Three Ways Pharma Is After Your DNA: Mandated GMO Vaccines, Police Brutality, Supreme Court Ruling

Source: EbolaGate
March 4, 2015

Forced Blood Draws, DNA Collection ….: What Country Is This?

Pharma’s intense desire to control human DNA is leading right now to three things – laws to mandate patented GMO (patented) vaccines to everyone, police brutality to snatch DNA, and the Supreme Court okaying taking it from everyone.

Those so focused on DNA and so violently are known for their obsession with genes/DNA and for their insane violence during WWII.

Mandatory Vaccination and Police Brutality:  DNA Connects Them

And, coincidental to the planned imposition of GMO vaccines, here comes the Supreme Court okaying the taking of everyone’s DNA. 

Supreme Court Gives Tacit Approval for Government to Take Anybody’s DNA

There is no question that GMO-vaccines (essentially all of them) insert patented corporate IP into people’s human DNA and alters that DNA.  People are not only being genetically engineered through this action but it becomes a giant question:  Who owns the DNA is your body, who owns you?

Currently, this alteration of human DNA is occurring covertly and by means of intense coercion by Rockefeller and Pharam-controlled media and CDC, but the intent not to shift to out and out force and violate everyone’s DNA via mandatory vaccines.

But there are more problems than violations of international IP law or contract law on a mass scale. 

There is no evidence that the medically relevant (vaccine) viruses even exist.

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One Response to Three Ways Pharma Is After Your DNA: Mandated GMO Vaccines, Police Brutality, Supreme Court Ruling

  1. We need to stand up and take action.

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