November 5, 2016 News – late day, a bit of ‘this and that’ . . . and it feels like the calm before the storm :) ~J

Please note: I typed in my blog address – and kept get everything but my blog. Apparently Google is at it again.

Anyway, it should soon be over. ~J 🙂

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– Urgent Warning: Secretary of State Will Be Missing In Action on Election Day . . . the enthusiasm for this trip is so passionate!! 

– The FBI Is Leaking Information to Hurt Hillary’s Campaign, by Robert Reich [MSM]

– Wikileaks 30- THE MOTHERLOAD! THEY ADMIT SHE IS BRIBED!!! . . .  the following short videos give just a hint of the corruption and their impact on good people.  ~J

– Imam Khamenei Says Disclosed Scandals of US Presidential Race Prove Moral Decline in US Society

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– LEUREN MORET – 9th Case of Rare Polio-like Illness Confuses Washington State’s Doctors . . . so polio itself was contrived. Their genocidal plans were in the works even back then! ~J

9th Case of Rare Polio-Like Illness Confuses Washington State’s Doctors

Dr. Ernest Sternglass told me about 10 years ago that the LeVann paper (attached below) proves that “Polio” is a made-up disease that was created as a cover story to hide the rad effects of nuclear weapons testing.  So the polio vaccine program was phony just like all the other “syndromes” that cover a confusing assortment of various symptoms and diseases related to radiation exposure: Gulf War Syndrome, metabolic syndrome, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) etc. 

The US now has the highest first day newborn mortality rate in the industrialized world, and a very high mother mortality rate as well.  The cancer in women article below that is also sobering.


U.S. has highest first-day infant mortality out of industrialized world, group reports – CBS News

A new report reveals that the United States has the highest first-day infant death rate out of all the industrialized countries in the world.

About 11,300 newborns die within 24 hours of their birth in the U.S. each year, 50 percent more first-day deaths than all other industrialized countries combined, the report’s authors stated.

Cancer to Kill 5.5 Million Women a Year by 2030

Cancer will kill 5.5 million women — about the population of Denmark — per year by 2030, a near 60-percent increase in less than two decades, a report said Tuesday.

As the global population grows and ages, the highest toll will be among women in poor and middle-income countries, it said, and much of it from cancers which are largely preventable.

“Most of the deaths occur in young- and middle-aged adults,”, placing a heavy burden on families and national economies, said Sally Cowal, senior vice president of global health at the American Cancer Society, which compiled the report with pharmaceutical company Merck.

The review “highlights the large geographic inequality in availability of resources and preventive measures and treatment to combat the growing burden of cancer,” she told AFP.

Cancer is already killing one in seven women around the world, said the report — the second highest cause of death after cardiovascular disease.

All four of the deadliest cancers are mostly preventable or can be detected early, when treatment is more successful.

In poorer countries, a much smaller proportion of cancer cases are diagnosed and treated than in rich ones, while a much bigger group dies.

The relative burden is growing for developing countries as people live longer due to better basic healthcare.

Women in these countries are also increasingly exposed to known cancer risk factors “associated with rapid economic transition,” said Cowal, “such as physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, obesity, and reproductive factors” such as postponing motherhood.

“Due to these changes, cancers that were once common only in high-income countries are becoming more prevalent,” said the report entitled “The Global Burden of Cancer in Women.”

It was presented Tuesday at the World Cancer Congress in Paris.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, there were 6.7 million new cancer cases and 3.5 million deaths among women worldwide in 2012.

Of these, 56 percent of cases and 64 percent of deaths were in less developed countries.

“These numbers are expected to increase to 9.9 million cases and 5.5 million deaths among females annually by 2030 as a result of the growth and aging of the population,” said the new report.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

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Standing Rock and the Human Right to water — Society’s Child , , , nobody talks about the huge amount of lead in the water of all Americans. Look at Flint, MI as just one example! 

Chelsea Manning attempted suicide for second time since July – lawyer . . . the nightmare continues for one of our own. When will we stop it for everyone?

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2 Responses to November 5, 2016 News – late day, a bit of ‘this and that’ . . . and it feels like the calm before the storm :) ~J

  1. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean……..

    The video on John Kerry going to Antarctica is most revealing. I have much to give you covering some shocking areas I have been researching this last 8 months and I confess I have been holding back as I know you (like me) have not been physically well. What I have learned could put anyone over the top. (like we all have Morgellons Disease) I do not expect you to post this comment. It’s between us.

    One of the subjects I have been researching covers Antarctica and why NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is allowed near it or allowed to fly over it just as with the North Pole only worse. This is huge but I feel that this is NOT the time to bring this up and knowing how incredibly intelligent you are I am sure you have already guessed what I am talking about. Think Admiral Richard E. Byrd. If you know about him and what he discovered then Kerry’s visit may make sense.

    If so you KNOW is has to come out but NOW obviously would NOT be the right time.

    Lots of Love and Hugs……………………Frank R

    While I am still NOT trusting Trump at all I deeply hope he proves me wrong. I pray he is the one. On the other hand here is yet another video by TMR who I am learning to appreciate more and more. It is sometimes wise to keep that mind open…..remember Neil?

    • Jean says:

      I’m very fearful of Trump, as well. . . and, yes, I remember Neil very well. He stole all my savings . . . a wonderful con artist, almot as good as Comey! Hugs, ~Jean

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