UPDATE: November 11, 2016 News – ‘Orwellian’ seems to be happening!

UPDATE: About Steve Pieczenik: I was concerned when I heard him say there will always be corruption. I was more concerned when I heard him say Giuliani is a great guy. Listen to him today. He’s seeing ‘business as usual’ in our future! Do you want to go into the future with corruption as an accepted part of government, and with a man like Guiliani in charge of it? Anger? You bet, I’m angry – all over again!

A Note on Anger: It has been suggested that I discuss anger here, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to — and for what I think is a very good reason. We were given anger and rage as part of our emotional pallet, yet most of us were taught that anger is bad and that at all costs we are to avoid it.

Anger and rage are not bad – and, in fact, they hold great value. Most of us, however, have learned to be afraid of these powerful feelings, and so since childhood, wanting to be good children, instead of learning to use them appropriately, we have done everything we can to suppress them – and many of us are even afraid of them.

I happen to believe this ‘teaching’ comes directly from the Matrix, since it is apparent to me now how very easy it is for them to control us – as it was easy for our parents, no?

I said yesterday that these feelings have a purpose, and that purpose is to help us protect ourselves. Anger and rage, when used consciously is extremely powerful, and it can move us forward without fear to do that which might have been unimaginable to us all without it. In this case, it can be used to free us from those on this planet who would enslave us.

I have said over and over on my blog that each of us needs to deal with our dark side, to learn to control and manage it, and I don’t think this is really happening – yet. What I fear is that the cabal is going to trigger humanity’s as-yet-uncontrolled/unmanageable rage, and it is very likely the results for them, or anyone who gets in the way of such feelings, will be very ugly. If we don’t take our power back in this way and I can’t stress strongly enough that I am not talking about doing so with violence, it looks to me like they plan to simply mop up those of us who decide to remain in love’n light just like they did the Christians, whom they threw to the lions in Rome.

We, however, do have a choice! What is it going to be?

I’m not saying that I’m correct, but this has been my personal experience, and I’m just passing along my thoughts. As I hear from more and more of you that you have dealt with your own personal feelings, then maybe I will be willing for us all to discuss anger/rage here. Until then, I think such a discussion is of little or no value.

 * * * 

– On another point, when I post here, I want to be clear that I’m often inviting you to follow my thought process, so you can see how I arrive at my conclusions. I hope that you all understand that these conclusions are mine alone and are ever-changing and being modified as new information comes on the scene. If you choose to skip parts of what I offer, you are very likely not able to follow my thinking. For instance, if you skipped the first video yesterday called Have We Been Played for Fools, you likely didn’t understand much of what I later suggested. It’s your choice to do this, but I think you need to understand how I operate in order to better spend your time digesting what I post here to see if you agree or disagree.

* Today, I suggest you follow in order what I’m posting to lay the foundation for your understanding . . . 

Yesterday, I suggested that Donald Trump seems to have his wires crossed on a variety of topics, which opens him to a lot of communication problems, and lots of misunderstanding. I also suggested, based on a lot of facts (laws) that Obama may well seek to bring us down through enacting the second part of the Illuminati plan, the Bio-warfare part. I still feel this way.

This morning, Jon Rappoport also address the situation in a most interesting article in which he highlights the many difficulties with which Donald is now faced: Will Donald Trump keep his promise

* * * * * * * 

Correction – A CHANGE OF FOCUS FOR TODAY: I’ve had to change my entire focus for today,which was to have been about the challenges facing Trump as President, and if the info I’ve posted below is valid, it is more than likely Obama will not get the chance to institute the Rockefeller bio-warfare program as planned. We must carefully watch what is happening and be prepared to go either way!

 * * * * * * * 

I’m posting the following post as something for us to watch very carefully. Could this be what Clif High spoke about, i.e., the confusion following the election that will eventually cause the fiat dollar’s collapse? I’m also reposting Clif’s statement below.

Election may not be over: Clinton cabal “may be trying to steal Arizona and Michigan” . . . the woman in the video simply reads the above article.

. . . and now this from Moon of Alabama:

Time for a spiritual enema: Clean up the Democratic Party, oppose Trump

For those who missed Clif High’s October video, I’m posting it again . . .

