Pollution in China . . . the photos tell the story . . . my thanks to C.!

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10 Responses to Pollution in China . . . the photos tell the story . . . my thanks to C.!

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  2. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    How can a country with such internal danger to its people hope to be considered an international player? They seem to have made one bad decision after another.
    Did we have a hand in this stunning statement of industry gone bad? We have our own oil spills and explosions but overall our air is breathable and the water, for the most part, is drinkable. I lament the attitude of folks who just toss their trash out of the window of a moving vehicle. But then we use our prisoners here to do civic duty picking up roadside trash. I am sad for the Chinese people, but then again, they can work to clean things up.

  3. swo8 says:

    We were in China about 10 years ago and it was pretty bad then.

  4. worldface2012 says:

    Jean … this is incredible but I know it is real. How in the world this is happening? They do not have a system to control all the waste? This place is huge and with plenty of room to dispose of this garbage, but instead they throw it where ever they like? If I am wrong the I want to see the contrary. By the way.. more places in the world behave like this, and even in our home island this used to be one of our most biggest problems. Now there is some type of control, but still new people around dont know the r ules… Now we have to pay for this recycle thing etc. plus plus what ever new rules are implanted in our island. Maybe it is too late to change this behavior, but there is one above that knows how to clean the Earth. Big hug my dear Jean. Much love to you… lucy

  5. o
    This is so hard to watch!! It is unbelief and yrs . without improvement. What would it take t o change this horror for these poor people

  6. Megan says:

    what an absolutely filthy country! How disgusting is this? This is a country on the brink of self suicide it would seem. Can’t the Chinese people see this?


    • Jean says:

      Megan, I beg you to look all around the world. Maybe the ‘filth’ is not visible, but there is complete corruption and lack of integrity int the highest offices all over the planet. This, that is invisible, creates the outer . . . Remember, as above, so below 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  7. Bill says:

    Jean – A good friend of mine has spent 9 years in China doing business with them prior to retiring – he has one inviolate rule: DO NOT EAT ANYTHING FROM CHINA! He mentions the “farmers” that have the chicken pens above the pens for the Tilapia and guess what the fish eat. The same goes for chicken and pork!

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