Thank you — and a bit of news about my new blog, from ~Jean

Photo on 12-31-14 at 1.22 PMI want to express my most sincere thanks  to everyone —about 200 of you — who took the time to express your thanks to me for my efforts on this blog. I’ve made a folder and kept every single one of your comments and/or emails, all of which I personally read. They were wonderful to read as I learned to walk again. By the way,  I’m now doing pretty well without a cane, although there are times when it is a bit scary, but as I regain my strength my confidence is returning and I’m rapidly getting passed that.

Several days ago, an article idea clicked in my brain, and since then I’ve been writing every single spare moment and preparing to open my new blog tomorrow. Why tomorrow? It is an astrologically — I read that as an energetically — important day about which Laura Walker from The Oracle Report said on April 2nd: “Saturday is going to be massive.”

At the moment, it looks as though I will only publish on my new blog every couple weeks, and instead of sharing the daily news, I will focus in on a subject — or maybe two — in some depth. Then, in the time in between publications, you will have a chance to read, consider, and discuss what I’ve shared.

I’ve decided to do it this way, since we aren’t getting much news anymore that is really new, just more and more of the same old ugly, sick ‘stuff’ that only gets worse and worse, clearly showing the extend of the cabal’s murderous corruption and the all of their Empire —although today hopefully there is some good news for us 🙂 about Iran and Greece. Since there are plenty of people who are sharing this kind of news, which, by the way, I still do follow, and because it was actually making me nauseous as I felt like an automaton publishing it day after day, I’ve decided to do something that would involve being more creative.

Those few friends who have already seen my first publication are enthusiastic about it. I hope you will be, too.

I’ve never published anything, though, just to please people or to win readers, and now I’ve decided to publish because I think that there are things that need to be said — and nobody is saying them. Going forward, I think there are things we will need to discuss, and soon I would like to begin that process, as well, through the use of forums to which I will link. The administration of these forums is going to require some participation from you, my readers, and I hope some of you with special knowledge in an area will be interested in helping out. I’m hopeful that new readers will begin to come to my site because they — like me — want to enthusiastically grab the opportunity to learn to work together to create a very different future, to actually create a life where we live in peace and unity. What a great way to use our energies! 

At any rate, you need to know that I am neither running a popularity contest, nor am I trying to move people towards my own thinking. I’m just not trying to convince anyone of anything. I just very much want to be a part of the future with those who are willing to do the tough work to co-create it — and while I do have some ideas about how together we might begin this effort — yes, I still believe WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR, as always I will be open to your ideas, as well.

Please check here very early tomorrow for the announcement that my new blog is open, and once again my thanks to everyone for sharing your letters of appreciation with me. In our busy world today, finding time to express yourselves was for many of you likely not easy, and I want you to know I recognize and thank each one of you — from my heart to yours.

With love and hugs,


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75 Responses to Thank you — and a bit of news about my new blog, from ~Jean

  1. Pat N. says:

    Without putting it into words, I was feeling, too that the news everyday was becoming ‘stagnant.’
    Brilliant idea to change your blog into what you’ve always been a part of….a positive revolution
    of ideas and positive thinking. Thank you. Pat N.

  2. José says:

    It is great to know you are back, and stronger
    Please take care of yourself!

  3. Judy says:

    I am so happy to hear you are making progress….i am going to pass on to you, what a unseen voice told me, when I was very ill…..”YOU have the Power” I said , I have the power?, and this grand voice repeated the statement… have the power.
    I was begging for anyone to help me find a cure…I recovered completely.
    May this, in some small way, be a blessing to you, as it was to me.
    I sure have missed you! Glad to see you back…follow your inner being….I absolutely know it will be grand! Can’t wait to read it!
    With much love, and hugs
    Take care my friend

    • Jean says:

      🙂 I had one huge stumbling block in front of me, Judy, and I asked my guides for help — and got it. It was up to me to interpret the events, but I think I did so correctly and am now on my way to total recovery. Yes, indeed, we hold the answers 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  4. james says:

    Hi Jean , I am glad that you are starting a new blog. I too have thought that I need to take a break. I have spent more time learning more about self healing, in all of our levels . I feel that we need to be able to heal ourselves and it is our responsibility. We are the one we was waiting for.
    May the blessings be.

