We Demand: President Putin Release Documents Vital to World Peace

Personally, I don’t think Gordon Duff or anyone else should be DEMANDING anything from President Putin! Is this the way to enlist Putin’s help?

What Putin ‘knows’ or has on the war mongers in D.C. is his to use wisely in the interests of his country — first, exactly as he has stated. Then, I believe his intention is also in this process to help rid the planet of these criminals, but he must look at a far larger picture than Gordon Duff appears to understand. Does Duff really have any in-depth understanding of the man —and what he is contending with — of whom he makes this request? I have to wonder.

Surely, President Putin has his finger on the pulse. Why then isn’t he releasing these documents? Could it be that he is holding the war mongers in check with this information until the situation is as close to perfect as possible? Is he using these documents to hold things together until the preparations and infrastructure to support the new financial system are in place? Surely, Putin is very aware that huge numbers of people are dying, that others’ lives are being completely destroyed, but at the same time Putin must also be aware that if he should act precipitously, the results for humanity and our planet could be catastrophic.

While I understand Gordon’s plea, again, I wonder if he understands the master with whom he is dealing. I have watched President Putin masterfully maneuver to keep his country and the planet out of war, and I think I’m going to allow him to play his own game! I think Putin will make his move at exactly the right time. ~J

PS * Please see my brief comment on a Related Post below. 

Veterans Today

Gordon Duff
March 10, 2015



Vladimir Putin

President of the Russian Federation
23, Ilyinka Street,
Moscow, 103132, Russia.

Mr. President:

Political divides within the US now clearly threaten world peace.  Pro-Israeli factions within the US are working, not only to sabotage a nuclear settlement with Iran but go much further.  Recent lapses in judgement and decorum by General Breedlove of NATO, covert US aid to ISIS/ISIL and moves by certain US factions in support of terrorist factions in Libya and across Africa have raised the stakes.

We at Veterans Today, in consultation with staff members and unlisted associates, some former Soviet and Russian intelligence officials known to you, are aware that the intelligence services of the Russian Federation have files in their possession, some kept for many years, that should now be made available.  As our initial request, we ask for the following documents we know to be in Russian keeping

  • Tape recordings and transcripts of John McCain’s 32 propaganda broadcasts made while a prisoner of war including his claims that the US was using germ warfare against North Vietnam.
  • The text of John McCain’s debriefing by the KGB in Hanoi including full order of battle information that led to redeployment of air defenses and a much higher success rate shooting down American aircraft.
  • Full information on Netanyahu’s role in running Jonathan Pollard as a Soviet agent.
  • Full information on Netanyahu’s role as a Soviet agent in the theft of American cryptographic units from the UNTSO in 1990 and the nature of the data, NATO military secrets, US State Department correspondence and US Naval codes that Netanyahu passed on to Moscow.
  • Full information on Mitt Romney’s meetings with Russian intelligence in Havana during his visit there in 1999.
  • Recordings and transcripts of Romney’s meetings with Raul Castro and the promises Romney made.
  • Surveillance video of John McCain and Joseph Lieberman taken in Zurich showing them entering banking facilities after a trip to Kabul and meetings with druglords of the Northern Alliance.
  • Satellite imagery showing the movement of highly enriched nuclear material in and around New York City prior to the events of September 11, 2001.
  • Files showing the role of Israeli involvement in nuclear proliferation including but not limited to the sale of nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia.
  • Files showing deposits in Cayman banks managed by Bain on behalf of over 300 members of the congress of the United States.
  • Evidence showing the transfer of nuclear material from Israel to North Korea.

These are only a small percentage of the materials you have available, materials that, quite frankly, will not be of value if world events continue their current levels of deterioration.

Thank you,

Gordon Duff

Senior Editor Veterans Today

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15 Responses to We Demand: President Putin Release Documents Vital to World Peace

  1. dswenor@comcast.net says:

    Clinton Chronicles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zllx0hktQSk Published on May 25, 2014

    The definitive documentary exposing who the Clinton’s really are. And, their cooperation with the CIA drug running programmed code name “Black Rose”. The head of Black Rose was a US President named the White Rose (George Herbert Walker Bush: G.H.W.B.), once director of the CIA, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, chief of Black Rose operation drug runner in exchange for weapons (illicit drugs flown in, weapons flown out, just like current “Operation Fast & Furious”), a former ambassador to the evil United Nations, and a bisexual pedophile SATANIST. See Ted Gunderson Chronicles. Hillary Clinton ran the “Rose” law firm in Arkansas to launder all the illicit drug money through the BCCI, Bank of Commercial Commerce International that was shut down in 1991 for drug money laundering.

