Russia’s Commitment to Multi-Polar World Order Challenges US Global Hegemon / Sputnik International


Ekaterina Blinova — Russia’s determination to protect its national interests and pursue an independent foreign policy, regardless of Western pressure, is viewed by Washington as an “unforgivable crime,” according to Mike Whitney.

In February 2007 during his famous speech at the 43rd Munich Security Conference Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the course of American foreign policy, providing a thorough analysis of the devastating consequences of US interventionism and its negative impact on global security.

President Putin also denounced the unipolar model as unacceptable, impossible and contradictory the core values of modern civilization: “This is pernicious not only for all those within this system, but also for the sovereign itself because it destroys itself from within,” he warned, pledging his commitment to a multi-polar world.

American publicist Mike Whitney underscored that President Putin’s candid observation left a deep impression on US policy-makers, who believed that by prevailing in the Cold War the United States became the only super-power in a new “Washington-centric” global system. “Now they knew that Putin would never dance to Washington’s tune,” the publicist stressed.

Russia’s firm determination to pursue an independent foreign policy has been viewed by Washington as an “unforgivable crime,” that poses a serious challenge to American global hegemony.

So far, the United States has signaled it is going to deal with this “problem” by any means necessary, including economic sanctions, a Washington-backed military coup in Ukraine, a conspiracy to crash oil prices, an attack against the ruble and a proxy-war in Donbas region using neo-Nazi fighters.

Numerous false flag operations aimed to discredit the Russian president and to drive a wedge between Moscow and its European partners are also being used by Washington in order to shake up Russia’s political system, the publicist pointed out.

“Now the Pentagon is planning to send 600 paratroopers to Ukraine ostensibly to “train the Ukrainian National Guard,” a serious escalation that violates the spirit of the second Minsk 2 and which calls for a proportionate response from the Kremlin,” noted Mike Whitney, stressing that “the US has no red lines when it comes to achieving its strategic goals.”

So far, Whitney suggested that the murder of Boris Nemtsov, a representative of the Kremlin’s opposition, could have been carried out as a part of a larger regime change scheme, directed to provoke social unrest in Russia and destabilize the government. The publicist noted that the US has practiced such a scenario in various color-coded revolutions before and stressed that shortly after Nemtsov was killed in Moscow,  western media sources unanimously pointed the accusing finger to the Kremlin regardless of the fact they had no evidence to support their claims.

The publicist reminded that the United States has repeatedly used similar tactics putting pressure on Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria and countless other nations to get them to “march in lockstep” to the directives of the White House.

However, regardless of this pressure, Russia has withstood NATO encirclement and Washington’s attempts “to loot Russia’s natural resources” as well as to change the configuration of international security by implementing elements of the US nuclear capability in Europe. Resisting further eastward expansion of NATO, Russia has also blocked Washington’s Asia pivot strategy aimed to undermine the Russian Federation, encircle China, maintain control over Eurasia’s resources flow and establish the unipolar hegemony of the United States, Whitney emphasized.

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16 Responses to Russia’s Commitment to Multi-Polar World Order Challenges US Global Hegemon / Sputnik International

  1. Shelly says:


  2. Karen says:

    Hi I watched the Bought movie yesterday. I found it extremely encouraging. I think there are more people than we think changing the world in there own back yards. Especially in he US. What I got from the movie was that in the US the women are fighting for their children and really making a massive effort with regard to vaccination and GMO info getting out all over the US and beyond. GMO will die a death because of the community of women so against it as they are understanding the damage that they doing to their children , it’s now a huge movement and continues to grow. The info coming out re. 9/11 false flags, proxy wars, economics, this is pretty much male driven but again mostly out of the US . We are all in our own way driving the change but we are starting with what we know and in our own back yard. So it can look like it is a very small group of people when in actual fact its millions , especially when the MSM don’t report on much of it. It should be well done America, your people have looked in, don’t like what they see and have the courage to make a huge kick ass statement. Welldone Jean you are helping to get this info out.
    It’s the American people who want to see change in their country and they are doing it one step at a time, can you imagine if they all joined forces. No wonder the eejits in power are worried . I would be if I were them. This can’t be stopped because people are way passed fear especially when they are realising this is damaging their children. A mother will protect her child with no fear for herself this is the force that they did not see coming…

  3. Shelly says:

    Could you please mention somewhere visible that these are two sides being played against each other by the same puppet masters?

    Everyone needs to realize that the following CORPORATIONS ALL are part of the CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM CARTEL
    USA Corporation
    Russia Corporation
    China Corporation
    EU Corporation
    So while these puppet propaganda machines keep telling us the Russians and the EU are standing up against the warmongering USA, the TRUTH is that the ZIONIST KHAZARIAN BANKERS are indeed going to start a WAR, from which they will profit immensely from the WAR DEBT of the entire world, as it looks as though the participants will include many many nations.

    It is the most profitable business on the planet- destruction and reconstruction via insurmountable debt, which ENSLAVES all. Not to mention the moral tax of killing so many for no reason other that the whims of the psychopathic wealthy families who desire an smaller ‘herd’ and a higher degree of indebtedness.

    This is being set up as classic Hegelian dialectic. Good guys vs. bad guys, when the reality is that the BANKERS are running the show, and the politicians and media are the ACTORS/ TEAMS/ TRIBES behind which one can choose to hitch her morality-wagon.

    Anytime one starts criticizing ‘this administration’ or ‘that government’ or ‘enemy’, check yourself, as you have succumbed to the spell and illusion.

    The bankers don’t care if their trillions are counted in dollars or yuan- remember THEY PRINT THE MONEY, worldwide, and without oversight, and then LEND IT BACK AT INTEREST to the respective countries/corporations in which they operate.

