UPDATE: November 13, 2016, News, evening

UPDATE: Fomenting a national crisis and color revolution: Soros-funded anti-Trump protesters riot in cities across United States, by Joachim Hagopian . . . it looks like this so-called turf war is getting very rough and  includes the entire USA! 

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David Icke has suggested we Americans are in a process of learning that it doesn’t matter for whom we vote, because it is our government that is the problem, and I thought it was going to take years for this to come to light. Not so!!! Please read on!!!

– Donald Trump and the danger of raised expectations

– The Clintons and Soros launching America’s Purple Revolution

There is more news . . . and apparently tonight we see that Julian Assange is receiving his payment for working with the Rockefeller faction to unseat the Clinton/Bush Crime machine. (I am attaching no emotion to this statement; I see it as a fact, a result of the world in which we are living. Julian has surely paid his dues!)

Apparently, what we are hearing about these riots is not quite the truth. Instead, we are actually watching a battle between the two classical American crime families, the Hatfields and the McCoys, or as we know them today, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

In this context, much of what Clif High is saying suddenly makes great sense (see my earlier video posts about the fast approaching collapse of the financial system)

Rothchilds = Clintons
Rockefellers = Trump

I was close enough when I went to wiki to read about Steve Pieczenik, who is without a doubt brilliant, but I didn’t look deeply enough. God bless a reader who does incredible research who sent me the info early this morning. The clue lies in the wiki info on Steve Pieczenik’s Professional Life.

Here is the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Pieczenik and here is the operative information. Read it carefully, and I feel like everything will fall in place for you, all the questions, confusion, and so on:

Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker.[3] His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare.[7] He served the presidential administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush in the capacity of deputy assistant secretary.[8]

Pieczenik apparently knows exactly what he is talking about when he speaks of a counter coup — and so does Donald Trump, who, remember, is also implicated on the Lolita Express. 

As the reader who called my attention to this more detailed information said, “It is important for us to realize that we are looking at two sides of the same coin.” In other words, it apparently doesn’t matter who totally destroys the United States, we the citizens are to be nothing but collateral damage in their continued efforts to enslave the entire planet.

It seems we are still moving towards a NWO, but it is now planned that the Rockefellers will dominate it via Donald Trump. I imagine Soros will get his comeuppance, and while there will be no WWIII, that is the only good part of this. Remember, Henry Kissinger thinks of us as ‘useless eaters’ – and don’t for a minute forget it.

My reader and I disagree on a couple important points that I have not mentioned here, but more of that later. I am aware of unseen things going on, and I think he is not.

Greg Palast got it right, and I published that info on November 11th in the evening — and I remember also thinking I should introduce the post by saying that Trump stole the election better than Hillary did!

– The Election was Stolen – Here’s How, by Greg Palast

Before a single vote was cast, the election was fixed by GOP and Trump operatives: 

Starting in 2013 – just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act – a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP–controlled states.

The system, called Crosscheck, is detailed in my Rolling Stone report,
The GOP’s Stealth War on Voters,” 8/24/2016.

Crosscheck in action:  
Trump victory margin in Michigan:                    13,107
Michigan Crosscheck purge list:                       449,922

Trump victory margin in Arizona:                       85,257
Arizona Crosscheck purge list:                           270,824

Trump victory margin in North Carolina:        177,008
North Carolina Crosscheck purge list:              589,393

Continue reading HERE.

 * * * 

These are just a few of the headlines I have published in the last days. Do they begin to make better sense? Please check out my earlier posts for more.

Sidney Blumenthal: “Cabal Of Right-Wing FBI Agents [from Rudi Giuliana’s office] ” Took Down Hillary In A “Coup D’Etat” | Zero Hedge

Donald Trump’s transition team signals return to GOP establishment, Yahoo News

Is Obama Staging a Color Revolution in the US, by Martin Berger

Meet Trump’s proposed cabinet, by James Corbett

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20 Responses to UPDATE: November 13, 2016, News, evening

  1. Lynn says:

    HI Jean,
    Seems the occupy groups have also been divided by the top 1% Dems and Republicans!
    Remember, Clinton and Trump have gone to many high profile expensive 1% parties together.

    Why aren’t our Veterans ordered to protect our clean water & Clean Air ACT and our UN Dec.of Human rights, Bill of Rights and Democracy? We the people must ask ourselves, “Why are our Veterans in 137 countries with over 1,000 military bases and allowing the top 1% to privatize our police forces, health care, public lands,schools, prisons? Why are 1/2- 2/3 of homeless veterans and 40/day committing suicide? Why are there secret space programs, underground bases, and monsanto farming. Why are we the people allowing the trillions of dollars of Govt subsides for the large corporations that have crimes against humanity and war crimes to exist? Where is the democracy,equality, justice and freedom my brothers fought for? ”

    Please, share Michael Moore’s movie “Where to Invade Next?” Amazing to watch all the Govt policies/legislation we started,but never enacted, but now WE CAN with internet, online & local education training for new earth jobs creation with a basic guaranteed income & single payer for ALL via social media. Paid volunteer Community services for all with a basic guaranteed income with single payer for all to replace the paid volunteers for more Armed Forces with single payer and family benefits.

    Seems best to get more involved with:

    1.automatic voting rights for all with ranked voting.

