Morning Has Broken!!! by Cat Stevens :)

I have been waiting to keep my promise to a reader that when we broke free, I would publish this song! Thank you, everyone for hanging in there.

You know, though, that it isn’t over; instead, it is just beginning! We have lots of work ahead of us to take back our country and — maybe for the first time, we have a chance to create it as we truly want it to be. 🙂
Love and hugs to everyone!

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14 Responses to Morning Has Broken!!! by Cat Stevens :)

  1. lecox says:

    When I took a voice class in Oakland (Laney College) in 1981, I chose this song to sing for the class.
    There’s lots happening on the disclosure front, that I follow in preference to the US election:
    Steven Greer’s new movie is going into its final production stages.
    Corey Goode continues to report on his experiences, with additional material from William Tompkins, and Clifford Stone.
    Mary Rodwell has been touring prior to the release of her book “The New Humans” about children with various ET experiences.
    And Lisa M. Harrison has had visits via her computer from an entity she calls “Leeloo.” This entity appears to be related to others who have contacted individuals over the years with various messages. It is NOT identifying itself as ET, however.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Welcome back Jean, I hope it is you as you are greatly missed. We probably all need each other more then ever now. Hard times are at our door but the people are so very strong and will come together to save this country from any harm. The corruption is so bad out there, its like quick sand waiting to suck us up. We are aware now, will fight to save our country we are its people.

  3. eqpr says:

    Welcome home, love and have many Cat Stevens songs, will pray this all goes smoothly without bloodshed.

  4. lvarrow says:

    Bless you I have missed you. Only Love will Prevail. Peace to you sweet Lady.

  5. elize michel ward says:

    Instead of just taking back America let us take back the world. Boundaries are an illusion and like the pebble cast into the waters, the ripple affect of all we do, say, think and feel ripples around the ONE globe that we all share, THIS BEAUTIFUL, EXQUISITE AND DELIGHTFUL PLANET EARTH AND THE LIFE FORCE SOURCE.


    • Jean says:

      I agree with you, Eliza, but we must start somewhere, and I suggest we can’t do it all at once! We need to make the start, and I believe the changes will spread. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  6. jane says:

    please let me know what your main blog is, I had way too many emails but would like to re sub to your main blog… closed this one down a while back thanks

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