My new blog is now open, and I welcome your visit . . . ~Jean

Co-creating our future on planet earth

Azalea  by  ~Jean


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50 Responses to My new blog is now open, and I welcome your visit . . . ~Jean

  1. Andrew says:

    Welcome back Jean!
    I was praying that you were coming back and soon. Glad to see you.

  2. MICHELE says:


  3. Michael says:

    Love your work keep going gal thank you

    • Jean says:

      Michael, I’m hoping people will find this idea of mine provides them with some valuable, focused information. It is much more interesting for me to be able to prepare it this way 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

  4. worldface2012 says:

    Oh Jean… I guess we have been away feeling bad for all of the things we are going through. I myself have been like an idiot playing games to no think about this absurd life in a way, but to be honest … It does not work either when we don’t see our friends and family like we used to. For me you are part of a huge world family… our family. I am glad to see you and know that you are bringing new horizons for our eyes and this means … great music for our hearts. Much love to you Jean… good to see you back.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you so much, worldface. I hope you will visit my new blog, which will be quite a bit different from my old on e:) Hugs, ~Jean

      • worldface2012 says:

        Jean … thank you for your reply. You know we love your work and I did visit your new blog last night and I could not stop reading even thou I was so tire because I work hard during the day. Any way I went to bed thinking about your post and your question. Lol! I guess we are thinking the same way you have done, and even yesterday we were talking about these issues and (false) governments plus corporation in control of everything, I hope it does not to hard on us this time around. We deserve a better future and you plus many other will do good for this future. Big hug my dear Jean… Love to see you back and stronger.

  5. Ilex says:

    Hello Jean,

    What a beautiful site you have created. I do think at this place in time we have to create our future on a more positive note. If what Laura says is true then on April 18th we basically begin again without the million of year of “history repeats itself” bs. I guess we are going to get a clean slate to start all over with – thank god!!!!!

    I watched the Crimea movie last week and cried through a lot of it but when I got to the end I don’t think I have ever respected a group of people more than I do the folks of Crimea. The rest of the world should take note. 😉
    Today according to Ben @ Suspicious0bservers we have officially made it through the pole change of the Sun – finally. Better late than never and I find it quite unique that they are announcing this 10 days prior to our new planetary year starting…… April 18th…..

    So, here’s to many things bringing in the new year…… Music of the Spheres.

    Welcome back and I am glad you are nearly healed from all the pain that you were having. We have a magical year to create!!!

    Much love,

  6. Dear Jean,
    I love your spirit and thank-you for your courageous truth out info sharing.
    Hope to get more people taking about and “focused” on the solutions for co-creating the new education and jobs for the cities of light, body,mind spirit healing service centers , green edible landscaping crews, green energy infrastructures, natural homes for homeless, recycling, pollution clean up, UFO studies and more sports to alleviate the problems related to OLD paradigm coping skills;ie, drugs, abuse, jailing, guns and wars.!

    FOCUS INTENTIONS on education and jobs with a Guaranteed Monthly Income @$2,600.00/month ($15.00/hr).with single payer. to Unite the USA and this planet without boundaries to work together to co-create the golden Age of Gaia and universal travel into the unlimited universe with the paradigm research group and our star brothers and sisters to millions of other earth like planets.The Keshe Foundation and others have lightships and meg lev trains and …………………. waiting for us to WAKE-UP and create real democracy via populism with free and equal elections ( and Chrisitina Tobin).

    I have a petition title:Community services jobs bill@$2,600.00/month with single payer to help start this transformation. Every State has a Sec. of State;ie, that has online manuals for writing OUR new initiatives, ordinances, referendums and LAWS that support OUR real UN.Dec. of Human Rights, Our Constitution and Dec. of Independence RIGHTS! Everyone has a piece of the puzzle via their own inner divine Soul energies and unique Soul purpose.

    Time to replace the free education for street drug use (all drug highs are free -go to the mind, body, spirit service centers- Learn how to “be a body, mind or spirit healer – NOT a drug dealer), replace the free education for ARMED FORCES (police and military).and street gun use.

    We are all connected and all our problems are connected on this little home that needs our RE-EDUCATE -RE-PROGRAM and offer NEW EARTH free community,body,mind spirit healing services and all paid free education and training certificates for all apprentice and Nameste most sincerelycommunity service volunteers @$2,600.00/month with single payer/universal health care for all.

  7. james says:

    I am glad that I checked my E mail today Jean . We missed you greatly.

  8. Joyce says:

    I too have felt like it is time for us to stop concentrating on what “they” are doing and time for us to focus on what we can do. I’m spending more time meditating and I’m starting a new business. I think we are on a positive timeline. We were “their” power, now we are owning our power, to use for our own good.

  9. I’m very much enjoying your new blog. I can pick and choose, which fits my busy schedule. Thank you so much for printing facts and truth. That’s refreshing these days.

  10. nakarin7 says:

    Thank you Jean for NO LONGER posting Ben Fulford’s disinfo work. He is a real rubbish guy! I love the way you uphold yourself with dignity and high integrity! I support you a million percent! You are a great lady! Please continue your good work for the benefit of people who love and seek to know ONLY THE TRUTH as you are! We all LOVE YOU JEAN!

