Ukraine’s Poroshenko Accused Over Mafia Management Methods / Sputnik International


British-owned architecture firm Jones East8 are suing the Roshen Confectionery Corporation — the Ukrainian confectionery manufacturing group controlled by Poroshenko — alleging that the president’s company refused to pay for 40% of designs used to build a milk-processing plant in the city of Vinnytsya.

However, Newsweek has revealed that the British firm’s director, Hanna Nikiforova, has “resigned in tears” and left the country following a mysterious telephone call. She cited her objection to the architects’ legal challenge against chocolate giant Roshen as the reason for her departure.

According to Jones East8 owner Phil Hudson:

“We received an email from our director saying she wanted to resign because of the Roshen court case and that she would not authorise the court actions as she is scared.”

Crying in the Office

“My director said she had been called by somebody ‘known to us’ who laughed at us for looking to fight Roshen and Poroshenko. The director was visibly upset and crying in the office on Friday February 27.”

Hudson had previously told Newsweek that Roshen president and 9% owner Vyacheslav Moskalevskiy had said Poroshenko’s company believed in “mafia management methods” when it refused to pay.

Hudson believes the telephone call is further evidence of a gangster mentality within the company.

“Roshen prefers to employ its instruments of power rather than deal with the fact that they accepted our work and should pay,” Hudson said, adding that Jones East8 had tried to settle the matter out of court.

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One Response to Ukraine’s Poroshenko Accused Over Mafia Management Methods / Sputnik International

  1. lecox says:

    Hmm… Unusually frank words for the world of law and business. You may visit the Roshen site for their view on some of these matters. With a Roshen owner/investor also serving as President of the Ukraine, politics will inevitably mix with business. But in fact, of course, this has always been the case. As businesses actually do things, employ people, and buy and sell products, their importance in society is actually much greater than the governments they often seek to influence or dominate. As for “mafia management methods,” I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s nothing new in business, either.

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