November 12, 2016, News – morning

Three articles today from the MSM that are available, along with many other interesting stories at

Donald Trump’s transition team signals return to GOP establishment, Yahoo News

Moving forward: Trump is already working to erase Obama’s legacy from history McClatchy, DC

The Trump election and what comes after the uprising, Wall Street Journal

Pope Francis hopes next US president’s actions do not increase poverty & exclusion, RT . . . more talk! While the Vatican sits on the greatest wealth in the world, the people starve. Nice, eh?

Commentary from Other Sources

Trump’s Sponsors ‘Won’t Allow Him’ to Soften Policy Towards Russia

Trump’s Election: ‘We May Have Just Dodged the Bullet on WWIII’

In the Face of Crushing Defeat, What Will Become of the Clinton Dynasty?

Hillary Clinton’s Defeat in US Election Means ‘Her Political Career is Over’

Baby Don’t Go! NATO Fears Withdrawal of US Troops From EU After Trump’s Victory

A view of the Syrian War, vantage Golan Heights, exposes Israeli army link to Jabhat al-Nusra

100,000s stage largest-ever protest in Seoul to demand president resign . . . another foreign policy loss in the making

 * * * 

“Beware Of The Shadow Government”: Ron Paul Warns President-Elect Trump, Zerohedge

Democracy Debacle: Did More Americans Actually Vote for Hillary Clinton?

Please take the time to view the pdf below as another point of view from Steve Pieczenik’s. Steve’s view may well be correct, but it certainly doesn’t fit with what many of us have already learned. I suggest there is really much more to what was done to bring down the Soviet Union. According to the pdf below, released by a whistleblower and unpublished by the US government, there was direct and very serious collusion between the Bush Cartel and the Russian Oligarchs to destroy Russia that included the theft of national treasure from three countries. If you have watched even a little of the documentary movie, President, you will understand that Putin has spent the last sixteen years cleaning out the cesspool that was left to him. You will find a summary on pages 8-28:

Part 1:

If, as I fear, the Trump Presidency intends to continue with business-as-usual, maybe as Clinton-Lite, I will not be publishing this information for much longer.

 * * * 

I awoke this morning to find that Clif HIgh’s old post was where his new one should have been on my Early Morning News. It’s not hard to ‘go figure” what happened. Just in case, I’m publishing it again.

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4 Responses to November 12, 2016, News – morning

  1. lecox says:

    I like Clif’s approach much better. His speaking is more spontaneous, though his vast knowledge set may leave some behind. He’s not an insider, but for a wider view of how life works and what it includes, he’s pretty good at laying it out. I hope what he’s finding in his data sets does not go down as severely as he predicts, but it very well could. Adjustments are needed, and when huge sectors of society (who should know better) are uncooperative, it makes it that much harder on the rest of us. But we’ll see. We tend to underestimate our resilience and ability to keep a level head. For all we know, many past “disasters” have been exaggerated just to scare us. In any case, perhaps we can handle the next one a little better.

  2. lecox says:

    I find Pieczenik’s method of telling his story sort of bizarre. I haven’t seen a lot of his stuff, just a few interviews here and there. But for one thing, he’s trained in psychiatry, so how do we know he isn’t still actively using that training in his current activities? The methods he describes so matter-of-factly are almost certainly broadly in use by all the Western powers. He described their use against a regime that for some reason they wanted to take out. But these techniques are used around the world and also against the home countries’ populations. I see them as rather criminal techniques, while he only hints that they might be. He recounts the Soviet use of the “mental health system” as a way to silence political dissenters. We know the same or similar operation is broadly used on this planet. The problem, in particular, about psychiatric torture is that it really tends to nail a person to his body which makes spiritual freedom much more difficult.
    What is not much discussed in these circles is that, per our own memories, we come out of societies (what we would now call ET societies) that had all these same operations in place to control dissent, as well as several more we haven’t developed the technology for yet. The past has been pretty gruesome at times, and though most would rather not remember it, to forget one’s history dooms one to repeat it.

  3. Bill says:

    Jean – I really appreciate the way you’re “mining and processing” the news from the various net sites and publishing it for all to see. However, I have to comment that the more of see of Steve Pieczenik, the more I’m reminded of the Aesop fable where the rooster assumes it’s his crowing in the morning that makes the sun come up.

    • Jean says:

      I am so angry about this man . . . just published a piece that it was Rudi Giuliana’s office that supported these efforts. I’m told Trump isn’t paying any attention to this, but I can’t buy into it. Alex Jones has now fully revealed himself to me to be a ‘wanna be’. He’s being used . . . enough, Bill, we’re going to have to wait to sort this one out, but Americans will be the ones to pay.


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