  5. Keith Curtis says:

    Dear Jean, for me, the real truth…to find out, I just go to your blog. Every morning, getting out of bed, putting on clean socks,putting on the kettle, and going straight to your blog. When you let us know you went fishing, it knocked me back, but I fully understood. But now…your new blog ,I can’t wait. Dear Jean your mission here on this plane must be divine. May the force be with you, take care of yourself, and thank you so much for your dedication

  6. Debbie says:

    I missed you so much when you signed off, but I knew in my heart you would come back to us.
    Stay well, Jean! We love you

  7. Mountain Clouds says:

    In line, I go too. Thanks to you as the vocal center of my heart, you are the daily voice of reason and insight to many. A heavy burden to be sure.

    In inspiration, You have and will as always make a difference…

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Mountain Clouds, I’m glad if I’ve been of help to you. I’ve paid a dear price for what I’ve learned, and it’s good to be able to share some of it with friends here . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  8. genevieve says:

    Welcome back!
    I’ve been a lurker for only a few months, but was very sad to read that you needed healing time and wouldn’t be posting. I’m very glad you are feeling and walking well enough to share more of your vision with us. Well done, Jean!

    Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

  9. Cathy says:

    I’m so happy to read that you are feeling better. I wasn’t sure if you were checking your comments or if I would have been able to leave one while you were “gone fishing”.

    I have stopped by every day since your last post to wish you well and for any updates on yourself and your new blog.

    I look forward to the new blog. ❤️ Welcome back.

  10. demetrius13 says:

    Welcome back, Jean. We missed you so much. Glad you are feeling better! Love and light to you, Steve

  11. Harriette says:

    Thanks Jean for your dedication and love you send out to all the readers. We appreciate your time and effort you put into your web site. Harriette

  12. lvarrow says:

    It is good to hear that you are doing better dear Jean. Please keep taking care of yourself. In my prayers you are, respect and love, lvarrow

  13. William says:

    Welcome back Dearest Jean so great that you are healing , my day just got a lot better , looking forward to cocreating together !!

  14. Tobyornot says:

    Of all the hundreds of mails I daily read, yours stand out. Sometimes there were so many they flooded my incoming mail, but for the right reasons I did’nt sidetrack them. I was one of the first in the Netherlands to openly talk about the mind control operation called 9/11, I was speaker on Jimmy Walters’ Reopen 9/11 and still do whatever I can to wake up people. SInce january 2012 until today I lead an open World Dialogue group on a weekly base, where a 25-35 group discusses all the latest news and shares personal experiences. This way we help each other and we share a lot of info that otherwise we can hardly digest. Like you now, we also more and more focus on the fantastic news that you don’t get to hear in the MSM. Indeed, after another planecrash that stinks, we can play Sherlock Holmes and discover what we already suspected, but at some point it becomes a distraction, rather than inspiration. Therefor I fully inderstand your new course, but know that one day your library will be consulted by historians. All the best, love, Albert

  15. weldr1 says:

    I am absolutely glad you are well and back on your feet, I have been praying for you and your health in my own little way. I just wanted to add that I hope your new blog contains more things with a positive outlook, I’ve gotten to the point its hard for me to read any kind of negative news. It truly nausiates me. It just breaks my heart to read all the nastiness in the news these days. I can’t wait to start seeing positive actions being taken to bring down the evil living on this planet. Jean I am so truly glad your back and in good spirits, Its people like you and a great many of your readers that makes life bearable, again welcome back and please count me in with doing whatever I can to try and share a more positive future for everyone, It’s wonderful having you back & I’m sorry I didn’t leave you a note when you put out your gone fishin sign. I cant wait for your new blog. :):):)


  16. Susan says:

    I have been following your blog for several years now so how excited am I that you are back in a new, improved form???? ❤ Count me in!!!

  17. workouts12 says:

    Here’s a huge ‘intention’ that you continue your remarkable physical recovery. Be blessed with the notes of all of us who have had thoughts of concern for your overall well being work their magic on you and replenish your strength as you return to the helm of what has long been one of the more respectable efforts on the Internet in terms of even-handed, spiritually conscious writing and analysis during times moments in our common history that can only be characterized as both trying and hopeful at one and the same.

