A response from a Reader, S, and a long statement from ~Jean

In reference to: The Unfortunate Truth About Bernie Sanders

A response from S:

TPTB are desperate to find any candidate they can prop up that will stick with the American people because they know Hillary’s goose is cooked (Epstein pedophilia/human trafficking, HBSC, UBS, Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, missing State Department e-mails, etc.). The Republicans consider Jeb “milk-toast” and none of the other Republican candidates are resonating. TPTB know most of the American people view themselves as independent voters and are fed up with the two-party duopoly. That’s why they have Bernie waiting in the wings. They will probably pair him up with Elizabeth Warren to make it look like they will clean house. Quite frankly, nothing will change until we reverse the Supreme Court Citizens United ruling, stop the electronic vote rigging, abolish the Fed/ US Inc. and restore the Constitution. I don’t care what party any of the candidates belong to. Look at their voting track record, their financial backers and if they have any potential conflict of interest, like ties to the Jesuits, Vatican, MIC, etc. And if that doesn’t cover it, any candidate should also have to undergo a DNA/drug check and be scrutinized as to whether they are micro-chipped or mind controlled.

Jean’s response: Throw the Bums Out! We need TIME to recover from them!

(I’ve long had these thoughts, but I did not have any idea this morning when I awakened that I would be sharing them with everyone today 🙂

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Here is a thought I have been holding for maybe a couple years now. Instead of plodding forward with a broken down country and corrupted politicians, just because we have an election coming up in 2016, what if a group of respected citizens, along with an interim President were appointed to oversee the cleanup of the mess we are in? This would include the trials of the criminals, which would mean the education of the public. To my mind, education is the key element here! Most people have no idea of the depth of corruption and the deeper elements that are causing it on this planet, and IMO they very much need to know. If they don’t learn, then we are open to more deceit stepping in and trying to run the show.

I think it could be overseen by our ‘good’ military, which I do believe are very much present and waiting for a safe opportunity to intervene. I believe this could happen when the financial house of cards collapses, thus breaking the financial back of the cabal and their ability to kill more of humanity.

Yes, we need the true history of the Constitution explained to everyone! We need to explain its secret hijacking and what that has meant to us as citizens: a country run as a Corporation, which by its definition is meant to make money. We need to explain in depth how money has been used to create citizens who are little more than debt slaves. The illegal cabal that runs the Federal Reserve system needs to be exposed for EVERYONE — not just those who have the time to read and resarch, and control of our money needs to go back within the Treasury where it rightfully belongs. We need the Supreme Court cleaned out. Our legal system needs to be returned to one where we are each sovereign citizens, rather than a maritime (business) court system. We need to explain the Nazi infiltration of our country, how it happened, and the ongoing results: the Secret Government which has drained all our taxes for its nefarious purposes, leaving the infrastructure of our country ready to collapse, leaving our people in a created situation where welfare is their only option. We need to help these people find work and over a period of time we need to shut down the welfare system, used only to divide us, once more into us vs. them. We need to explain Big Pharma’s connection to eugenics and vaccines. We need to create an education system that is not corporate run, one which does not prepared people to be only unthinking cogs in a corporate institution.

People need to be able to go ‘back to school’ to learn that there are technologies available through the ETs that can move us forward light years as a species that has been withheld from us to keep us living in the Dark Ages. I believe there is help to cleanse our bodies from the toxins we have had to take on board as a result of all the chemical bombardment we have had to experience. There is help to cleanse our planet!

All this information is on my blog!

In short, what we ALL need is TIME to absorb this information and to heal. TIME is such an important factor, and IMO to rush headlong into the next election would be a very, very foolish thing, indeed.

As they awaken to all thee truths, people have to see positive things begin to happen. They need TIME to begin to have the opportunity to work again, to feel happiness again, to help heal and change the planet for the better. This can’t be done quickly – remember how Israel wandered in the desert for forty years? I understand that while the number is only symbolic, it happened so people could gradually leave their history as slaves – behind. They need TIME to actually experience a better life and to come to believe that, yes, this can happen for them. They need TIME to understand we are moving into a paradigm shift that is known in our culture as the Golden Age.