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

    • Jean says:

      The last post I read of his sounded pretty good, and then he ended by talking about Putin being cloned or using duplicates. That did it for me – forever! Why would I believe anything he says . . . Now, please begin to leave comments on my new blog 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  11. Diane Stawiarska says:

    So glad you’re back. Hugs from Michigan!

  12. We says:

    Hi Jean
    I liked your old blog and thanks for sharing it ! I can understand your discontinuing it.
    The material was challenging !
    Many thanks and good luck with the new site and you physical well being
    regards Rob from Bumbury Western Australia

  13. David says:

    Hi David here April 3 was my birthday ,what a awesome gift to have YOU back,I too was tiring of sooo much noose news.i actually stopped follwing your blog a couple of times i would get so many on my phone .What a conundrum i realy want to know, to read vital information -news yet I AM determined to stay ,be positive.Balance ,while walking talking,listening,reading being You are very much appreciated. Love Always ,David

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my, David, I hope I can live up to your expectations. I’m a bit overwhelmed by our kind words. . . Yes, balance is everything, just everything! Hugs, ~Jean

  14. Alex says:

    Ahhh……. I new you would be back! 🙂

    (Okay, I missed you!)

  15. anoldone says:

    Jean I have been a reader of your posts for about a year. I have never commented before. I just read your blog entries and found them very enlightening. I agree that we all are connected in this and need to think about and understand what is really going on around us. For many years I have known that the garbage the government puts out has very little to do with reality and everything to do with propaganda for the “leaders” own goals. I have never accepted authority for authorities sake. Only if the instructions and goals coincided with what made sense did I defer to their judgement. Keep up your dissertations on what is truly real and not the propaganda spoon feed to the unawake and cowed masses. May you be well and know that there are people that do understand what is happening and can grasp your information. Thank you for being here now.

  16. Phil says:

    Great to see you and your new blog! Very encouraging!

  17. Peter Saunders says:

    So glad that you’ve headed in a different direction with this blog. Time to look towards the positive and make this planet a place where we were meant to live in peace and harmony and at one with nature and with each other.

  18. Hello Jean.

    First I would like to say Happy Easter long weekend and we all in cyber space who enjoy your blog are happy to see you back Star Light…… by changing your format you will have more free time to do other things , not so with the old blog of doing your thing everyday .
    I am having a feeling you will be much happy’er in your new lay out in how you will be posting your new blog , yes we all have a stake in where humanity is heading much has changed from bring in 2012 to where we are in the first part of 2015 and as the earth shifts into higher vibrations cloaking UFO’s will be harder to keep out of sight , this is the year of many tipping points much will be coming to Light Jean as humanity has been living in a sea of Lie’s for eons of time …
    Many humans will be rocked to there very core when the truth come’s our way on many levels , and it is needed indeed……… God bless you Jean the best is yet to come and you are indeed apart of it along with many millions more worldwide . By the way Jean do You have a copy of my angel cloud photo that came into my life in 2013 ????? if not here is my email to send me your mailing address ; I believe I told you I live in Sudbury Ontario your going to love this photo as I have much to tell you about it so write me! Love & Light Lorne & Debbie Johnson….

    • Jean says:

      No, I don’t have a copy of this particular photo, Lorne, and as soon as the holiday is over – worked all day yesterday, and well into the night 🙂 I will email you for it . . . Thank you and hugs, ~Jean

  19. Ken Harris says:

    So glad you have returned to grace us with your perspective. I am also extremely happy to hear of the continued improvement with your health. We all have our purpose as we continue humanity’s journey, and yours is quite evident. Love & hugs to you. I so look forward to more of your perspective.

  20. Angela says:

    Dea Jean,
    May the gods continue to bless you with love and support. I have respected your kindness and gentleness in the face of various times of stress. You goooooo girl – we are behind you in support and love. Angela

  21. ezra70 says:

    I am glad to see you again Jean. I have missed you!

  22. Rich Buckley says:

    All the while I seem to keep asking myself, “Are we there yet?”

  23. Gene says:

    Welcome Back…………….

  24. jed says:

    Looking forward to your new blog

  25. Lauraidh says:

    You have been greatly missed, dear Jean, and I’m sure your new blog will be just as well done and informative as the old. I think many of us are ready for an in-depth discussion of topics, and I am anticipating some interesting dialogue! Thank you for taking this on, once again. 🙂 Much love to you!

  26. hooli22 says:

    Azalea puts me in mind of Jean….thank you for all you have taught me….Undying, Unconditional, Unending and Eternal Love Light and Vibration….to all of Us….namaste

  27. wertheones says:

    Oh Joy to see you back Jean! Much Love to You~

  28. Marilyn says:

    Welcome back Jean, hope your more relaxed and rested after your time out, have missed your post.

  29. chicagoja says:

    In that regard, science and religion continue to move closer together. My favorite related quote is from physicist John Wheeler who said, “The universe does not exist ‘out there,’ independent of us. We are inescapably involved in bringing about that which appears to be happening. We are not only observers. We are participators.”

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