  18. Dee says:

    ‘if you build it…they will come’. Great news Jean! So, glad your health is improving and you’ve decided on a way that your blog can move forward in a positive and creative vein. I have missed you and think of you every day. xoxo Dee

  19. Rebecca says:

    This is great news Jean. So glad you are back! It has really made my day.
    Yes we all must now move on from the dark place they want to entomb us in. Break free into a new light and live our lives despite their trickery and manipulation.
    I have greatly move forward from a year ago when I dwelt in the dark night of the soul. I renounced all of their contacts either know or unknown to me. Be they past, present or future. Since that time wonderful things have happened and I am feeling more free than I have had my entire life!
    In light and love

  20. maurburns says:

    So glad that you are improving in health Jean. Glad to hear you again.

  21. Giftoftruth says:

    Reblogged this on Giftoftruth United and commented:
    Hi Jean, nice to hear you are back in a way that feels good 🙂 ; have volunteered for, but will spread the word once you are up; blessings, in peace

  22. NancyC/Seattle says:

    Great to have you back, Jean. I missed you and the community. I felt connected again reading all the comments. As far as walking without a cane feeling a little scary, I developed an inner ear balance problem and was advised to get a folding cane. I don’t really “need” it as much as I used to but I just feel more secure to have the cane folded up in my purse in case of need.
    I ordered it from Amazon.

  23. Ian MacLeod says:

    All the good fortune, Love and Light in the world to you, Jean! Your balance has been a great help to me personally, as I’m very sure it has been to others. As we all tend to do from time to time, I’ve been sliding through a spot of Shadow here for some time, but I think I finally see a bit of Light at the end of the tunnel. Survived another of my monthly drives to see my doctor yesterday, but have find another means of transportation or repair the old one somehow before next month’s drive. Life remains interesting, hey? I’m looking forward to you new effort! Your steadfast Will to remain on the path of the Light, which I know takes more than a bit of balance, and you’ve been a real inspiration to all of us! Go get your batteries charged, kiddo! We’ll be here when you get back!

    DISCLAIMER: Incidentally, as usual I’m unsure if this is the proper place for this, but I’ve tripped over another conclusion in The Pattern that you and others might find helpful. As always, if I’ve erred in my choice of venue, you’re welcome to alter, relocate or remove this. SO – for whatever it’s worth:

    Why should they change a tactic that works so well?? People, militias included, all seem to be waiting for when TSHTF, unaware that it has already happened – that it IS happening, is ongoing. In other words, the rotating blades are going so fast they’re vaporizing whatever they touch so that it all looks like the same homogenous mist we’ve BEEN looking at. There will BE NO “All of a sudden…” Instead, as it has been, it will be an “All of an accumulation,” happening a piece at a time, everywhere, with all the usual distractions on the side, and a little something for everybody strewn in the path as they go. The militias are waiting to see what looks like a “Putch” coming down us. Others continue to abide, awaiting an ET rescue effort, flying saucers coming up over the hilltops, or a REALLY unmistakeable miracle, like an honest and honestly counted vote. Short of things like that, the only – and I DO mean “ONLY” – visible, rational, indicated and JUST possible (or likely) way to oust at least the POLITICAL power of the “elites” short of a Disneyland style, sparkly-clouds-of-White-Magic means of returning the powers of governance to the People as it was intended at first and as it has been ASSUMED to have remained ever since – erroneously, I’m sad to say – is of course the very FIRST option that Obama foreclosed on by calling it Treason and calling anyone who tries it (or even discusses it) “Terrorists”. It’s the usual case of the pot calling the kettle black. So to speak.

    In other words the law, the Vote, the police, Intel and the government have all been corrupted, been “fixed” (and where it couldn’t be “fixed” it’s just being ignored as usual) so that the sole legal, acceptable-to-the-government option remaining to We the People seems to be to shut up, sit down, and allow the only actual group(s) of terrorists in the country to finish taking over so they can conclude their long effort to kill off 90% to 100% of the population and then, back on track, they can go on and do the same thing to the REST of the world.

