In Just 9 Words, This Student Schools His Teacher on How Bad Common Core Really Is

 Thanks to R. 

Want to see a little kid prove to his teacher just how ridiculous common core really is?

Take a look at the picture below:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.53.26 AM

In one sentence the child proves common core just doesn’t work.

In what world does 8+5=10?

If the teacher wanted to know what number to add to 8 to get 10, why didn’t she just ask that? Or why not ask what 8+5 equals?

We’ll probably never know. But one thing we do know is that the poor teacher is stuck teaching an obscenely ridiculous standard of education that no one should have to endure.

Please tell us what you think of Common Core.

We’re not the only ones who think it’s crazy are we?

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38 Responses to In Just 9 Words, This Student Schools His Teacher on How Bad Common Core Really Is

  1. Netace says:

    Common Core is absolutely MORONIC, ridiculous and at its Core an affront to all Americans!
    I betcha that the whole damn thing came from one of the Bilderberger and Illuminati elites that think they are so much better than the rest of us. The B&I are nothing but a Satanic bunch of thieves who want to “teach” our kids to be incapable of logical thought, openly gay, muslim, and pathetically adhering to UN agenda 21. Rockefeller keeps stealing OUR MONEY to fund the UN! Why do Americans not REVOLT and eliminate this bunch of scum?

  2. Notice that the 911 Memorial Museum has a full set of common core standards for teaching about the “truth” of 9-11

  3. Common Core teaches the State comes before family.

    Common Core: weapon of mass instruction teaches your child to be a worker not a THINKER

  4. Ethyl says:

    Oh my GOSH Jean! They think the Sheeple are even stupider than they are! They’ll have to step up the chemtrails! Out of the mouths of babes! (Who aren’t as stupid as their teachers!)

  5. Common Core is yet another corporate coup – and there was an organized effort to make sure there was no opposition to it. It’s very sad because the US does need to move in the direction of a common education system for all kids. Unfortunately this misses the mark and ignores the research in many areas. The cryptic codes that make up the standards are the hallmark of a control system, with the point being not to make sense but to control others. Teachers are NOT slaves… They’re amazing human beings. And so are our kids.

    Let’s be clear that the so-called left and so-called right are equally implicated in this continued takeover of the american public education system. Because it’s public.

  6. lecox says:

    All I really know about this is that psychologists started getting actively involved in teaching teachers how to teach around the turn of the last century.
    Teacher’s College at Columbia University was basically the first “model” program of this kind. It was taken over by an Educational Psychologist, Jame Earl Russell in 1897. He was a student of the German psychologist Wilhelm Wundt. He used John Dewey as a lecturer, who was also a student of psychology, though not Wundt’s variety. He encouraged younger academicians in the field, like E. L. Thorndike, who got his start in animal psychology. James Cattell, another student of German psychology, was also involved at Columbia and Teacher’s College. This college, I learned, started as a normal school (teacher training school) with an emphasis on skills for industrial work, and was started with the help of a grant from an industrialist.
    Teacher’s College considers itself the prime motive force behind the “the modern, inquiry-based K-12 classroom.” “Inquiry-based” education puts the emphasis on the student, rather than the teacher, as the one who will create his own knowledge-set, presumably best fitted to his own character and aspirations. This is derived from the “constructivist” theory of learning developed by Piaget and others.
    When teachers or school administrators get all caught up in “student involvement in learning” the 3-Rs can get overlooked, or strangely warped in how they are delivered. Though most people would give professional educators the benefit of the doubt regarding their ultimate purposes in “modernizing” public schools, the influence of materialistic psychology in education has not been healthy, since that psychology is based on a false premise (that men are animals). Under the guise of “humanizing” education, a program that began long ago to convince people that they have no real spiritual nature has been allowed into our school systems. That many children and parents would revolt at this “progressive” change is no surprise, as we are all spiritual beings and to teach or imply otherwise is to lie to us.

  7. Rich Pack (bamboo-water) says:

    And the point of this little exercise is to teach kids
    to learn exactly what?

    Oh, I get it, we are headed for this:

    “Tell how to make 89 when adding 3 + 7.”

    1- Take 4 from 7 and get 3.
    2- Multiple that 3 times the other 3 and get 9.
    3- Now take the original 7 and take it times this 9 giving 63.
    4- Square the 2nd 3 which you got from the 7 giving 9.
    5- Subtract 5 from that 9 giving 4.
    6- Take this 4 and multiple it times the original 7 giving 28.
    7- Add the 63 in Step 3 to the 28 in Step 6 giving 91.
    8- Take the original 3 from the original 7 giving 4.
    9- Divide this 4 by 2 giving 2.
    10- Subtract this 2 from the 91 in Step 7 giving 89!

    And there you have it, Common Core math at
    its most brilliant!

    And there you have “. . . how to make 89 when adding 3 + 7.”

    Whether is is Common Core, or Vaccines, or . . . the goal
    is the destruction of human life!

    The sooner society sees this, believes this, and acts on
    it to dramatically change it—the better we will all be.

    Right now, we are all in One Gigantic Insane Asylum,
    and the Lunatics are Running the Asylum!

    Jai Gurudev,

    • Susan Miller says:

      Sounds like they are trying to indoctrinate the kids into a civilization where, while plebians will give Johnny two apples and have one left over, banking math will seem like the “Real Math of our Overlords”. So complicated. Thank Goodness they will be handling our mortgages and credit chips so we can just sit back and watch the game.