 * * * * * * * 

Here are some of the stories in this new thread from Global Research:

Selected Articles: Examining the Anti-Trump Protest Movement
By Global Research News
Global Research, November 11, 2016

Trump ClintonChange.org Petition to Unseat Donald and Make Hillary President

By Stephen Lendman, November 11 2016

Change.org is a for-profit enterprise, not an NGO – deceiving supporters by using the .org domain suffix, not .com as it should. Its business is getting people to sign petitions, along with selling advertising and personal data for added profits.


Crowds of Americans are Protesting the Election of Donald Trump. Who Is to Blame?

By Barbara Nimri Aziz, November 11 2016

I hear that crowds of Americans are protesting the election of Donald Trump as the 45th US head of state. They blame the president-elect himself. Who is really at fault? And to whom or what should these disillusioned voters address their demands? Unhappy citizens have to blame someone, or something; I understand this. So here are some suggestions.


The Anti-Trump Protesters Are Tools of the Oligarchy. Their Objective: Delegitimize Donald, Install “Madam President”

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, November 11 2016

Who are the anti-Trump protesters besmirching the name of progressives by pretending to be progressives and by refusing to accept the outcome of the presidential election?  They look like, and are acting worse than, the “white trash” that they are denouncing.

trump 2

The Trump Effect: Protesting the Result

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, November 11 2016

Donald Trump, even without raising a single pen, or signing a single legal document, has already had a profound effect on activism in the United States.  Much of this has taken form among the student body of various schools, a brushfire reaction of fury that has seen empty classrooms and vacated schools.  Walkouts have taken place over two days.  Instructors have followed.

elections USA

Donald Trump Wins US Presidency: A Blow to the Global Establishment…or Its Latest Iteration?

By Ghada Chehade, November 11 2016

Is Trump the beginning of the end of the global establishment or is he just a revision, a new direction, a preparation for a new iteration of the status quo? Of course, Trump is part of the elite given his immense wealth and corporate muscle. But as the Centre for Research on Globalization explains, the elites are not a monolith [1], and there may be divisions and factions within the global elite that do indeed oppose the present and historical direction of the global establishment. Is that what Trump represents, the division within the global power structure?


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10 Responses to UPDATE: November 11, 2016 News – ‘Orwellian’ seems to be happening!

  1. DT says:

    No matter how you feel about religion…..This is encouraging …. maybe we should keep an open mind ….

  2. Bill says:

    Jean – I had this sent to me and thought you’d probably find some things on it you’d like:

  3. Bill says:

    Worked years ago – it’l work now!

  4. bettiebee says:

    Bettie, I’m sorry to offend you, but I simply can’t post this. If I am correct, his connection to Drake and thus to Neil Keenan makes him – and them total co-intel. I fell for nice sounding words – and lost my shirt, almost my entire life savings, which I feel certain I will never recover. I don’t want to have anything at all to do with any of them. I know now, oh-so-well, how those of the silver tongue work. Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Alena Richer says:


    I absolutely agree with you regarding what you have said on anger.

    That has been my ‘thought’ for a long time and I’m so tired of the

    ‘love’ thing that it nasautes me about now.

    Thanks for being so open and saying it as it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Jean says:

      Alena, I appreciate your support. Anger is nasty, but we weren’t given it to try to avoid it, but to learn to use it appropriately. I, too, am tired of those who refuse to look at the possibility of what I suggest. . . but it’s a free will planet, and on my blog I can say my piece . . . which others are free to reject. Most of the time, I can’t speak my truth, because the love’n lighters are so into ‘control’ that I’m shut down . . . So ghet das Leben 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • bewareofserco says:

        You are spot on with your comments about anger. The globalist/NWO created “political correctness” to force the supression of our anger so that their sick agenda could progress with the minimum of fuss and opposition.

        Supression of any emotion is ultimately unhealthy for us and I’m sure that ‘they’.know this.

        • Jean says:

          Thank you, BoS!You are correct: we are not supposed to supress our emotions, but our anger is something we need to be comfortable with. It isn’t a pleasant emotion, but for sure it is not one to be avoided. Hugs, ~Jean

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