    We need New Eyes, children! AHA! Perhaps THAT’S it! We need Children’s eyes! They have no deep, well-worn paths in the brain to resist thoughts taking new directions, INVENTING new directions because ALL their thoughts are brand new! SO – my suggestion for today: listen to the children, friends and Light Family. It’s always worthwhile, and now it may turn out to be our saving Grace! In fact, if I recall it correctly, Jesus Himself said that unless we “become as little children” we shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Jean, I’m doing my very best to send you all the Good Energy I can scrape up from anywhere; Love and a big hug too! (Energy via semi-senility OUGHT to be almost as good as kid energy, hey?) You ought to be back turning handsprings, or at LEAST cartwheels, any time now! *grin*

    To Jean and All: Be Well, Be loved, Be Love!


  24. Kate says:

    Excellent to hear that you are literally back on your feet! Many many more than 200 missed you and willed you relief from the stresses so apparent in your Gone Fishing update.
    Take care and we will all be checking for the new unveiling tomorrow.
    Hugs to you Jean, from sunny Australia

  25. This is wonderful to have you up and almost running .

  26. Jean, You are the light of my life!! What a beautiful gift

  27. Ri-chard says:

    Looking forward to tomorrow. God bless you.

  28. Will Munny says:

    Yay! Glad you’re still going to be around, Jean. I would have wished you well before, but I thought comments were closed forever. For the 200 who responded, there are probably 200 more who would have also.

    I completely understand your need to back away from the daily negative stuff but was still sad to see you go. I hope you will still keep this site open for referring back to, as there is lots of info here I haven’t had time to fully go through.

    I agree the Iran news seems good. I was surprised to see it come about. Glad to see you will still be around and look forward to your new venture. It seems like a logical next step for you. 🙂

  29. Anne-Maree Colvin says:

    Hello again, also please can you tell me what it means “Your comment is waiting moderation”? As i have commented on your post but had no reply. Understand how busy you must be, not to mention ill health. Plus with the declaration do i need to print it out, sign it? as well as read it out loud? Sorry but as i said, a wee bit confused as to what i need to do here.

    • Jean says:

      Anne-Maree, it means that I must read and approve your comment. I do this in order to prevent problems on my blog. You can’t imagine some of the ‘comments’ I have had to delete 🙂 in order to maintain the quality of my blog 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  30. sfrei says:

    I`ve checked ur blog daily hoping for the day u would restart.
    So glad u are better. Looking forward to your new blog.
    Love & hugs.

  31. Leanne Marie says:

    Jean – so very glad that you are coming back with this new blog as I have missed your presence so very much – checked in on your website most everyday for the past couple of years and was saddened when I read your ‘gone fishin’ post, while at the same time was very happy for you and in full understanding that you were taking a break for your sanity and well being. Thank you for all your past efforts and welcome back! From your description of the new blogsite, it sounds to be a perfect way to focus and not on the insanity of the psychopaths – as unsustainable they are and unsuccessful they will be! I do not consent to what they have been and are attempting to do – so I will most happily participate with you and all of us to begin to create a much better focus and intention! I’m all in – and so very happy to hear of your returning health and vigor. Will tune in tomorrow – looking foward to the much more conscious expression of what we truly are – our IS-BE in this new blogspot! Congratulations, Jean – you are brilliant!

  32. iamee says:

    Thankyou for your emal. I am a newbie here, but the information you share & that of Bradley Love has blown me away. I always have had the feeling that things are not what they seem, but never in my wildest dreams did i expect to learn about all this. Past messages from my guides make sense now. I could never understand them. I am very confused still, & a bit lost as my whole belief system has been ripped out from under me. I have so many questions, where can i find the answers? Thankyou, i look forward to learning more and taking my place in standing in my sovereignty.

  33. Cheryl says:

    So very pleased to see the familiar heading in my inbox! Your gentle manner, and your amazing gathering of information have been missed sorely. Blessings on the new Blog and I’m sure that the energy we put out as a collective has had/will have a massive effect on disclosing and shutting down the manipulations of the PTB. May I suggest that you visit and watch the last 2 of Kaypacha’s recordings for some humourous but insightful indications of where we are? Once again, welcome back, god speed your good health and looking forward to co-creating some more with you…..xx

  34. YouMa says:

    Dear Jean,

    Everyone who appreciates you and the offerings you have made on behalf of healing our beautiful planet, and your own self, sends great love and cheers for your ongoing recovery!