How can we allow these same politicians to guide us? I sincerely hope WE WON’T PERMIT THIS! I’m trusting the Universe to help us here. I can see now a bit of how this might play out, and I’m sure you can, too, but what is more important is that I think we must now start to PLAN for our new Age!  And this, too, takes careful thought and TIME.

As I have shared before, my new blog will be about co-creating the new paradigm. It will be both practical – for instance, how to get elected – and philosophical – what do we want from our leadership?  WHY am I always speaking about the ways of the indigenous? Because they carry the memory of the old ways, and before we destroyed them — so they couldn’t teach us, they lived from the heart!!! We have much we can learn from them!

Please, share your thoughts on this with everyone . . .

Love and hugs to everyone,

PS Thanks to all you who have given me a bit of a break this week. It’s been a tough one of endless hours of work behind the scenes. This morning I have an appointment and will be off my blog, Please be patient with me 🙂 I’ll be back later today. . . ~J


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38 Responses to A response from a Reader, S, and a long statement from ~Jean

  1. Pat N. says:

    Yes!! Wonderful thoughts about not supporting the system by voting for the same old, same old.
    I urge everybody to listen to Alfred Webre’s interviews with Leuren Moret, a whistle blower
    scientist….astounding information. Pat N.

  2. Rich Pack (bamboo-water) says:


    I am with you; I am walking beside you, and I am reminded
    that “We are all just walking each other home.”

    While you were having your thoughts, I was having some also.

    I woke up this morning with the word “Council,” ala the Iroquois
    Federation, flashing in my mind.

    Our situation is so extreme, so radical, so corrupt, so out of touch
    with reality, so deeply embedded in this matrix world, that many,
    upon looking within, from without, would have to say, “You, all
    of you, are living in a total and absolute—INSANE ASYLUM!

    For all these reasons and many more, we should be, we are way
    beyond the Bushes, the Clintons, the Sanders, the Warrens of
    this world. What we need was seen in the past by the indigenous
    peoples of the world.

    Our whole political system/system of governance, from the
    Presidency down, has totally failed us, is totally failing us.
    Now, I know that I am totally naive and totally idealistic,
    but here is my admittedly very vague sense of what must

    1- The concept of the Presidentcy is a Failed Concept.

    2- The concept of the Congress is a Failed Concept.

    3- The concept of the Supreme Court is a Failed Concept.

    4- The concept of the the Corporate Constitution is a Failed

    5- The concept of the U. S. Corporation is a Failed Concept.

    Hence, we need:


    2- All those who have committed criminal acts, and especially
    acts of treason, must be swiftly brought to justice, and the full
    details of their actions must be clearly made to the the People.

    3- This is going to require some form of “interim situation.”

    4- To treat the 2016 American elections, just like all the rest,
    will be a deeply fatal mistake.

    5- The 2016 American elections, have got to be treated—totally
    different—from any other time or process in history. Why?
    They are a major Turning Point for Humanity.

    Which brings me back to the word “Council,” and the Iroquois

    These are admittedly a very hazy outline of a group of Councils
    within Councils. Councils affecting, effecting, creating, solving,
    and governing across a wide spectrum of peoples toward the life,
    liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all, toward rights and respect
    for all, toward a better world for all:

    1- The COUNCIL—comprised of All the Peoples.

    2- Council of Councils—comprised of Dreamers, Creatives, Artists,
    Poets, Musicians, Free-Thinkers, Progressives, Visionaries, and
    anyone who just plain Thinks Different and just Plain gets under
    the skin of the “Majority.”

    3- Council of Wisdom—comprised of 2/3 Elders over 60 and 1/3
    Youth under 30.

    4- Council of the Future—comprised of 1/3 Elders over 60 and
    2/3 Youth under 30.

    5- Council of the Present—comprised of 1/3 Elders over 60,
    1/3 Adults over 30 and Under 60, and 1/3 Youth under 30.

