November 6, 2016 News, Evening

Interesting questions areposed in the video below. What about the people who have already voted, under the impression that Hillary would be indicted, as compared to those who haven’t yet voted.  Also, what if Trump wins, what can/will Clinton do? Again, this is total confusion! It looks like they are desperate and cornered and haven’t thought this out for the blowback and repercussions that will come their way. Our government is NUTS, and I hope the rest of the planet finally gets it and starts sending their American fiat currency back home. This is going to be painful, and we need to get on with it!!!

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2 Responses to November 6, 2016 News, Evening

  1. Bill says:

    As I’ve said before, the kenyan cannot allow the DOJ/FBI to indict HRC! The Clintonistas have so much on him that this quid pro quo is creating a “mexican standoff” and will continue until after she is declared winner. i think there is going to be some weird acts within the demos after 11/8 and who is going to the Oval office will be a surprise!

  2. Jay says:

    The FBI, Homeland Security, and NYPD have all come to the conclusion the HC should be arrested but they are being blocked by Loretta Lynch who is the head of the Justice Department.

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