    Keeping our attention on that which is most positive and important can only help speed our liberation for sure. All is well and in perfect timing.

    Happy Spring to all and thanks, Jean, for your love and dedication.

    🙂 You, aka YouMa

  35. Donna Jamieson says:

    Hello Jean; Thanks so much for all you have done to awaken us to what is really going on in our world.I am missing your blog but look forward to your next endeavour . A faithful reader from Canada Donna

  36. Clara says:

    So glad to hear from you. It’s good to take s “time out” so our bodies can heal. I’m looking forward to your new blog and a new direction. What a perfectly wonderful time to do it as the earth comes back to life after the cold, dark winter.

  37. birch1000 says:

    Awesome News Jean …

  38. veraiconica says:

    Dear Jean! This is the most wonderful news, that you are feeling better again and making such good progress in walking again. I am so happy, was very worried about you. Looking so much forward to your new blog and moving forward all of us in creating a happier future.
    Wishing you a happy easter! Sending you much love! Veraiconica

  39. Watcher (Nancy) says:

    Dear Jean:
    You are getting better!…. What a GOOD thought, and for me that thought raises the visualization that you are full of energy and pursuing your best calling…. which seems to be “educating those who so desperately need education”….
    Including ‘yours truly’….
    I have missed you … and look forward to you forthcoming blog.
    Nancy English Vinal (aka “Watcher”)
    Canutillo, Texas.

  40. Thank you, Jean, for your old blog and for the upcoming new blog. I have always appreciated you and am so glad you’re taking good care of yourself.

  41. usnveteran says:

    Jean!!! Bundles of blessings and love to you, dear lady. Your message in my email truly made my day. So happy to hear from you again and I look forward to your new blog. 🙂

    “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” – An epiphany for us all on this day.

  42. Birgit Jonas says:

    I am very happy that you are better. I could hardly walk for one week and kept thinking about you, hoping that you would recover as I did. Blessings of Light and Love and Peace to you and your / our whole blog-family ❤

  43. Tina says:

    So happy to hear from you and learn of your new blog. I, too, am ready for something new. Last night on a whim, I deactivated my facebook page…just got tired of the same old thing. Excellent timing. Missed you very very much! Will check back tomorrow for sure!

    p.s. I’ve been taking a tablespoon of 100% food grade diatomaceous earth mixed in my o.j. every morning for the last 10 days and I feel GREAT! I have energy, no knee, back, or joint pain, asthma and sinuses clearing up, no dry skin, age spots are fading…eventually I hope the tinnitus disappears. Also good for hair and nail growth. I give some to my dog. What an improvement in her mobility! And it’s inexpensive! Go to Earthworks and check out all the testimonials! Long list of benefits and it’s from good ol Mother Earth!

  44. Cladon says:

    Jean, collectively we CAN move higher energetically. Expressing our inner knowledge composes that symphony of oneness of who we truly are. There is no need to recognize the faults of leadership nor others who just want to “blame”, that is all redundant now. A forum blog can offer positive change, whereas ALL have the talent to participate if they choose to. Keeping in mind to use positive reinforcement and kindness. Many have used the platform to arrogantly use their anger rather than love through it. Truly a turnoff and shrinks the soul. Lastly, we are all fragments of our Creator, therefore, every idea and thought we have is the formulating of the big picture. Using our hearts for the solution is our true purpose. The game was started way before we arrived here and the score is: Humanity O – Creator 1! We have been playing by the wrong rules from others instructions. Thank you Jean for a new jump-start. We are in this mix together, only accepting our highest good. Our window of opportunity is here AND it is OPEN. ☺️
    Jean, continue to heal and Know you are exactly in the place you designed to awaken those energies needed to finish this “game”. Happy hugs, ~c

  45. atie says:

    glad you are feeling bettr and making progress Jean, walking again wonderful! blessings and success with the new blog, love you,atie

