November 10, 2016, News . . . Buckle up!!!

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I set up much of this post last evening, but this morning – ‘last evening’ seems like it happened in another world and on a very different planet. The news today, as I see it, is very, very serious! As a result, I’ve eliminated many of my original posts. It seems to me that they are no longer relevant!

First, a Comment from a reader that shows an awareness of what many of those who up until now have refused to look at the real truth, are going to have to go through. I pray they will find the courage to do so:

Hello Jean,

The last photos are a nice reality check as I hope we collectively don’t lose our humanity during this transition and I don’t mean political transition. This is the type of love and respect we should feel and exercise on a daily basis.

As those of us who have awakened to the reality that governs our lives, we are witnessing the awakening of people who don’t yet know how to except and process the truth because it is way too painful for many. I believe the planet is entering the metaphorical 3 dark nights of the soul that many of us have gone through already. As you know, the blue pill brings with it the truth, knowledge and wisdom that molds our evolution, but not without a price. This is a very difficult process that will test your sanity and reality.

The illusions that a political candidate, religion, governmental system (communism, socialism, totalitarianism, etc.) or material attainment can guide and free our minds are myths that perpetuate the false corporate realities that keep us in this endless archonic loop. These deceptions keep the banking, military, and oil cartels in power.

I believe our humanity as a race and culture should be measured by how the most vulnerable of our species is treated. We have a long way to go. We are in for some very trying times in the foreseeable future but let’s not forget that Peace and Love for ourselves and others are our guiding principles that will lead us past this tumultuous time. Nice to see you back, I appreciate your work.

Yesterday, I posted two important videos from David Icke and Lada Ray at the bottom of my post, both of which should have given us serious cause for deep concern and thought. It seems to me today that we have, for sure,  been played for fools, and that a coup is even now taking place! Please take a look at these posts — and the political articles, which appear first, should probably be the least cause for our concern.

I ask that you share this widely.
Love and hugs,


The NWO must state their plans, and they have.

It looks to me like we are in Part II, which involves the use of bioweapons against us (see link after the political info below). I realize that by saying this, my blog will probably be shut down – and only God knows what else might happen, but it is surely not the time to step back and hide!

Rudy Giuliani Addresses Hillary Pardon – “President Obama Should Leave It To The System” | Zero Hedge

Attorney General Rudy Giuliani? Trump Cabinet Takes Shape, Zerohedge

Lest We Forget: 

Trump vs. the National Security State: The Chances of a Revolution in US Foreign Policy . . . must read . . . below is a small portion . . . 

Yet, Trump has thus far failed to articulate the “big picture” of a Russian rapprochement in the context of the necessity of a USglasnost – of a deconstruction of the National Security state. During a campaign characterized by serial violations of longstanding taboos (Sanders’ opposition to the CIA, his support of the Sandinistas and Cuba) and Wikileaks’ disclosure of sensitive and damaging government and campaign documents, Trump squandered his opportunity to lay out a credible vision for either radical reform or revolution. Indeed, he has been happy to simultaneously endorse the NSA surveillance state and Wikileaks – and without irony.

Trump’s has thus far failed to articulate a coherent vision of a cooperative, multi-polar world – in other words, to invite ordinary citizens to demand a radical change in the concept of national security and of the place of the US in the world. If he does not challenge the NSC, Trump’s insurgency will expose itself as a distraction to the urgent task of finding a pathway out of the labyrinth of empire. In its naivety, Trump’s “revolution” would then serve to further merely consolidate the unquestioned impunity of the National Security state.

If Trump is serious, he will set forth a coherent critique of US national security and the constitutional disaster that is the National Security Act. If Trump is serious, he will defy the National Security Act.

PressTV-‘US to continue getting orders from Israel’

US President-elect Donald Trump has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the United States as the premier congratulated him on the victory. According to Paul Larudee, a former US government adviser, this invitation indicates that Washington will continue to receive orders from the Tel Aviv regime.

Donald Trump Recruits Corporate Lobbyists to Select His Future Administration

Now, let’s back up a little and look at a bit of recent very scary history:

These things are central to their plan – civil unrest (Soros is handling that) – and look what’s taking place after the election with Hillary’s people, probably Soros contrived, financial collapse (long planned), environmental disaster (so many being caused), attack on the US (Obama has brought in ISIS) and a pandemic.

The pandemic is the arranged key to bringing the WHO and UN troops to “help.”

Nothing is being reported, although the presidential orders are very clear what has been planned.

Remember, what you will read below is not conjecture; it is fact:

Media Black Out as White House Issues Executive Order Giving Broad Powers to Global Health Security Agenda for Infectious Disease Threat
 . . . this is not news, but perhaps we have forgotten what has been put in place to make a coup possible.

. . . Fits very nicely with this clear plan for a coup.

First 9/11 Then Guillotines

Part One: Bush and 9/11 Using Explosives,
Part Two: Rockefellers and A Coup, Using Bioweapons [more coup plan]

It seems to me – and I am not alone in my thinking – that we are at this point right now!!! 

Is Bush’s presidential directive 51 a trap door to a secret TTIP, or to something vastly bigger?

