Protests in Ireland against Austerity Measures, Political Policing and Imprisonments

Friday 06 March 2015
Thanks to V. 

‘My name is Paul Kiernan and I am a resident of Tallaght, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. I was politically arrested on Monday 16th February 2015 and face a possible charge of false imprisonment (which has a maximum sentence of 15 years imprisonment) of our Tanaiste Joan Burton (Labour party leader, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Social Protection).

I am 1 of 23 people arrested (with a reported 41 due to be arrested) so far which include men and women aged in their 40,s, 50,s and 60,s and children aging from 12-18 years old. There was also 1 TD (MP) and 3 local councilors from the AAA (Anti Austerity Alliance) arrested. At this very moment there are 4 people imprisoned and 1 which will be when he returns from holiday with sentences of 28 days and 56 days for breaching a court injunction which banned them from been within 20 meters from Irish Water Meter Installers.

These arrests and imprisonments and others taken place throughout Ireland are taken place against people that are taken part in civil disobedience against a corrupt and inept political system and government.’

Read more: Protests in Ireland against Austerity Measures, Political Policing and Imprisonments

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2 Responses to Protests in Ireland against Austerity Measures, Political Policing and Imprisonments

    When the Irish People wake up to who they are it will unlock all the corruption we have all endured for 2000 years . Irish History was stolen, her language also. The Irish are the REAL ISRAELITES, this has been kept hidden. The Vatican has controlled the Irish, the IRISH GOVERNMENT cannot pass a Law without approval from Rome. Cardinals and Bishops sit in the DAIL (Irish Government). The Irish are THE TRIBE OF DAN. We need the Irish to wake up so that the whole of Humanity can be released from the stranglehold of control imposed by the Vatican. We must all support the Irish people in their struggle to bring peace to our world. GOD BLESS IRELAND.

  2. Captain says:

    Fight for water rights in Ireland… same going on in the US…

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