November 10, 2016, News, late evening

In Memoriam: Poet and Singer-Songwriter Leonard Cohen Dies at 82

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Trump: I’m Reopening 9/11 Investigation  Will he actually be permitted to do this? Something just doesn’t ‘fit’ here, just the way it doesn’t fit when he speaks of Iran or the National Security State: 

How can this possibly be true with Rudi Giuliani, touted to be Head of the DOJ and directly implicated in 9/11: Giulinni said todaRudy Giuliani Addresses Hillary Pardon – “President Obama Should Leave It To The System” | Zero Hedge As Head of the DOJ, do you think he really will investigate either Hillary or 9/11, thereby implicating himself? It seems to me that for starters Trump has too many wires crossed, and he very much needs to get them connected properly.

MoveOn “activists” march against Trump: George Soros begins his color revolution in America

Anti-Trump fascists flood Twitter with calls for Trump’s assassination

Two separate worlds, by Thierry Meyssan . . . it looks to me like Americans are either going to wake up to the importance of our foreign policy mistakes in this country – or pay the price. We can’t only have a domestic policy and still be a player in the larger world.

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The Standing Rock Protests Are About the Constitution
Turning Tide?

Sheriffs LEAVE Standing Rock, Saying ‘It’s Completely Unethical

Native Leadership, from Yes! Magazine – Stories about the indigenous leaders protecting land and water, building fair economies, and standing up for racial justice in North America and beyond.

 – This comment just came to me in a private email::

Eyes Wide Open: Ecuador Is Changing Me – Gringo Tree

A reader say: So we really think we have problems? Yes, I know we do, but how strong would our human spirit be—if we had to live—day to day—like this?

“In spite of all of what I have seen.  It is not uncommon to see them smile, joke and laugh regularly.  They are the first to help when needed, the first to give a morsel of food when they have it. The first to give a hug, share a laugh and poke fun at situations.
. . .
What I see is a tremendous human spirit.  In spite of the poverty, in spite of the hunger that creeps in, they still do their best to celebrate each occasion with fervor.  A birthday, a wedding, a graduation is a reason to celebrate life and each other.  Their lives revolve around relationships, not things.”

Today, I also found a long lost note that my bodyworker had shared with me – and please remember that nothing happens by accident – that says we have focused too much on Production and Consumption and not enough on Communication and Relationship. These two statements seem intertwined with the story of the Ecuadorian people, but I’ll leave you to consider for yourselves if this might be so.

My thought about the people of Ecuador is that their desperate situation likely has brought them to the place of understanding what is really important in life. I fear that is where we are headed, because it seems we cannot learn any other way.

Long ago, I remember sitting in a church, listening to a missionary to Cuba plead for money for the impoverished people there. It was quite an experience because as I looked around the congregation I understood that these good people were actually the impoverished ones. They sat isolated, old people alone, dutifully preparing to give money, but without any understanding that the people to whom they were giving were far richer in spirit than they could begin to imagine. After all, they relied on each other in community! It was obvious to me that this church lacked this experience —no hugging, no warmth of greetings, the feeling of individual separation was very strong. If the tables are turned, and we in the US find ourselves in the same situation as the people of Ecuador, will we be open to the very powerful lessons of such an experience?

Does the quoted statement about the people of Ecuador, however, also reflect on their treatment — and if/how they have been pacified into accepting garbage for a life? Is this what we here are supposed to accept?

I certainly hope not!

How long will it take to break down the wall that has shut us off from our feelings about our present situation? How much pain will it take? 

Isn’t (righteous) rage a more normal feeling then love when it’s obvious that they are intending to murder us? Should love be used as a tool to block out fear? Is this wise? Is it really appropriate to our situation? I think now of Roman Christians being thrown to the lions: what else could they do? But, at present are we in the same situation? Or are we just passive, as in disconnected from our feelings? Are we willing to permit such a situation to develop? 

Rage! I’m talking now about the kind of rage Jesus felt when he threw the moneychangers out of the Temple. I have felt rage all day, and I can assure you, I felt no fear at all. I want these people gone from the face of the earth, our true Temple! Anger/rage if used properly is an emotion that is meant to protect us, to move us through fear and beyond it in order to accomplish what might seem impossible.

Doesn’t the cabal need to know we are capable of rage – but right now I think the question is: are we?

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12 Responses to November 10, 2016, News, late evening

  1. Jay says:

    Bill Clinton on Pedophile Island — Human Slavery & Sex Trafficking in th…

  2. Tracy says:

    Dear Jean, Feeling the “rage” there with you today on so many topics. Feeling trapped like a caged animal. Finding today difficult to keep my “perspective & calm”; We have mind-controlled (possibly paid shills) protesting & blocking a main highway over the election in my neighborhood, not to mention I received the tail-end (I hope) of election ads from the post office today. When will this madness end?

    • Jean says:

      Tracy, we are at a point where the Sun conjuncts the Black Moon, and this is the result . . It won’t happen again until 2025. The anger continues as the truth comes out . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Trex says:

    A pattern seems to be forming. Is it my imagination, or is the Trump regime loading up on some very bad actors who are filtering in from former administrations? It seems Trump might be a bit naive on whom to trust and whom to keep away from. Of course he doesn’t want to completely offend some of the power players, but by the same token it certainly doesn’t look like we will get rid of very much of just the very top layer of scum bags in Washington if they all get re-hired. Of course these bad actors will gladly accept key staff positions in his new administration, which allows them to do damage any time they please. We can only hope this doesn’t include literally knifing Trump in the back, tho its not impossible. People like Gingrich, who whined and complained about Trump not being member of a secret society, now part of the Trump team? The guy is the definition of a RINO! How long is this going to be allowed to brew before something bad happens? Even Hillary offered her services. Are you kidding me??? He might as well hire Soros as a body guard!!!

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Trex, for these insights. I’ve just updated today’s post, and I’m once again seething with anger! How long? Who really knows . . . until Americans awaken, I guess, and that could take forever – unless they soon get hit with empty pockets … Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Please share widely.

    I Tweeted the following, and after posting it on FB someone removed it.

    For people disappointed or disgruntled that Donald Trump won the election, Catherine Austin Fitts former Sec HUD has a message for you.

    For people disappointed that Hillary Clinton did not win the election, Catherine Austin Fitts former Sec HUD has a message for you.

    At this critical juncture I suggest everyone equip themselves with the facts to avert globalism, trans-humanism, and other harmful life altering ‘isms’.

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