November 12, 2016 News – very early morning

The news from Clif is extremely difficult, but it feels very right. Now we know, and we can prepare. There is one caveat I would offer here: Clif’s work doesn’t take in anything that is coming in under the radar of the printed word. 🙂

“Smug Media” Attacks Trump While Refusing To Condemn “Violent Riots” Led By “Anarchist Groups”, Zerohedge

Clintons Already Plotting Their Comeback As Chelsea Is Being Groomed For Congressional Run, Zerohdge

The anti-Trump protesters are tools of the oligarchy. Their objective: Delegitimize Donald, install “Madam President

Republicans on House Oversight Committee preparing to spend years investigating Clintons

RT visits Obama’s post-presidential $5.3 mn Washington mansion (PHOTOS)

 * * * 

ObamaTrade Is Dead: White House Abandons TPP As EU Halts Trade Talks After Trump Victory, Zerohedge

Trump Says May Keep Parts Of Obamacare, Zerohedge

Chris Christie Booted As Trump Transition Team Chairman, Zerohedge

Trump Not Seeking Full Repeal Of Dodd-Frank; Opposes Bank Bailout Provision, Zerohedge

* * *

‘A Century of War’: New Sean Stone documentary looks at the fate of America’s ideal of progress

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2 Responses to November 12, 2016 News – very early morning

  1. Jay says:

    Max Keiser interview with Dr Michael Hudson, Economist 12 Nov
    I watched this on TV this morning and it is a wonderful explanation of US economics.

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