Social Darwinism.

        Each will inevitably lead to the next, and we continue to devolve (or devil-ve). Notice the loose chains in the picture atrached below. We can take them off ourselves anytime we are ready:

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