November 7, 2016, News . . . I think this will be the only unfolding story today! Hold tight!

I received the following story on Saturday from a reader, but could find it nowhere else and decided not to publish it, to wait and watch. Today, in spite of James Comey’s statement yesterday, it has become relevant Frankly, I think Comey and his edicts are done. This is a story he can’t control for Hillary.

FBI, CIA, NYPD Officials Set To Drop The Hammer: Video Evidence Of “Bill Clinton and Six Government Officials Taking Part In Sexual Acts With Minors” To Be Released Before Election

I awoke this morning to find another story in my email from Jim Sinclair, and I’m publishing it here in full:

Total disbelief… :: Jim Sinclair’s Mineset

Posted November 6th, 2016 at 12:25 PM (CST) by Bill Holter & filed under Bill Holter.

I must apologize for being scarce over the last few days, I have been in Munich Germany speaking at a gold conference. I did two interviews and one Q+A session. Hopefully we will have 2-3 links leading you to my speaking engagements early this coming week. At this point, I can only pray to God that I land in Texas and return to my family before the pending news blows the doors off the world. Apparently news will come out in the next 24 hours that is so far beyond belief the average person will not believe it even with pictures provided. I have spoken of “truth bombs” for close to two years now. I must confess, it was my original belief the truth bomb to come was 9/11 centric and Mr. Putin would be the author. I now am understanding that even WikiLeaks and Anonymous are shocked with what is allegedly coming out. My only fear is that the news may be so far over the top that no one believes it because “it cannot” be true … even in a Stephen King novel.

Due to technical problems, our interview will not be posted until late Monday or early Tuesday. It is my understanding that even the police are blown away with what they have found relating to satanic rituals, pedophilia, not to mention fraud and outright treason. I had previously lowered my guess as to odds of the election NOT being held over the last couple of weeks as we got closer and closer to 11/8. I now believe the odds are greatly raised and now higher than ever before. If what I believe to be coming out in the next 24 hours does actually materialize, our world will have immediately changed and game over scenario will arrive without any notice. I am trying to authenticate/verify what my understanding is because it is far beyond what anyone can bring themselves to even contemplate. I will try to provide more guidance on Monday after my return. In the meantime, make sure you have finalized any and all preparations as confidence may very well be shattered beyond anything previously imaginable. I believe you will fully understand what I speak of prior to my next post on Monday. May God bless each and every one of his children!

Standing watch in total disbelief,

Bill Holter

Holter-Sinclair collaboration


When I shared Jim Sinclair’s article with someone else with whom I work, I received this video in response. I have known about this for a long time, but if you are unaware, be prepared to be shocked to your deepest core. (I’ve also been told that Trump is fully aware of this information.)

Then I picked up this shorter video/commentary as Gabor reflects on our present situation — and that it is not new:

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19 Responses to November 7, 2016, News . . . I think this will be the only unfolding story today! Hold tight!

  1. beLIEve says:

    Reference the Gabor Zolna…… SNUFF FILMS.
    Gabor says it is the ….EL-iteS………….Imho…..SATANIC-I’ll thieve everything SCUM…who are engaged in the venal & heinous filth of snuff movies.

    ELITES……is an……ANAGRAM……of……….SET LIE.

    SET = ‘Temple of Set’ ….who appear to be Satanists; possibly with links back to Egypt.

