November 4, 2016, News

I prepared much of this post last evening, and since that time several readers have shared, via the comment section, important articles and information. My thanks to them for continuing this tradition of supporting my blog in this way. To make my life easier, I ask that you all check out this information.

Let me also offer here my thanks to two people who over the long haul have proved invaluable in their help, and although I don’t usually name them, I am going to do so here: Deborah and Johanna. They have both done a yeoman’s job, when because of my health, I was unable. As we enter what I hope will be the final stretch, which may actually be months long, my heartfelt thanks to both of you — and to all of you who I know support our efforts here with your sharing. ~J

While I’m posting extremely important videos this morning, here is a video I regard as one we all simply MUST NOT FAIL TO WATCH before this election from the great Australian John Pilger called Breaking the Silence:

 * * * * * * * 

From Bix Weir this morning via email: 

Me: You told me in one of our previous conversations that some people will never think the crash is over. How is that possible?

God: It will take time to re-balance the system.

Me: How much time?

God: It depends.

Me: Depends on what?

God: On what you choose to move forward with.

Me: You mean like which form of money we use?

God: That is one of the choices you will have to make.

Me: Is there another one?

God: Yes, there are many. You will also need to decide on which form of government you want to have.

– Federal Law Enforcement Veterans Say RICO Can Take Down the Clintons

 * * * * * * *

 – Insider: NYPD/FBI Found Sex Blackmail Network On Weiner’s Computer – worth your time! No matter which way it presents itself – and no one quite knows exactly how this will happen – we are told here that we are facing a Constitutional crisis!

 * * * * * * * *

Julian Assange – SHOCKING conversation with John Pilger from 2011

Greg Hunter Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.4.16

Lou Dobbs Tonight 11/03/16 ‘FBI is Trumpland’: anti-Clinton atmosphere spurred leaks, sources say

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11 Responses to November 4, 2016, News

  1. happydreamer69 says:

    Jean, thank you for coming back and for your service…….nobody does it like you. i been with you from the start and applaud your service, especially in this crucial time, trusting you are well and please stay that way, You are a true lightworker and harbinger of truth x

  2. I really hope that on Tuesday night we are done with the Clintons (Obama will pardon them both to curtail further investigations and prevent prosecution). I have had to watch their criminal run across the pages of America for 30 or so years.

    I worked at the Pentagon for 24 years and we lived in Arlington.

    I am so sick of them and their corruption and their damage to America. I am so sick of seeing them get away with multiple crimes over the years, crimes that have led to prison for when committed by others, I am so sick of seeing the media fawn over them, cover for them like little French poodles barking at anyone who criticizes them. Billy boy turned the Oval Office in to the Oval Orifice. They stole White House national treasures when they departed in 2001.

    Hillary has been forging documents ever since Watergate, when she was fired by her own Democratic staff. How about Cattle gate – how to turn $900 into $100,000 through “fantastic luck” in the stock market. (I could go to the casino and pick red or black correctly 23 times in a row? Uh-huh). And “donating” her used underwear to the Salvation Army to claim a tax credit. The magic appearing box of Whitewater documents – 2 years after the Whitewater investigation was closed for “lack of evidence,” (Hillary =- “I don’t recall,” “I don’t remember,” “I don’t know, “…) a missing box of documents mysteriously manifested itself out of thin air on a table in the White House kitchen. Presto! It was there! Whitewater documents (sanitized, of course, and anyway, the media was totally disinterested). Nobody, in the entire White House knew where that box came from, in the most secure building in America.

    There’s a much darker side to the Clintons – their trail through Arkansas and US history is littered with scores of dead and “suicides” lying nearby. The most prominent, of course, was Vince Foster, and some say, this trail of darkness continues even in 2016.

    My (ex) wife once met Hillary on K Street in DC, in the early 1990’s. My Ex was in the elevator and Hillary walked in, chatting with another person. My ex positioned herself, in the front of the elevator, and when Hillary got out, she stuck out her hand and said, “Oh, you’re Hillary Clinton! I’ve heard so much about you! I’m so glad to meet you!” And Hillary had to, for decorum’s sake, shake her hand and chat with her. for a minute.

    But my ex and I were both hard-core Republicans. I had introduced her to the Washington Times when she off the plane, and she was shocked when she discovered how twisted and truly perverted the “news” really was she read and watched in her home country and here; almost as shocked as when getting her first paycheck she discovered that taxes had taken a whopping chunk of it.

    My ex worked for the Make-a-Wish Foundation a real charity, not a slush fund, a self-enrichment scheme and pay-for-play racketeering organization like the Clinton Foundation.

    I walked by the White House a few times, but Bill had put a brick wall in front of it. An older woman at our church gushed to me that she went o the ballet or something, and got a front row seat because someone canceled their reserved seat. In came the Clintons and sat across from her. She was 20 feet from God!. And Mrs. God! I guess being a church member didn’t conflict with her worldview of the Clintons – me, I thought what Bill Clinton did with his gal-pals in our White House, and his for-profit rental of the Lincoln bedroom should be called “blasphemy.” Hillary served as “clean-up girl” and “IRS mafia goon” to make sure the gal-pals never went public.

    I shudder to think of what Hillary would be like as a president. Already, she is blaming Vladimir Putin for all the world’s evils (along with white males, Bible readers and other assorted “deplorables”). Her “reset” button became a national joke in Russia. But seriously, she would have her hands on the real thing – a big red global “reset button.” I mean, how crazy is she? Her F U tirades at the Secret Service while in the White House? Her pathological and compulsive lies? She no longer can even tell when she is telling the truth. She has lied about so many tings, and the media has supported her false statements throughout her life, covering the lies, that she no longer is aware of her Pinocchio nose. What happens when a person always gets away with her/his social trangressions ? Well, they just keep committing them ,and worse ones. And 40 years of living of Bill Clinton? That’s would place anyone in some bizarre mental territory.

    Obama has damaged America, Clinton II would destroy it.

    Going to move to Russia if Donald Trump doesn’t get 270 electoral votes.

  3. Patty says:

    Thanks for coming back Jean, we missed you! Good going!!!

  4. Deborah says:

    GRAPHIC LEAK: Look What Hillary’s Camp Wanted “Breast Milk & Fresh Sperm” For…

  5. Deborah says:

    BREAKING Guccifer – Hand Written Letter To Fox Says Hillary Clinton A “High Priest Satanic Goddess”

    Letter from Guccifer to Fox News

    • Jean says:

      Yes, this is by F. William Engdahl, and his work is always very thorough and well done. People should take a look to get a better picture of Huma’s ugly role in this entire situation. Thanks so much, Martha. Hugs, ~Jean

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