The Story of Your Enslavement-Its More Than A Feeling!

Published on Mar 8, 2015
Thanks to S.

Free Yourself,Don’t Fear Death
Christ Overcame Death and IT IS Finished-John 19:30
You Come as Man and You Die As Man-Hebrews 9:27
to get to the next stage..Spirit and Water-John 3:5
Christ Showed You the way to the Kingdom
Full remix of More than a Feeling by Boston at:…
Narrated by Stefan Molyneux
All videos,documentaries and much more at:

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6 Responses to The Story of Your Enslavement-Its More Than A Feeling!

  1. Megan says:

    Didn’t like the start! We were never monkeys nor have we evolved from them! That evolution story is a load of BS! Neither could I watch the scenes of cruelty either it really gets me angry and upset to see innocent beings being ill treated and hurt.


  2. Tracy says:

    Well done, thank you for sharing.
    IMO – fiscally speaking the slaves (who outnumber their
    jailers) have now become a financial liability (in order to feed,
    clothe, house, etc. them for the limited reward via taxes to pay back debt)

    Especially since the global demographics has decreased dramatically –
    probably because the programmed meme of having less children that has
    been espoused since the 60’s (via birth control, abortions, sterility, religion, you get
    the picture) that was implanted into the consciousness of the working women/peoples
    by TPTW, well hey that’s a plan of theirs that actually worked (fast forward 50 years).

    So….now (lower demographics/less tax base) it’s having a calamitous effect within the global fractional finance (ponzi) structure. This is why every social, political, financial, et. al, system is now artificially “manipulated” for gains, and further these systems are globally crashing. {Because all gains are fake, it’s all a paper game none of this is real}; metals, land, resources are the only assets that have value, and they have slowly been usurped (stripped) away from the peoples through the use of false laws enacted in favor of a few. ( And the TTPA is the next strategy to strip more assets)

    When (the power brokers) can obtain the desired result without
    the need of slaves, the slaves then become unwanted liabilities. (i.e., global unemployment,
    robots & technology advances in lieu of the need for people in the workforce)
    {But don’t forget we need you to spend your money……that’s how we get the economy
    moving in a positive direction. Remember that one}

    By getting the desired result by the use of ~
    As in: fake money, fake markets, fake laws, fake (fill in the blank).
    The hu-man factor has been completely outsourced into exclusion.
    And now that this truth has been revealed for those with eyes to see,
    it’s what we call the “crossroads of hu-manities evolution”
    The questions now are: what is truly important & how do we get to the next level in our
    evolution as humane peoples, without the need for this false manipulation,
    or without the haves & have-nots, or without “rulers or usurpers” who use
    force and control to dominate for power?

    I’m looking within and pondering this question because it’s indeed a BIGGY.
    In Peace,

  3. Shelly says:

    Mahalo for sharing this with your audience!

  4. hannacora says:


  5. Damon says:

    Reblogged this on Awakestate and commented:
    I know I have shared this Stefan Molyneaux video in the past, but someone has added a 1 minute intro that is beautiful and it’s a great reminder.

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