Love this!!! Thanks, Bradley! Hugs, ~Jean

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  1. dallas brockton says:

    Once again, is this hard to fathom?

    The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media. ‘WE’LL KNOW OUR DISINFORMATION PROGRAM IS COMPLETE WHEN EVERYTHING THE AMERICAN PUBLIC BELIEVES IS FALSE’: William Casey, Director of Central Intelligence:

  2. Karen says:

    The bizarre thing is that on another completely unrelated website there is a picture of a massive ship seemingly next to the sun and around the same size as the moon . If I can find it again I will try and give the web address. How true this is I’ve no idea but it’s a wee bit coincidental. Karenx

  3. rose day says:

    Jean, I discovered Frank O’Collins and his Ucadia blog via the comments section of your site and
    what an ‘eye-opener’. He and Bradley share many views regarding the present state of the world.

    In his latest article, Frank makes a well-researched offering regarding the word ‘belief’ in the root-foundation of the word ‘belie’ and takes the concept a historic step further in asserting that
    Canon Law basically professes that when enough people accept a lie as truth (via ‘belief’) the liar
    is exonerated.

    Using ‘belief’ as a control tactic is obviously incredibly powerful and humanity may be at a tipping
    point of sorts in the seemingly never-ending testing of mankind’s willingness to accept falsehood
    as ‘belief’ when in actuality man is being lied to or ‘belied’ and it is belief in the lie that ironically
    enables the liar to walk…free to belie, ostensibly, throughout eternity.

  4. judynz says:

    I went, I read, I was not impressed. It sounded to me like more airy fairies to divert us from accepting our personal responsibility and working within ourself to rid ourself of the cabal & create a better future. Because of the many hoaxes & ego orientated individuals providing false hope people have been forced to face that our cure is indeed up to us and this has resulted in our coming to terms with this & I believe has made us stronger.
    Frankly David you backed up nothing so please don’t try to make a come back with more false hope.

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