To Attorney Generals of All States Opposing Obamacare – It Includes Illegal Foreign Coding for Beheadings and Multiple Forms of Mass Murder

And what did the CDC just do last September?

ALERT U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS to Round Up and Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere And Throw Away the Key

If you look at what is already in place and then the very recent CDC regulations and vaccines, and at Obama presidential orders taking over the internet and militarizing “health,”  it clear that a Rockefeller coup is already occurring.

The GW Bush Gang: IG Farben 2001

Please, please share this information: Our loyal military need to know.

And everyone needs to see this is a joint Bush/Obama coup.  

It’s being run behind the scenes by the Rockefellers who funded the Nazis, and brought them here under Operation Paperclip, set up the WHO, CDC, and who also run the UN.  They are attempting a full takeover of the US.

Look at Bush’s presidential order 51. 

These things are central to their plan – civil unrest (Soros is handling that), financial collapse (long planned), environmental disaster (so many being caused), attack on the US (Obama has brought in ISIS) and a pandemic.

The pandemic is the arranged key to bringing the WHO and UN troops to “help.”

Nothing is being reported, although the presidential orders are very clear what has been planned.

Here are the new vaccines just coming out for this season, including one with the same adjuvant – squalene – as caused Gulf War Syndrome.  Squalene is supposed to be (was?) illegal here.  The two shots contain much more that is bizarre. 

New Flu Shots Just Released [are abnormal and dangerous and appear never to have been tested]

But the CDC regulations appear to mean if you resist, you’re taken away. 

ALERT U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS to Round Up US Citizens En Masse, Anytime, Anywhere

The CDC is CIA and run by the Rockefellers. 

CDC and CIA: A Close and Sick Relationship

To the degree the vaccines are harmful, this is enforced bioweapons.   And Bush’s presidential orders 20 and 51 cite the collapse of the economy, civil unrest, environmental disaster, as allowing Obama to retire the Congress and Supreme Court and rule alone with FEMA and DHS.  And the announcement of a pandemic opens the door to Obama asking for help from the WHO which would bring in the UN and WHO to “rule at the state level through crisis committees.”

So, everyone must rapidly shift away from visible politics and understand that a flu has been planned since Bush as the trigger for a coup here and a take over by the Rockefellers who run the WHO and UN. 

How were the WHO and UN able to insert a section into Obamacare?  And why would a healthcare bill include UN and WHO codiing for “legal executions”?  And what is listed there?

To Attorney Generals of All States Opposing Obamacare – It Includes Illegal Foreign Coding for Beheadings and Multiple Forms of Mass Murder

First 9/11 then Guillotines  [For details on those involved and long arranged plans for a coup]

Part One: Bush and 9/11 Explosives

Part Two: Rockefellers and Worse, Using Bioweapons

People need to immediately pull their heads away from elections and see what has been planned against the public, and with a Democrat president running it AND ADDING TEETH TO IT WITH CDC REGULATIONS AND HIS LAST PRESIDENTIAL ORDER, and based on what was put in place by a Republican, Bush.

They are preparing to kill huge numbers of people and take control.  The election would be irrelevant.  And all those facing prosecution, and there are so many, would want this for their own safety. 

White hats need to show up. 

We need wikileaks and much other help.

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16 Responses to November 10, 2016, News . . . Buckle up!!!

  1. Captain says:

    I’ve liked Judge Jeanine’s “opening statements” posted on youtube throughout this voting circus. In this one she and the others put things into perspective.
    Jeanine Slaps Miley Cyrus! “Get Over Yourself”! Liberal News Media Meltdown! Disturbing Yet Funny! …

  2. kibitzer3 says:

    My take on Trump extending his hand to Hillary and the Democrats: No, Trump was just trying to help bring the country back together again, in reconciliation, and show his big and forgiving heart. I would have done the same in his shoes.

    Now, if he doesn’t follow through with what he promised….and if he puts Rudy in charge of a reopening of the 9/11 investigation…there will, indeed, be questions about his sincerity.

  3. Some time ago, i commented that the Light was going to ride hard and fast. That was noted- so was our success; on many fronts……hence the Dark is now Going For Broke.

  4. Jerry says:

    Just to let you know,they might still hand over the election to hillary check jim stone.Is website if this is true i don’t know what to believe anymore

  5. Captain says:

    Good to see you getting about in this digital world. Lot of good postings by you. Congratulations.
    This, if true, will put one’s head in a spin. Touches on a lot of recent ‘rumors’: Kent Dunn Gives us a Prospective of Possibilities it seems May Be taking Place …

    • Jean says:

      I don’t think it is true . . . the nature of the Universe is that we must do this for ourselves – and I don’t think we are ready. Hugs, ~Jean

      PS I’m tired tonight – and I forgot to say I’m glad to see you back 🙂 ~J

  6. Thanks for the heads up Jean; unfortunately only a crisis of survival will rally mankind to action; and, with it comes humility and caring and compassion and gratitude; and, the realisation that in truth we rely on our natural environment;
    we say bring it on; the elite will suffer most; they are far from ready for their “final solution”; they can run and hide, but not for long; and, if predatory capitalism continues, soon none will have a future generation; either shocked now or dead later; what will it be? in peace

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