    6- Council of the Past—comprised of 1/3 Elders over 60,
    1/3 Those Who Have Been Consistently Downtrodden and
    Left Behind, and 1/3 the Wisdom Keepers, the Shamans,
    the real Historians of our past.

    And what will these Councils be doing? Everything!
    Everything which has been failed to be done for a very
    long time.

    And how will these Councils interact? In every way possible,
    but most importantly, in ways we have yet to understand,
    in ways we have yet to create, in ways we have yet to dream.

    And all of this present haziness—should be seriously—and
    permanently wrapped—around these quotes from Einstein
    as we permanently take down Am3riKa and rebirth America:

    “Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your
    balance, you must keep moving.”

    “I never made one of my discoveries through the
    process of rational thinking.”

    “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand
    it well enough.”

    Jai Gurudev,

  3. Jean says:

    So, you don’t belong at my blog then! Hugs, ~Jean

    • paleohippy says:

      That’s rather harsh :). Hugs back.

      • Jean says:

        I thought your words were extremely negative . . . no hope . . . If that is what you think, you need to understand my blog is not about that!!! 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • paleohippy says:

          Bamboo says it’s fruitless to look for a leader except in ourselves. That’s what I meant, in my own peculiar way, with a few negative sounding embellishments. Now that we’ve got that sorted out, I continue to discover what the Creator wants of me so I can be of use in the Big Plan, whatever that may be. It’s a journey of faith.

          ‘Everybody’ has a plan to clean up the mess which involves getting somebody else to do it. I’m trying to say that if it’s to be dealt with, there will be like a Jeanne d’Arc popping-up in the form of a deus ex machina. Big stuff always happens like that. Another example is St. Germaine, popping-up in Congress. The big cycles cycle and the fractals unfold in step. Individuals must change to the point of the Hundredth Monkey and this enables the miracles. I’ve stepped up to my plate, per Bamboo, and I’m adding what I can. Now I wait for the Sacred Hologram to change accordingly. I have no idea if I’m doing enough. It’s easy to get jaded sometimes.

  4. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    Woohoo, now we are getting somewhere. I agree, throw the bums out, start with a clean slate. There are talented folks who can and would be willing to run a clean honest election. This will give us some time to breathe. We might want to burn the law books and turn the law libraries into housing, after cleaning out the ghosts of course. Reinvigorating our Constitution can be done and then we must be very careful about new laws.
    This may sound xenophobic but we must send all the illegal aliens home and tell them to come through the system, not jump the line. No chipping or vaccines from the CDC which would have to come clean. This country was founded on great and noble principles. We shouldn’t have uneducated or unhoused or hungry or sick people here. The states must step to the plate for the job to be done humanely. The corporations must be dealt with in a sane manner. We might want to unfund the economists and everyone with a lame theory that has never worked but Congress has funded over and over. No foreign aid to countries who hate us. Our state department must begin to mend fences. Pedophiles and drunks/drug users must have mandatory therapy. They are like cancer to society.
    Education? Oh, boy, don’t get me started.
    We are allowing folks in who have religions that don’t mesh with our beliefs, such as killing all who don’t agree with their radical philosophies and imposing their ‘laws’. We must be discerning when admitting these folks. There are countries that they can emigrate to whose beliefs are more in alignment with theirs. This isn’t mean just practical. It has been 200 years since we had the room to admit everyone who applies.
    Let’s roll up our sleeves and start the new cycle under a system of integrity and openness. Where have I heard that before? Oh,yeah, the last election. Urk, maybe it will work this time?

  5. Ri-chard says:

    Jean, I believe you are on point sharing this with your readers. I remember when the U.S. Coast Guard, Rear Admiral of the Flag Officers said – the active duty brass is waiting on the people to express what they know and act on it. Remember they are not in the private sector so they must be called upon by the private citizens whom they have sworn to protect.

    The Officers Network can only say what we know of the citizens awareness and if they are ready to act on it in large numbers – in the millions.

