November 3, 2016 . . . Hillarygate

Today, I’ve been a little upset about the way the alternate news that I follow has dealt with Steve Piaczenik’s story. It is story that if it is not understood —because of its allegations alone — deserves respectful efforts to determine who is making the statement/s and what they are saying. Today, I have seen too much of what appears to be ‘jumping to conclusions’, maybe CYA activities, or maybe just efforts to increase hits on a story— and this has been a big disappointment to me.

Yesterday, I published the wikipedia link on Steve – and as I read it was apparent to me that he is truly a Renaissance man, a man of many talents and interests, who is more than proficient in most of them. While I have a couple questions for him, like how can anyone else be substituted for Hillary at this late date in this election — something I believe Steve suggests in one of his videos, I don’t think that makes him the possible leader of a false flag attempt. People are busy, and they need help to parse the news, and I don’t think enough people gave either Steve or the public that help.

Nobody was doing anything at all; Steve stepped up and filled the huge vacuum, and we must give him the respect of researching his words, his work/life, and his efforts to help us.

“Nuff said, I hope.”


The Clinton Pedophilia Connection I posted this yesterday and do so again for your convenience.. ~J

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– Corrupt Clinton Crime Cartel along with Hillary’s Presidential Hopes Are Crumbling into Oblivion, by Joachim Hagopian from Lew
[Includes details about what Steve says – for instance about the Lolita Express, plus some of the history and other personalities involved, including the Franklin coverup. This particular sickness of our leaders and politicians has been around for a very long time!]



 – Conspiracy Of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary) 

A word to the wise, I have the feeling this video is going to disappear.~J

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– BREAKING BOMBSHELL: NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury » Alex Jones’ Infowars


Editor’s note: Because of the fast-moving news cycle on the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Clinton Foundation and related scandals, WND is tracking all significant developments in one place for those who don’t have time to scour all the headlines.

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9 Responses to November 3, 2016 . . . Hillarygate

  1. kibitzer3 says:

    Thanks for helping us stay on top of all this, Jean. Big help.

    It all seems so terrible. America has come to this???!!! But some time ago I got the sense that it is all part of The Plan – that it had to happen. Things needed to get worse before they could get better. That’s how things unfold.

    Let’s hope.

  2. Marilyn says:

    One of my concerns is that everyone is jumping up and down with this Clinton thing, maybe to early to celebrate, This group of criminals is very large, powerful, all of this could stop this election, plus bring down the government, and our entire system. We know that there must be some real strong evidence for the FBI too put it out so close to the election. Lets remember the Clintons get off of everything, they could be pulling a stunt where they know Trump will win, if it goes on so by canceling it or putting it off they could screw him out of it. I think the polls are a joke, Trumps rallies are over loaded, while Hillary’s don’t seem to be, plus she really hasn’t done the campaigning, that Trump has and at times almost disappears, she does mostly private elite parties, and refuses media interviews, so she doesn’t have to answer questions that make her uncomfortable. I really don’t trust any of this at this point, everything changes from one day to the next. If its a Washington sex ring, then we surely need a new system.

    • Jean says:

      Marilyn, please read the post I just put up. It’s pretty clear that there is no way out for them, but people are trying to bring this to an end as peacefully as possible. The energies that are coming into our planet are in our favor, but we must move ahead as safely as possible . . . we are dealing with some real crazy people 🙂 Hold tight and remember to breathe deeply 🙂 It’s very calming . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. DrinkDeep says:

    hey girlfriend 😉
    What a ride, eh? Good to hear from you again ~ hugs

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Doreen! I listened to NBC News tonight, and all they are talking about is a cyber attack on the election on Tuesday. This makes me think they are setting it in order to invalidate it. They are truly frantic, because it seems to me they now know they can’t get away with rigging those machines. Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Trex says:

    Well HELLO Jean! Foremost and utmost, I just want to tell you I’m really glad to see you back! Don’t worry about being 77. My folks made it another 20 years on top of that, so you have a long way to go!!! My suggestion: as long as you don’t have snow on the ground yet, go sit in the back yard with your bare feet in the grass: earthing – remember? Good for you! Thats #1.
    #2 is just a casual comment. We are certainly living in a fascinating era with more news happening in 3 months than has happened in the last 30 years. Tho I’m glad the dirty laundry is seeing daylight, this is going to take years or decades to sort out. What a flippin mess. Seems “the woman” deserves a life-long island vacation… on the one with the nice view of the Golden Gate bridge. What a joke our highest office has become, as well as the whole associated political system. The layer of scum we are dealing with is unbelievably deep.

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