UPDATE 2: November 8, 2016, Election Day News


– No matter who wins: the case against Hillary Clinton is alive, by Jon Rappoport

Now, streaming . . .  

Race for the White House: Election day LIVE UPDATES  . . . print updates

UPDATE  1: I’m told this is an explanation of ‘the teachings’, and while I have watched parts of this video, I have not had time to watch it all . . . ~J

From SimonParkes.org


– Its about much more than Trump . . . really worth your time!

“It started in Vietnam. The men who chose to fight for America on Vietnam’s front lines did so for honorable reasons. While there was no immediate threat to the US, some were concerned about falling dominoes and the march of communism. Some were animated by an idealistic desire to secure democracy and liberty in a land that had never known those blessings. Some went believing that if the leaders of the country said this war was in America’s best interests, it must be so. For those who were drafted, they did, perhaps reluctantly, what they perceived to be their duty.

“Whatever their motivations, those who fought found their idealism shattered.”

– Finding meaning in the chaos: The Trump v Clinton saga

– Judge Napolitano: “Comey Knows His FBI Days Are Numbered” No Matter Who Wins Election | Zero Hedge

 – State Dept. Could Release Recently Uncovered Clinton-Related Emails by 2022. . . how’s this for in-your-face treatment? Huh? – 

Crowd cheers ‘Killary-slam’ at a rally FOR her  . . . don’t miss this short article!

 – VoCo. Adobe MAX 2016 (Sneak Peeks) | Adobe Creative Cloud – YouTube . . . think what you’re hearing the politicians say is ‘real’? Think again – maybe not!

– Now, for more of the sickening info – sorry, but let’s get it out there so we can move on! If you can’t handle it, then don’t look/read. This info needs to be out there for the public to view and consider!

Each of the following articles/videos/links came to me from three different sources this morning. One, via email subscription, another via email from halfway around the world, and another via a Comment. Amazing! But, maybe not so amazing! Today, we can only allow the election to unfold, because at the moment there is nothing to be done — but to wait and see how the cabal chooses to play it. Tomorrow, we are probably going to get the chance to confront and deal with this pedophilia information. Let’s try to prepare ourselves for whatever is ahead, because no matter who wins, tomorrow  will surely bring the much predicted chaos!

BREAKING: From the anon who brought you the Laura Silsby connection: I have uncovered a pedophile with links to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Brock, George Soros, Marina Abramovic and the Podestas

Then we have these posts at Veterans Today. Because I know the truth is simple and can be stated in that way, when something reads like it is complicated , convoluted  and difficult to understand, I shake my head and ask, “What the hell is going on?”  I’ve long questioned Duff’s allegiance, but here it seems he’s putting it all on the line. Do these posts sound Orwellian —like doublespeak, or not! Am I crazy?

– COINTELPRO II: The FBI Informant Army and Donald Trump VI, Nov. 8, 2016

– Assange’s “Zio-Leaks” Blunder Sinks Trump and Israel’s Chances, Oct. 10, 2016  Veterans Today – 

– VT Exclusive: Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble, August 24, 2016


– US not liberating Raqqa… it’s protecting jihadi proxies in Syria, by Finian Cunningham

– In “Seismic Shift” To Mid-East Regional Power, Saudis Halt Egypt Oil Supplies As Cairo Turns To Iran | Zero Hedge


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2 Responses to UPDATE 2: November 8, 2016, Election Day News

  1. Deb Porter-Jones says:


    “False Profits and the Lovers of Children” is the book written by Ryan D. Gable also mentions that Trump was someone who frequented the Lolita Express and fraternized with Jeffrey Epstein the billionaire pedophile, just like the Clintons and numerous other stars, dignitaries, government officials and even royalty. All of these people are disgusting, none is more tolerable than another. Our country/this planet is headed for Hell in a handbasket. God help us all….

    • Jean says:

      Deb, I don’t disagree that Trump appears also to have a dark past. (I’ve pictured him on my blog with Rudi Giulianni, who was in drag.) I hope that he cannot escape it – as it is all coming out. Much of the planet will be fine, IMO, because they are creating a multi-polar world. It is much of Europe, and particularly us, the people of the United States that are in trouble.

      We are going to have to dig our own way out of this mess, and it is my hope that in the process we grow up emotionally, get educated properly, and begin to deal with what has been imposed on us . . . Truly, we are the only ones who can fix it! No one else can give us the experience of healing and empowerment that comes with the fixing of it for ourselves . . . unless we want to permit Trump, should he become President, to run the show for us. I think at this time, most Americans are willing to allow that to happen . . . in other words, they will continue to shirk their responsibilities as citizens.

      Clearly, I think that while he may be capable as a businessman which to him seems to be all about making a deal, he lacks any real background and knowledge for the Presidency. (I feel like I know more of what is going on than he does – and I’m sure many readers also feel the same way.) The only good thing is that he says he won’t take us to war . . . and in the end, I have to hope we haven’t been snookered on that one. After all he has selected Rudi Giulianni (9/11 criminal) as head of Homeland Security – and I was very concerned when Steve Pieczenik talked favorably of Rudi – and establshment figures adivsing him on the financial . . . sorry, but I can’t remember the person’s name at the moment. Hugs, ~Jean

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