    This was the month before the Langley Col. told me their focus was on exposing 9/11. the catalyst for this was the potential False Flag nuke averted in Charleston.

    • Jean says:

      Ri-chard, I can’t tell you how important I think this is!!! People need to stop and consider what it will be like to go forward with a population that is hurting, broke, and wounded emotionally – without any time to consider and understand what they have been through.

      All I could see this morning, early, was the vultures just waiting for those who are unaware . . . and swooping in on them before they have any time to consider anything . . . This is NOT THE WAY TO GO FORWARD, NOT IN MY OPINION, ANYWAY~

      I value your opinion, so thanks very much for your support!

      Hugs, ~Jean

  6. Martha says:

    I find your thoughts about our future eloquent and filled with some great ideas. Also like thinking about what WE want for a government. In the meantime, what do you think of Ghandi’s non violent revolution? Your post yesterday re. the sovereign citizens standing up to law enforcement and judge must be important..as it was the first time I’ve been censored on FB. Thank you for your courage in continuing to spread the truth.

    Have read that Bernie Sanders has dual citizenship with Israel. Don’t know if it is true. But I saw Elizabeth Warren say she would protect Israel and the US against Iran. Was dismayed to see her say that. Still, I appreciate what she has done to stand up to the cabal. She is one of the few. And I appreciate it and won’t forget.But it is past time to settle differences with diplomacy and not war.

    Election theft is one of my interests. After the 2000 election, I read everything I could on it . Was surprised that the democrats kept so quiet.But Don Seigleman spoke out and has been a political prisoner every since.Bradblog.com has had excellent coverage since about 2003. He also has a gold standard for elections which would guarantee fairness.

    Thanks again

  7. Andrew says:

    Are you aware that Obama is trying to run a third term? This was in the headlines and news act like this is normal American action. If you are, do you think that this is a desperate move? My hope is that the American people wake up and quick. This is getting like watching a fiction story turning into fact. If there is anything that I can do. Please let me know. Put up fliers, organize action groups, or even call anyone.


    • Jean says:

      Andrew, I haven’t heard that, but I think it will never happen. Of course, we must be watchful! Let me say what I said back in ’03: This is the best soap opera (that quality, too) in town, and it’s only gotten better 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Trex says:

    Here here Jean! We can all agree with your vision, however you’re missing a couple key items which all this revolves around. Most of your ideas focus on education – which is a form of COMMUNICATION. Next, once we are all up to speed, we all hope that “they” do something to correct everything for us. More true than not? What this implies, is that we need to ORGANIZE in order to initiate change. And those two critical items: communication and organization are now controlled extremely tightly, and for a reason. The reason is: FEAR (of us). I don’t have to tell you about all the means of snooping on John Q. Public’s communications, no matter what form. And the tooth and nail fight against encrypted communication, and now targeting the internet with web censoring next, and the tight control of msm. All of this has one single purpose: to keep “the pitchforks” from planning anything w/o big bro’s full knowledge. This has led to armed raids of peaceful groups gathered to learn about the constitution, or whether it be a gun show, or a meeting re: common law, or a garden show featuring healing herbs, or any private gathering – no matter the topic! All of these gatherings i.e. “organization” now represent a “threat” in that big bro isn’t specifically invited and fears organized attempts to take back what the corporation has gained, no matter at what scale, small to large. A few ladies discussing the healing power of oregano is viewed just as threatening as a meeting of – gasp – a group of survivalists or “militia.” Just imagine if those ladies digress and briefly discuss the dangers of fluoridation or vaccinations. They could become a “gang” or seek publicity, thereby gaining following! Call the swat team! The biggest reason our communication privacy is breached is to prevent organization of large groups of people. To get back to your ideas of education; this is all made ultra difficult by compromising PRIVATE communication and organization. Lets face it, this is the exact purpose of moles infiltrating an organization in order to breach their personal communication and allowing the opposing forces to prepare or plan counter attacks.

