November 6, 2016, News . . .

These videos are probably just ‘for starters’ today, because I feel there will be more. Also, I urge you to use your discernment with other info out there. I see some that doesn’t seem to be well-researched and makes assumptions. While I can’t be certain of this, please be careful. There are enough ‘facts’ out there without having to resort  to anything less than the ‘real’ truth — and I’m not saying that I’m publishing only that here. I’m just trying to be careful, and at this time, I think we all must be . .. very careful.

The video from Alex Jones, with whom I have no disagreements, because, however, of his excited style of presentation, is exhausting for me, to listen to so I have avoided much of his work – as I have done for the same reason with David Icke. This is not to suggest that it hasn’t been or is not valid. You must decide this for yourselves. ~J 

Who s Abby Martin: Abby Martin at wikipedia

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In light of John Kerry’s trip to Antarctica tomorrow . . . again, please use your discretion!

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3 Responses to November 6, 2016, News . . .

  1. From James Twyman

    We are not endorsing or condemning any candidate, but simply calling for a massive movement to bring a positive energy back to the election. PLEASE JOIN US and invite others!

  2. ebolainfo says:

    I don’t post unacceptable language. 🙂 Please resubmit! Thanks, ~Jean

  3. Jay says:

    Hillary Clinton will turn America into a banana republic

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