    Who is right or wrong? It doesn’t matter. War will come, because those who control the world by DEBT, ESPIONAGE, and BLACKMAIL must have it so.

    The VATICAN and all religious leaders are in on it too, they sanction it. Royals as well.
    When has any one in the above capacity challenged the Federal Reserve System practices of fiat debt-based currency under the BIS? Oh yeah, NEVER. As that is the system that enables their very positions and ‘powers’.

    Unless this TRUTH is repeatedly delivered, continuously exposed, and assimilated by more people, this will not change, and their final goal of mass extermination and total outright world domination will be achieved.

    IT IS ALL ALWAYS ABOUT WHO BENEFITS- BANKERS. A VERY small group of families, STILL runs the world….

    • Jean says:

      I think we understand this here on my blog, Shelly. I also think we are in a time of great change, and that the those who usually benefit are about to be taken down. That is what this paradigm change is all about . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Shelly says:

        Please explain how the central banking families who usually benefit are about to be taken down? Every single BRICS alliance nation is controlled by a central bank. The same families. Regardless of the demise of the US dollar, the central banking families control via fiat debt based enslavement, and control over governments and vast lands and resources does not change in a topical shift from ‘west’ to ‘east’. Rather, the shell game continues.

        Please define how this ‘paradigm change’ is more that just changing the faces of leadership, and the color of the paper money? Sure it is going to be gold and asset backed, but again, the BRICS nations CENTRAL BANKS are fronting the assets, and thus retain control.

        What is the change exactly in moving perceived control from one CENTRAL BANKING empire to another, when in reality, the same families and interests own them all?


        • Jean says:

          Shelly, it’s on my blog, and you need to take the time to do some research! Hugs, ~Jean

          • Shelly says:

            LOL. Sorry Jean, but that is VERY weak. I have been reading your blog, and I do my own research as well, which I why I am concerned that you and the readers who also visit here think that some change can occur WITHOUT the total elimination of central banking.

            NO WHERE on this blog that I have seen does it ever discuss or offer evidence that the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM of Global Central Banks under the BIS is going anywhere. Please direct us to that detail.


          • Jean says:

            Sorry, maybe someone else will hep you! 🙂 I’m not into educating people. I provide information, but I ask them to do their own research . . . I think you ask far too much of me! Hugs, ~Jean

        • Jean says:

          I’m well aware that you’ve couched a huge amount of negativity without any proof In seemingly nice words. ~Jean

          • Shelly says:

            I very much hope that this is not directed at me, but if it is, my response.

            The truth is neither positive nor negative, it is the truth. The truth in this case is that every member nation of the BRICS alliance is controlled by a central bank. ALL CENTRAL BANKS worldwide, are part of the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM under the BANK of INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS out of Switzerland, run via the City of London HQ of global finance, OWNED by a very small group of families.

            The truth is that regardless of the printed paper, the same interests own those banks, and thus those countries and their constituents. The truth is that even in a gold/asset backed system, the same people OWN that gold and those assets.

            If You need proof of this, then it would be quite obvious to many that one who would require such proof is perhaps under-researched and not fully knowledgeable of global finance and esoteric global control.

            This is not meant to be negative. Rather, the intention here is to share the FACTS with those seekers who may not know this, and to caution ANYONE who thinks that the BRICS will be any different than the IMF/WorldBank/BIS control, as long as Central Banking remains intact.

            If you or anyone has any evidence to the contrary please please share it. Otherwise, to deny these FACTS does a disservice to the reader and calls one’s intentions into question. To not directly address this information offers a misleading false reality to anyone unaware, that may read your blog.

            Again, it the post above was not directed to me, I apologize, but if it was, you must see that I am trying to share TRUTH. Any perception of ‘negativity’ is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s fine.

            I wouldn’t spend so much time on this if I thought it unimportant, but on the contrary, I find it of the highest import. SO MANY PEOPLE really want to believe that the BRICS and the end of the dollar means the end of fiat debt slavery and a wholesale change to the planet.
            But until we have tangible reason to believe that a global debt jubilee is imminent, and that the entire Central Banking systems of Federal Reserve private debt are going away, that belief is going to let the world down.

            Love and calm to you.

          • Jean says:

            You seem to want a deep discussion with me, Shelly, and I am sorry, but that is not what I am here for. I believe the questions you asked are easily answered by you. Concerning most of what you are attempting to discuss here, I have repeatedly suggests 1) we must wait and see, and 2) we are the ones we have waited for.

            If people are determined to believe differently, that to my mind is clearly their choice. We are in a time when people must take responsibility to learn, to decide, to heal. I’m not selling anything here . . . I’m trying my best to follow what is happening . . .


          • hypnowiz says:

            i would call you attention to the book entitled” the Creature from Jekyll Island”
            this for an unabridged treatise on our “monetary system” in system…our global monetary system…

  4. hypnowiz says:

    Personally, and i speak for myself only…but join me if you agree…i think this administration’s policies are destructive and should be halted immediately….how can we be the policeman of the world when we cannot control what happens within our own borders…we spend billions, no trillions of dollars on the persuit of global …what…every country we step foot in, hates us…our national debt is out of control, we have more homeless people here that most other countries have in their armed forces. Our ability to self sustain has eroded to the point that we have to prop our selves up with illusion….wake up people, End the madness, lets come to gether , stand up and and take control of our runaway government, our country is in distress, if Washington feels so much need to dole out aid…then dole it to the people right here at home that cannot make ends meet due to inflation out of control, caused by our seemingly unlimited printing or fiat currency, which becomes less and less valuable with each passing day….come on people wake up….stand up take your country back…

    • Jean says:

      I agree, but I don’t think this will happen until more Americans are awake . . . I happen to think the key is 9/11, but so many are unwilling to look at the truth. Hugs, ~Jean

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