Alfred Webre: Draco-CIA-NSA-MKULTRA drive ritual child sacrifice in Religions (Vatican/Jesuit/Talmudic)- Monarchies-Governments-Schools-Wars for Transhumanist Agenda


VANCOUVER, BC – In a March 2, 2015 interview with New Zealand host Vinny Eastwood, Alfred Lambremont Webre reiterated the conclusions of a study of worldwide pedophile and ritual child sacrifice networks.

The Transhumanist Agenda & Its relationship to pedophile and ritual child sacrifice networks worldwide

In his interview, Webre stated, “The Transhumanist Agenda can be defined as: A complex cooperative entity originating in the Draco reptilians and CIA/U.S. government using MKULTRA technology that appears now to have expanded out into a planetary infrastructure around the NSA and contracting agencies around the world, along with a dedicated grid of HAARP installations, chemtrails, Supergrids, Super computers, nano-bots, nanochips to be the prime mover entity responsible for driving pedophile and ritual child sacrifice networks world wide in power institutions such as the Vatican, Jesuits, Zionists, Churches, Monarchies, governments, intelligence, military, police, Schools, and families. Pedophile and ritual child sacrifice activities and networks world wide appear to facilitate establishing a global power base in these institutions for the ultimate robotization of humanity.

“The over-all goal of the Transhumanist Agenda is the robotization of humans and the substitution of manipulatory AI [Artificial Intelligence] for the human soul and Source connection.”

In his interview, Webre covers areas ranging from the Draco treaties with the US and Nazi governments; the central role of Dracos and the CIA-NSA-MI5-Mossad-MKULTRA apparatus in driving both the ritual child sacrifice and pedophile networks world-wide as exemplified by the recent expose in Hampstead UK; and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Talmudic attempt on 3/3/2015 , just prior to the 3/20/2014 Tetra Lunar Eclipse,  in an unlawful address to the U.S. Congress to ignite WWIII as a ritual human sacrifice.

Webre stresses that the expose and public disclosure of these hidden pedophile networks is part of a planetary cleansing brought by the positive timeline.


Draco-CIA-NSA-MKULTRA drive ritual child sacrifice in Religions (Vatican/Jesuit/Talmudic)- Monarchies-Governments-Schools-Wars for Transhumanist Agenda

Turning Your News Inside Out

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14 Responses to Alfred Webre: Draco-CIA-NSA-MKULTRA drive ritual child sacrifice in Religions (Vatican/Jesuit/Talmudic)- Monarchies-Governments-Schools-Wars for Transhumanist Agenda

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  2. kertnekd says:

    The pharao is not an alien but a pederast and pedophile and inbreeder. And he as done this so intense the inbreeding and raping of his own children that he became total degenerate and cripple. He is totally disabled, and no alien.

    • Jean says:

      We would greatly appreciate if you could supply as a link or the name of a book to help our understanding. . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • kertnekd says:

        Research Amenophis IV was a cripple, a second head was growing him because he was such a pedofile inbreeder. The pharaos always had problems with mutations as because they were imbreeding too much.

  3. kertnekd says:

    Its a lie! Its the christian elite AND CHRISTIANITY, Judaism, Islam monotheism. Aliens do not exist. This all happens for this elite and this doctrines.

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  5. Ilex says:

    I wonder if CERN has anything to do with this?

  6. Thank you Alfred, the information contained in this interview is of great importance to all of us. Until we fully understand what is actually happening in our world we will remain ignorant and helpless.The AI,s have been used to controll our thinking, they are strategically placed , the Ley Lines are used by the AI,s , this is why our Ley Line work is essential. We must work together on this. Our future depends on it. Hampstead is but the tip of the iceberg. I lived in Highgate, my children and grandchildren in Hampstead. I now live 30 minutes away from Hampstead. I helped organise the 4th International Conference on Child Abuse in London about 30 years ago. I know just how widespread all this is. The Ley Line work has released Energy to us and so it has made available that which was hidded from us. Please share this information, it is based on fact.
    Once again, thank you Jean for bringing this to us.

  7. kibitzer3 says:

    Alfred is a good man. Thanks for carrying him, Jean. Very worthwhile stuff here. As usual, with him.

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