UPDATE 3-4: November 7, 2015 News, Evening .. .The calm before the storm?




UPDATE: Here’s the post I was talking about when I suggested somewhat incorrectly why Comey let Hillary off the hook yesterday — and it is my opinion that if he actually did this, he was forced to do it:

 * As always, I urge you to visit zerohedge.com and sott.net to keep up with the fast-moving news. Along with this I now also recommend abeldnger.net

 * Please note: I spoke with someone today who is signed up for my blog – and he hadn’t gotten a single post via email since Friday!!!

 * Also, lots of people are signing up, but it isn’t showing up in the counter on my home page. It’s read 5, 191 for a very long time. All I can do is urge you to check my blog on your own — and I hope you will 🙂 

* On another topic, the videos of Gabor Zolna that I published today can’t be found – at least not easily – on youtube.com

* It begins to look like the election will go off as planned – whatever that may mean  to you, but I do not think that will be the end of it. I read somewhere on the internet today that they will allow Hillary to be elected, so that when she is indicted, Obama will not be able to give her a get-out-of-jail-free card 🙂 I have no idea whether or not this is valid thinking … but I doubt very much this will be allowed to pass . .. 🙂

The news is slow today, possibly the calm before the storm, which may not actually develop tomorrow. In other words, we may have to wait a bit to see the fallout develop. I think all of us should get a degree in PATiENCE! How many years have we been waiting for the ‘real’ truth to come out? Too many, I think, but the Universe must assemble all the actors properly, and it looks like this is now happening. ~J 

The FBI Can’t Prosecute Hillary Without Prosecuting Obama [VIDEO/S]

The FBI Can’t Actually Investigate a Candidate Such as Hillary Clinton, by Eric Zuesse

Obama Retracts Criticism Of Comey: White House Says “Will Not Criticize Or Defend FBI Director” | Zero Hedge

The first twenty minutes or so, Simon shares what he knows (as of Sunday) on the US election. I feel it will be worth your time!

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8 Responses to UPDATE 3-4: November 7, 2015 News, Evening .. .The calm before the storm?

  1. Jay says:

    Please check out the YouTube video Clinton Cash

  2. Susan says:

    I was going to send you Simon’s video, glad you got it!
    Here’s Montague Keen’s message– interesting take, as usual.
    Again, so glad you are back!

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