  2. ~china~ says:

    Blessed Is He, Who Knows Peace…Klaniam sie Vlad..Jestes Pravda…Kiss Kiss…sciskam mocno!…ide taczyc dalej!…oppa!……and, Jean, Darling…Spasiba…Dziekuje…Thank You…~chineczka~

  3. Hildegard says:

    Criminals only know blackmail, extortion, bribery, deception, suberfuge..etc. You cannot deal with them in any type of normal fashion. Putin is using strategy and it’s working.

  4. Maggie says:

    I am definitely NOT a fan of Gordon Duff, but at this point in time, what have we got to lose in asking for information?

  5. Jean-Michel says:

    I didn’t see this article as a demand. I saw it as a multi-pronged message.

    One part of the message was to Putin, showing what Duff and his crew know and have intel on, and that Putin (through FSB) has access to. The request was for full disclosure officially through a government source.

    The second part of the message was to the existing establishment puppets, sometimes referred to in the west as leaders (congress, senate, parliment, etc). The message was “Here is what we have intel on. And what the Russians have intel on. The game is almost over.”

    Then there’s the bit aimed at the existing white hats within the military and government structures. “Guess how much of the world has intel on just how nasty and evil these child raping/torturing/murdering psychopaths are. Your oaths was to your country. Not a corporation. Not to psychopaths. We have the intel. You have the duty.”

    Very little of what is going on in the world is single dimensional in its scope. There are plans and counter plans. We are in the midst of a nasty war right now, one out of sight of most. The war is financial. The war is information. And the prize is humanity’s freedom.

    I do not expect this article or anything else we do to have an effect on Putin’s timing. As a “holy-crap-he’s-good” chess player, he will make the move he feels benefits Russia the most at the moment that the greatest motion towards his goals is attainable. Friends of Russia (China, Brazil, India, South Africa, and over 100 more nations) will benefit enormously. The amount of money and energy Russia is putting into her infrastructure, new sciences, and enormous trade deals shows a future of prosperity. All of this will be shared (through trade) with her friends. Enemies of Russia will be left to the dustbin of history.

    Putin is a true patriot of Russia. Putin will likely be the savior of Russia due to his passion and commitment his motherland. Putin is not the savior of the entire world. That’s our job.

    • Jean says:

      I understand your thinking. Let me say, though, that I think Putin already knows exactly what they know – as does our military. I think they are trying to force they issues, and I think it is a waste of their time. . . Hugs, ~JEan

  6. judynz says:

    I didn’t get the impression Gordon was demanding in the normal sense of the word more a legal inference, which if the general public become involved it could take the decision out of Putins hands. Lets face each of the subjects are directly or indirectly linked to 9/11 & all show a side to politics many in the public haven’t been able to face.

  7. Bill says:

    Jean – What you’ve said above makes much more sense that the blustering of Mr. Duff. I don’t quite understand the shift of position on Duff’s part, but there must be some subtle reason. Vlad Putin knows what is going on with both sides of the table and he is much too intelligent and crafty to be coerced into some trivial threat reaction.

  8. Ri-chard says:

    Gordon Duff is the last person Putin would listen to. Putin is heads above Duff and has proved it to me time and again. If Duff wanted to have his words heard in Russia he should be posting them on the Russian blog sites. use that as a barometer in making his demands. my bet is he will find them not well received.
    Gordon for me and many in the armed services has become to be known as a grand stander how ever well intentioned he may be that’s a perception.
    Most wish he would stick with 9/11 and work the truthers for what really happen and continue to hit hard to expose it. Proving what didn’t happen is more important at this point than what did by assumptions. Expose the truths to the public at large of 9/11 and the 3 trade center buildings will open the doors to explore all so much more.

  9. Watcher (Nancy) says:

    Upon reading “the demands”.. it appears as if Veterans Today group is demanding that President Vladimir Putin “save” the fabric of the United States by releasing information that will indict many of the traitors, politicians and perpetrators of the on-going implosion that is happening of it’s own weight and corruption ….. clearly that is their primary concern.
    I will sound less than compassionate, at least superficially, forgive me, However, Putin is president of Russia… manifestly his first concern is the well being OF Russia .. NOT of the United States. I see that Putin has a concern for all mankind but he has put his own people first, and rightly so.
    It is possible that to release whatever information that exists, right now, at this particular time, could cause more death and destruction to the people, than as if the momentum toward ‘the ending of the cycle’ were allowed to emerge at a more natural pace. A bit like natural birth versus forced labor. There are inherent dangers associated with human intervention in nature’s timing.

  10. Dear President Putin, Thank you for modeling in my world the beauty of a sovereign man serving a sovereign nation. My nation is sadly lacking in these qualities. If it is not too much trouble, sir, kindly help us with what you have in evidence that may serve to undue our malady. i speak sincerely for the people.

  11. 1EarthUnited says:

    Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Very well stated Jean, i totally agree with u’r assessment! Thank you for all you do!

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