  46. Carol K says:

    Dear Jean,
    I have been a follower of your blog for years now and was wondering what happened when the messages stopped coming. I finally looked to see if you had quit and behold, saw your note. I did not
    have a direct e-mail address so I did not write with comments. The old blog had become so very full every day with articles trying to keep up on too many fronts and I found I did not have time to read all of them. As you said, some seemed like rehashing and others were “downright downers”….
    I have always been searching for the real truth about our ancestry, alien intervention in our affairs,
    and how to look for ways to help (ley lines etc.)…..I just could not figure out how you kept up with so much information and re-published it. I decided you are super-woman !!!
    I went through the same health crisis last year three times……and determined to struggle back as you are doing now. I am retired and seem to have less time now than when working full time at a job..
    I have gone into the art arena and make time to work on those projects with paintings and fiber art.
    You need to do the same with your painting to feed the soul.
    Glad you are making plans to stay with your adoring fans on a different venue. Our little family (as
    Stunned at Sunset called us) still wants to talk about issues and stand together for a brighter future.
    Very best wishes , dear heart !
    Carol K

  47. Looking forward to it Jean and so glad you are taking a more positive approach, not only to your blog, but towards healing yourself and spending more time healing yourself. Blessings to you dear Jean. (((Hugs)))

  48. Mila Valdrez says:

    Thank you Jean for always. I am looking forward to the publication you are about to embark. I can’t even wait for tomorrow. It looks like you “Gone Fishing” made the fishes jump into your basket tray and a lot of them and now you have to share the fish. Take care Jean and here we go again and truly “We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For” – MORE POWER TO YOU

  49. Carolyn Barnes says:

    Yay! Such a thrill to have you back connecting with all of us and to hear of your progress, Jean! You were deeply missed and it is with great joy you are welcomed back!!!!

  50. Katherine says:

    So happy to see you back.
    Your blogs are great.

  51. diqiuren says:

    Hello Jean. So happy to get your post in my Inbox. Looking forward to your new blog so much!
    The cabal must be cringing about what’s to come tomorrow! You are a survivor and flourisher Jean, an immortal. Just think how many have fallen in our lifetime and here we are, just keep bouncing back. One of friends’ father dropped his body a few weeks ago at age 97!!

  52. Rev. Joe says:

    Great News Jean ! I can’t wait to participate . Hugs , Joe

  53. larryames says:

    Welcome back! I look forward to the “New Jean”!

  54. Lidy says:

    What a wonderful news Jean!!! 🙂 Happily you haven’t been away that long. I’m glad you’re doing fine and tomorrow will surely visit your new blog. Hugs, Lidy

  55. hannacora says:

    Can’t wait to explore your new Blog Jean!!

    Looks like CERN is also thinking this week-end is a good time to restart.
    The teams are completing the final tests after having solved on 31 March the problem that had been delaying the restart of the accelerator. ***The first beams could be circulating in the machine sometime between Saturday and Monday.***
    “We are confident of being able to restart the machine over the weekend, as all of the tests performed so far have been successful,” said Frédérick Bordry, Director for Accelerators and Technology at CERN.

  56. p says:

    Jean, glad you’re doing better. Can understand the burnout on ugly and recurring news. Am looking forward to your new blog, all the very best to you! )

  57. Sally Nye says:

    Jean …this embodiment has been a very interesting journey. I’m so happy for you that you are in a safe place spiritually …Nameste 🙂

  58. Wilma Groot says:

    I think that is a very good idea. Do not get lost in the delusion of the day.

  59. michaelbawn says:

    Nice to see you back jean:-)

  60. Aminurasyid says:

    Hello my big sister Jean,

    May u always in good health any cheers ur heart too. I have not getting ur email for the past few weeks. Its happened that today is Eastern day of Friday which is a public holiday in singapore and start receiving ur blog dirext to my email.

    Thank u so much for all the writing that u have share with all ur sincere loving follower.

  61. richbuckley7 says:

    Very nice to read this.

  62. Rosie says:

    Jean ~ this is such good news and it feels so right. Loads of hugs and very best wishes. xoxoxox

  63. Wonderful news Jean ! Thank you for all the work you keep on doing. I feel this new blog will be great ! Looking forward to the launching tomorrow !
    Hugs to you, with lots of love !

  64. Tom says:

    It’s fantastic to hear that you are on the mend Jean and I’m eagerly waiting to read your new blog.
    Much love and healing…………Tom

  65. I was so excited to see a message from you come thru Jean. You’ve been missed since I had made you part of my everyday. Love you and let’s get this new day going. Enjoy the full LIbra eclipse moon energies.

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