  8. The new 9-11 Memorial Museum in New York, designed in part by professionals from the holocaust museum in Washington, D.C., has a ‘kosher’ COMMON CORE curriculum outline for teaching 9-11 from K through 12 listed on its website.

  9. YouMa says:

    STUPID, CONFUSING, and part of the entire control-freak system put into place after WWII.

    Out with common core and in with democratic schooling as in:
    Sudbury education is the answer! Simple as that!

    Make sure you read the great ‘featured articles’ on, and there are plenty of publications one can learn from on this website as well!

    🙂 You, aka YouMa

    • Jean says:

      I think this program is meant to dumb down our children. . . it’s confusing and treats them like they are idiots, shutting down their creative thinking – in order to ‘get the answer correct’, which we see is logically impossible. Is this a point of view? Does anyone else have anything to offer?


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  11. Connie says:

    In West Virginia, you can opt-out your child from common core at no detriment to the child. I’m passing out the opt-out forms to the other parents as well.

  12. Lorraine says:

    Considering Common Core makes no sense, I don’t see how the person who invented it was sane and the school systems who enforce it are STUPID! It makes no sense to the logical way to get the answer. I hope my grandchildren won’t be doing this math when they start school, because it’s STUPID!

  13. Julie says:

    What the hell! Who even thinks up this kind of math? I have never heard of it, but than again Im older. Crazy!

    • lecox says:

      The point is, this isn’t math. This is what educational psychologists call “challenging rigid thought patterns.” The question was only marginally about math. But I would never grade someone based on what they answered on a test like this! Or answer like this teacher did, implying the child’s answer was incorrect. In “modern” learning there are no incorrect answers. It’s not about learning how to be correct or incorrect, but how to think for yourself. Of course, if you need to solve 8 + 5 and you get the wrong answer, then you need to learn math. Somehow the “experts” seem to ignore such details! It’s a rat’s nest, mainly because it is disingenuous and therefore confusing. It is correct for parents to treat this sort of curriculum as an attack on themselves and their children. That is really what it is.

  14. paleohippy says:

    This is math but not as advertised. This is called quasi modo-conceptual math where you make up your own protocol as you go along and keep the secret algorithm to yourself. This proves that Liberalism is a mental disorder, similar to Fundamentalist Munchhausen Syndrome.

  15. swo8 says:

    What “shloppe”. The same stupidity is in the math curriculum in Canada. Our kids are dropping out of school like flies. No wonder there is a drug problem among our youth!

  16. Alicia says:

    This is one of the weapons in the arsenal utilized for a stealth attack on education. These attacks have been going on for a number of decades. The goals of these attacks included among other things…. killing public education, stealing funding (federal and otherwise) for public education; privatizing public educational institutions, narrowing the range of people that can get an education to begin with, and in general, just dumbing America down. Those subjects, like art and music, that helped develop creative and well rounded students have disappeared from the curriculum because funding has been withdrawn……. standardized testing,…..teaching to the test…..common core….what’s next?

  17. Trex says:

    The answer is: HOMESCHOOLING.

    • Jean says:

      This may be one answer, Trex, but I think we need to address the needs of all our children. . . and the first thing we will need to do is to de-program them from the corporate education system . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Trex says:

        Agree Jean. Homeschooling would be my reaction, but that of course doesn’t cover all kids. Once started in public school, de-programing kids would be a big job. Unless kids start with homeschooling and continue all the way through, I almost don’t think kids could adapt to home schooling. Younger ones maybe, but HS age??? Maybe not. And to de-program all kids in public schools would first take re-programming all teachers – impossible. Can a history teacher be re-programmed to teach REAL history? I doubt it. Thats all they know from teachers college and they would likely balk at anything else. Homeschool would at least omit the burden of re-programming teachers and without down-time. Its too bad parents cant get together to homeschool their own plus other kids – but then you’re probably a non-acredited “school”. Teaching all subjects all the way through HS would be a serious commitment not many parents would do, or have time for when both work. I have read of parents with kids out sail-cruising the oceans, while homeschooling. The kids learn fast, plus learn responsibility, geography, teamwork, maybe even another language. Not speaking of worldly knowledge few people ever get. The end result is way ahead and far superior to the standard HS grad. Its uplifting to read about their experiences. I never noted one example of where kids suffered or lacked anything. Very lucky kids!

        I would like to see common core teachers give their kids a recipe. If the kids are allowed to interpret ingredients and quantities as loosely as their math, then the teacher should be required to eat the end product – and praise the kids for dumping in whatever they feel like. After all, there is no wrong answer. A simple recipe would quickly get the point across to give exact instructions and expect exact answers.

        • Jean says:

          Trex, there is a way to de-program kids. I’ve seen it done . . . It is quite interesting . . . but not now. . . although I have written about it on other posts. Hugs, ~Jean

  18. Ri-chard says:

    8+5=13-3=10 Get it?

  19. Latcho says:

    I have just finished The girl who sang to the Buffalo,thanks so much Jean it will never leave me,I still have tears and gut pains from laughing so hard from those nine words man it takes me back,Thanks again beautiful friend

    • Jean says:

      Latcho, I’m so very glad you stuck with it, and I’m so very glad it had meaning for you 🙂 ! Now, if you can, try to read Neither Wolf Nor Dog . . . and you will begin to say we must pattern our new paradigm on what the indigenous knew before we destroyed their culture . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  20. mjday47362 says:

    Indiana dropped Common Core in 2014.

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