    Thats the true “rest of the story” regarding the blind zeal in efforts to breach our communication, whether it be phone taps, or tracking every move with gps, cameras on every highway, or through controlled media, etc. Communication is the prerequisite to education and organization. Without communication, there is no education or organization. Control communication and you control everything.

    Remember the most famous COMMUNICATION that led to independence in 1776: One if by land, two if by sea! Now, by golly, we’re going to prevent THAT from happening again – or so they believe.

    • Jean says:

      ‘Trex, I appreciate your statement, but if the good military were to support this – and I believe they can ‘move in if/when the truth of 9/11 were widely known – then the MSM would be finished, as would NASA and all its the attempts to listen in on us. It would be over. To my mind, our efforts must be to get the truth of 9/11 out there. Maybe we need to say that in order to free ourselves, this truth has to be known. Would it move any of the regular citizens to come alive and actively support that effort? Are there enough people really hurting to join this cause? I really don’t know, because I honestly think that many are numb to pain, having watched horrible movies, seen terrible things, and so on . .

  9. Unfortunately considering the cabal and timelines, right now, the time is not so much to heal, but act and act responsibly regarding to all the programs which they have entrenched and or still trying to do so. Yes we need a leader who will bring back the morality of our nation and institute the Constitution as it was originally. A, leader, who won’t be subjected to the reapers knife and stand for the people – not a sacrificial lamb.

    • Jean says:

      Well, Dale, I really think it all goes hand in hand . . . one without the other is not quite enough . . . Other than that I totally agree with you. And who do you think such a leader might be? Hugs, ~Jean

    • Rich Pack (bamboo-water) says:


      The leader who I think you are looking for, will, based on
      past history, be assassinated. From JFK and Paul
      Wellstone . . . to many others.

      The Leader I think you are looking for, is the
      Leader in Each, and In Every One of Us.

      Until We All Step to the Plate, as the
      Leaders that We have Always Been,
      looking for a leader is nothing but a
      false journey.

      Jai Gurudev,

  10. huggie1950 says:

    Jean thanks so well said. You put it in one picture and yes people we have help waiting all around this Planet. I am sure they love what Jean has said here. I hope she is up for a council job with them. I think they may be thinking of asking her for just that. They want as many of us they can find to help teach and inform others. This mess started when I was a child and I can tell you what Jean has said here is the truth. She is way past her time for contact with the people I am talking about they are not from here . It is time we travel the stars and meet our family out there. A lot of work is to be done on this Planet. It has a happy future lets kick it in gear in lighten all you can.

    • Jean says:

      So, is it time for me to start my blog? It really be YOUR blog, because within reason we are going to discuss things you want to discuss . . . except that I’m a very practical person and would suggest – first things first! 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  11. Suzy Sturm says:

    Bernie Sanders has long been a supporter of Audit the Fed and writes articles about it. He worked hand in hand with Ron Paul. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rep-bernie-sanders/a-real-jaw-dropper-at-the_b_791091.html I can’t see the Bankers supporting Bernie Sanders for President.

    • Jean says:

      After what I’ve just read, I can’t see Bernie running for President . . . but maybe I’m wrong. Let’s see WHAT we want in our future, and maybe the WHO will show up! Hugs, ~Jean

  12. Gary Adams says:

    What a breath of fresh clean truth. Shame that we cannot get the majority of folks in on the sham. I am not sure that they would comprehend the subject if it were presented. I am 76 my extended family is 3 generations of 30 adults and none is interested in the truth. To busy trying to eek out a living. They all moan and groan when I start so I have given up on them for the time being. Possibly when it all crashes they will believe. I have much lead and supplies.
    Thanks Jean for all your devotion and truth telling do appreciate!


    • Jean says:

      🙂 Gary, if these kinds of people see that we intend that ‘eeking’ out a living is no longer viable, that life is going to be better for everyone, maybe they will change their minds . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  13. Hi Jean, love you!

    This showed up on facebook and this man deserves some notice regarding medical sense and vaccines. I am not sure if this reply will reach you, since a direct email address isn’t popping out for me on the blog.