    “Set” and the Prince of Darkness


    Ancient Egypt

    No title to this link but it covers …..Current Events …People at the top…..Satanic Shape Buildings

    • Jean says:

      Thanks for these videos and links, as well as the spelling info! I hope people will find the time to watch some of them. I am simply sickened at the way pedophilia has disappeared off the radar. . . but I do believe it will be back. It is an issue we humans must deal with before we can move forward. This is something we cannot hope to avoid if we want to evolve as human beings. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Hello Jean! 🙂
    Link- JIM STONE:

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  4. Tracy says:

    Greetings Jean & All, I’m still working my way through the videos above (familiar information from the many articles & more I’ve read lately) @ Deb Porter-Jones, I’m not a fan of either candidate either as Jean has said. In fact I reserve all my rights & refuse to participate in this false matrix and therefore will not vote (of which my family believes if I don’t vote I have no-rights to say anything. They are so mind controlled they don’t even know it) Anyhow my point Deb is perhaps you might wish to listen to this Catherine Austin Fitts, who points out the core electoral issue is about: “do you want to have a human civilization or an inhuman civilization; are we humans or are we livestock?” ** Very poignant question IMO. I’m not here to sway you one way or another (vote/or don’t vote your inner-BEING) I only desire to share intelligent conversations which assist us to “progress our perceptions”. Here is the link, the actual conversation starts at 5:07 mark ~
    Sending much love to ALL from “this Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”

    • Jean says:

      Tracy, like Jay, who offered a similar response, let me thank you for these mature words of yours – and the amazing information you have both shared. Hugs, ~Jena

  5. buholanoit8 says:

    Jean thanks for all that you have lately posted about the Clinton monster. I especially like these short videos of Gabor Zolna.

    I have a personal thing with Clinton and maybe one day when we have all ascended to a higher plane of perfection, I will tell you and others why.

    God bless you.

  6. Deb Porter-Jones says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, Jean, and had concluded that you were a kind, compassionate person. It’s been awhile since I’ve been reading but now that you’re up and running again, I see that you and most of your followers seem to actually HATE Hillary Clinton but don’t have much of anything negative to say about Donald Trump. I’m not of EITHER of them but Trump’s openly misogynistic and racist rhetoric and behavior have made my choice an obvious one. Can you please explain to me what your feelings are regarding Donald Trump?

    • Jean says:

      Deb, I’m guessing that you are a Hillary supporter? Have you actually watched the videos I’ve published today? Are you still willing to support her? I don’t ‘hate’ Hillary; she isn’t worth that energy from me, but I’ll be darned if I want her to run our show!

      Can you agree?

      Personally, I have said all along, and I’m still saying that I hope the election doesn’t take place, because I really don’t want either candidate as President. I’m also sure there are many Americans who feel that way. Does that make sense to you? If the election does take place, though, I’d certainly rather have Trump.

      Somewhere on the internet today I read that if Hillary does get elected, she will be indicted, BUT as a result of her election, Obama will not be able to pardon her. I’m all for that. Hugs, ~Jean

      PS Let me add, Deb, that as I see it, this is no longer about Clinton vs. Trump. It is about saving our nation from some real scum that are hardly human! Once we do that, we can if we choose deal with these other issues.

      • Deb Porter-Jones says:

        Jean, I’m only a Hillary supporter by default. I supported Bernie whole-heartedly, as did my family because I believe he was the most down-to-earth, un-sullied candidate I’d seen in a long time. I mean, they’re all politicians, which, I believe, is in itself a dirty word.
        But the thing that disturbs me is the sheer numbers of people who look at a Clinton presidency as so much more disturbing than a Trump presidency. Why? They’re both self-serving and selfish individuals (in my opinion Trump more so than Hillary because, try as I might, I can’t find evidence that he’s done anything for anyone besides himself in his entire life!). They’re both liars and egomaniacs. But Trump has no foreign policy experience and comes off sounding downright ignorant about things that, frankly, I don’t feel comfortable feeling like I know more about than HE does. He’s a loudmouth and has absolutely no class so if there was something he wasn’t as well-versed in, I don’t feel confident that he could “finesse” his way through it. If he was a great businessman (a “genius” as he seems to think), he wouldn’t have a slew of bankruptcies, weaseling his way out of paying taxes and cheated small business-owners in his wake. And all that is before we even mention the misogynistic behavior, the blatant disrespect for women and the foreigners something this country was founded on (which is interesting because his latest wife is one), and the racist comments he’s made regarding more ethnic groups than I care to name.
        From what I can tell, Hillary has some very questionable business practices in her past, (again, just like Trump), seems to be spoiled and, in my opinion, she’s being given the Presidency as a consolation prize for having to put up with Bill’s shenanigans while he was President, which isn’t enough of a reason to “elect” someone President. I’m using quotes here because I’m pretty certain it really doesn’t matter what we “voters” do tomorrow because ultimately the decision has been made. The videos that have been shown about her and Bill’s behavior regarding the pedophiliac behavior has been around for a long time and it’s always disturbed me that, if they were true, nothing’s been done for years so how much credence we can place in them?? I remember reading a biography about her lesbian love life about 10 years ago so that’s old news. I have nothing against homosexuality but if the pedophilia rumors are true then that’s a whole ‘nother issue. It just sounds like the propaganda being spread about her (and her husband) may be questionable, yet the propaganda we’re hearing about Trump (and I hesitate to call it propaganda because he’s such a classless big-mouth he doesn’t have sense enough to keep quiet about his dirt) gives me much more pause when it comes to voting for him.

