The Clinton Chronicles . . . unbelievable! ~J

Published on May 25, 2014
Thanks to D.

The definitive documentary exposing who the Clinton’s really are. And, their cooperation with the CIA drug running programmed code name “Black Rose”. The head of Black Rose was a US President named the White Rose (George Herbert Walker Bush: G.H.W.B.), once director of the CIA, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, chief of Black Rose operation drug runner in exchange for weapons (illicit drugs flown in, weapons flown out, just like current “Operation Fast & Furious”), a former ambassador to the evil United Nations, and a bisexual pedophile SATANIST. See Ted Gunderson Chronicles. Hillary Clinton ran the “Rose” law firm in Arkansas to launder all the illicit drug money through the BCCI, Bank of Commercial Commerce International that was shut down in 1991 for drug money laundering.


New World Order…

Ted Gunderson

Rockefeller File:…

Mind Control, Brice Taylor

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