    I have written a summary of the shift from my “ordinary man” perspective. It may prove to be useful for some.


    May you be well, dear!

    Gregory Kelley

  14. Damon says:

    It is either DeCentralised or broken. Who would appoint the overseers? Who would watch the watchers? Who would make sure the over seers to do not over step their bounds? To give someone that power is to take away OUR OWN POWER. Hard to be ‘age of aquarius’, ‘new earth ascension’ while waiting for someone else to save us. Parallel DeCentralised communities are a solution. Make the Elite, Obsolete. Stop registering and licensing under their authority, stop calling the President “YOUR” or “OUR” President. Stop using the Corrupt Court systems and Union Card Carrying Members of the BAR to resolve disputes. Stop using Central Banking FIAT currency. Start using DeCentralised Software Platforms, Peer 2 Peer, with End to End Encryption/DeCryption. Stop believing in borders – does a moose or bear consider themselves American or Canadian or ask permission from another Moose to move from one piece of land to another. There is NO reason why a Lousiana Baptist has to follow the same rules as a San Francisco Hippy.

    • Jean says:

      Damon, let’s get real here. Our people are already broken. We are not going to get from here to there without some help, and it isn’t going to happen overnight, no matter how much you may wish it. Hopefully, there are enough of us with wisdom to help the rest of us through this . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Damon says:

        Who said over night. You jumped to a couple assumptions. I try not to wish for someone else, for my wishes may not be their wishes. When you offer something and it is accepted, that’s help. If a group moves In to dismantle the old and do not immediately relinquish the controls, then it is slavery 2.0, with a nicer master. We’ve been hearing for years how the white hats, the white dragons, and many others are going to install a new system. All this does is dis-empower the people from themselves acting. Alleged saviors will keep showing up and not doing anything until we learn to stop waiting for someone to save us. We keep waiting instead of acting. Everything needed to break their control already exists, it only lacks mass adoption.

    • awakendance says:

      Damon – Thank you for getting Real here. Thank you for reminding everyone who can hear, that although it won’t happen overnight, when it does happen — there will no longer be –passports, borders, presidents, court systems, teachers, military, police, and — there won’t even be countries anymore.
      There are no “foreigners” on this planet. God created this planet and everything that lives on it. Humans created senseless bureaucracy, senseless rules, and senseless laws. We are all currently Ascending back to the original Creation. Yes, it may take some “time”, but we will get there by focusing on where we are going. We are not “changing” anything. We are returning Home.

      • Damon says:

        Who said over night. You jumped to a couple assumptions. I try not to wish for someone else, for my wishes may not be their wishes. When you offer something and it is accepted, that’s help. If a group moves In to dismantle the old and do not immediately relinquish the controls, then it is slavery 2.0, with a nicer master. We’ve been hearing for years how the white hats, the white dragons, and many others are going to install a new system. All this does is dis-empower the people from themselves acting. Alleged saviors will keep showing up and not doing anything until we learn to stop waiting for someone to save us. Everything needed to break their control already exists, it only lacks mass adoption.

        • Jean says:

          Damon, I’m sorry if I misunderstood your words: “Who would appoint the overseers? Who would watch the watchers? Who would make sure the over seers to do not over step their bounds? To give someone that power is to take away OUR OWN POWER.” They sounded like you’d panicked.

          If we put as many hands as possible on the elephant, then I think we will get a pretty good picture of what the elephant that we are dealing with is truly like. Obviously, someone acting in a patriarchal, dictatorial way doesn’t have this capability. If we need a leader, as far as I am concerned it should be a FACILITATOR. someone with acknowledged wisdom and the ability to see that everyone is ‘heard’.

          But, these are the things we all need to discuss. I believe in this day and age there is the technology available to accomplish all this . . . if we are willing to work at it . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Damon says:

        @awakenedance – amazing….

  15. atie says:

    Dear Jean thanks for being so open, I live in the same situation on another place under the sun
    and wish the same change NOW, the way things paint are not pretty, rather scary and ever more control, there seems to be no end to it, love to you, atie

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