        • Jean says:

          I’m sorry, Deb, but I don’t have the time to spell this out for you. I think your choice was probably the right one, but it looks like somewhere along the way either Bernie sold his soul, or else – and this seems very likely to me – he was forced to sell his soul.

          Obviously, you focused on Bernie and so listened to Hillary, accepting what she said . . . and so missed the deeper story. I published a long video about Bill Clinton, and Hillary is in it with him up to her eyeballs. It is sickening: they are like a Mafia crime family. Look at some Alex Jones’ posts. Hillary (and Bill) go way beyond bad business practices directly past GO to murder, treason, and pedophilia – and that is only to name three. I hope you will regard this as an invitation to get out from under the Hillary lies and look at the ‘real’ truth. No, Trump is no angel, but he certainly isn’t involved in these dark situations. Along with Putin/Russia, Hillary demonized him . . . He won’t take us to war, but Hillary has said that she will.

          I hope this is enough to give you an idea how dangerous Hillary Clinton is to our country – and our planet.


          • Deb Porter-Jones says:

            Jean if you’re referring to Jeff Epstein’s Lolita Express, I’m aware and I’ve also been hearing for years that Trump was also a participant along with Hillary and Bill. There’s also a rape case against Trump relating to that, however the victim (who was 13 at the time of the rape) was threatened and has dropped her case. Please don’t think I’m “under Hillary’s lies” because I am well aware she’s as much a POS as Trump. I just don’t for the life of me understand why the opposition to Trump does not equal the opposition to Hillary. Knowing what I know about BOTH of them does not allow me to vehemently oppose or support EITHER of them. @Tracy, thank you, you GET me! I cannot actively support either, theyre both AWFUL! Lol I will check out your link. Thank you.

          • Jean says:

            I don’t know that you get me, but I don’t have to win them all. After all, it isn’t really about me . . . It’s about what you choose to think. It’s all good 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jay says:

      What NYPD found in Weiner investigation greatly disturbed them

      Clinton Cash – great YouTube video about the Clinton foundation

      Hillary Clinton Body Count Documentary
      I thought you may be interested in this:
      Peter Kadzik is the Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs at the Department of Justice. (DOJ)
      Peter Kadzik had been an attorney with Dickstein Shapiro LLP for 18 years before he represented Podesta in the Clinton/Lewinsky investigation.
      Kadzik’s role at the DOJ, where he started in 2013, is particularly notable. Kadzik, has helped spearhead the effort to nominate Lynch, who was heavily criticized for her secret meeting with the former president.
      If there is one person in the DOJ who is John Podesta’s, and thus the Clinton Foundation’s inside man, it is Peter Kadzik.
      Podesta’s friend Peter Kadzik was the DOJ representative chosen to head up a “thorough” review of the new Huma Abedin emails

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