    2. ourrevolution.com and brandnewcongress.org and transition.us and compassioncities.org & shiftnetwork.com and green infrastructure project groups & Quakers advocacy corp legislation

    3. Youth can go online to their county electoral office and download the manuals for writing OUR OWN LEGISLATION or enacting legislation that benefits WE THE PEOPLE- the 99% (with consideration for the next 7 generations) THAT WE WANT TO MANIFEST–& then get MIT and social media networks to send petitions and legislation info to all the peace groups, teachers groups, human rights groups, green groups, women’s groups,Minority groups, political science college & university groups, environmental groups, body,mind spirit groups, spiritual groups, 501c3 groups, churches, small business development groups, animal rights groups, sports groups (more sports-not wars or drug wars for aggressive youth ), etc…

    We are all connected!

    Time to co-create a new earth paradigm that work for the 99% and the next 7 generations.


  2. DET says:

    DET, I’ve had a look at the original articles, which are about a year old, and in checking them I think they are disinfo .. . wish they weren’t 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  3. Trex says:

    Whether or not we are seeing a turf war between the Rockefellers and Rothschilds will likely daylight soon, but its not real convincing this is the case. When we think about the development of Trumps campaign, I cant say I ever saw any major power play going on to support Trump. The GOP didn’t contribute a dime. They didn’t even accept Trump as their frontrunner. Trump had to almost beg to become the GOP candidate, and even then the neocons didn’t immediately buy into it. Did we see public support of Hillary? Of course, we saw it en-mass! Soros didn’t hide the fact that he supported her, the TV media and press made it more than obvious they supported Hillary, kicking Trump in the shins at every opportunity. Meanwhile, the Donald stood alone. No media coverage without bias, no $100k/plate benefit dinners. During the election, it was obvious which way the Soros voting machines were biased; not one example of an erroneous vote for Trump from a Hillary voter. If Rockefeller is behind Trump, he sure has been quiet about it from onset of Trumps campaign to finish.

    It seems the cabal isn’t likely to be sure enough about their NWO global supremacy to afford bickering among factions at this point in time – emphasis added. If Rockefeller is to be crowned King of NWO, why would he leave his proletariat armed, with an NRA life member in the drivers seat who values the 2nd Amendment? Why would Rockefeller support someone who wants to reduce taxes on “his” flock? Why would Rockefeller support someone who wants only legal immigration when all the illegals are merrily here to form a “minority” majority voting block for the NWO agenda? This makes no sense. We need to keep in mind that the biggest NWO goal for right now is CONTROL of the populace. They don’t have this yet!!! Why would Rockefeller want his puppet to de-volve tons of unconstitutional EOs and legislation when the purpose of them was simply to exert greater CONTROL. The fight we are seeing doesn’t seem logical between NWO factions, but rather between the NWO interests and those that are opposed to a mono-polar world. If we want to entertain the possibility of a fight between NWO factions, then we will soon see divergence among the Committee of 300 / Bilderbergers. We haven’t seen signs of this in the least.

    I believe its too early to jump to conclusions whether or not Trump’s administration will wind up prosecuting the Clinton’s or not. At this point, this is nothing but a criminal case, which a president does not need to spend much time on – nor should. He has far more important issues to deal with. It seems he will not be able to afford dropping the case against the Clintons entirely as the people demand to – finally – see justice as otherwise our whole legal system becomes questionable. This is not Trumps personal #1 priority, but his staff can pick this up any time. Treason has no statute of limitations. Priority issues are those that affect legislation that affects our daily lives. Similarly, the impression I got from his brief discussion on Obama Care is that – yes – of course there are small sections that might be usable, at least in concept. However, he never once committed to carry anything across verbatim, and I doubt he will. Saying some part or another might be usable is no guarantee it won’t be re-worded to better define its intent. I’m equally sure the “Trump-Care” package will NOT need to “be passed so we can read whats in it” !!!!!!!!

    Regarding Trump dictating a police state: again, we cant jump to conclusions. Can we at least give him one single day in office post inauguration to “prove” it? Lets face it, the left is no slouch. They have power, they have money, they have connections, all of which Trump respects as potential threats to his office. He knows the NWO cabal is relentless in their aspirations. So can he afford NOT to keep demonstrations to a low rumble, instead of letting things completely get out of control? Of course not. This doesn’t mean he is ready to draft an army of brown-shirts to kill the whole mob, but law and order must prevail somehow. A video you published showed 41 tour busses hauling “protestors” into Chicago. At 100 people per bus, thats an army of 4000 rock throwing, looting, burning, rioting hoodlums who can do some damage! So far, the Constitution hasn’t been amended to guarantee freedom to riot and destroy property. So if the police arrest all of these and toss them into the nearest FEMA camp for a little reality check, I wouldn’t call this a “police state”. Perhaps a couple days of “hollow-belly” treatment would convince most to behave like responsible adults. Instigating riots is illegal and always has been. Why don’t we arrest Soros? Putin already has an international arrest warrant out for him. If we have laws, then someone needs to enforce them. Does “enforcing laws” define a “police state”? Of course not. So lets give Trump at least one day in office to prove his worth – shall we? Superman could probably do 4 years of presidential work in one day, so why not Trump? Do I hear allowing him even a few months out of his 4-year term before we get to the “I-told-you-so”? The proof is in the pudding – not the recipe!!!! So far, Trump has barely had time to show us a recipe. The pudding hopefully will come in due time, but we need to show a little patience.

  4. Deb says:

    Jean, this is exactly what I was talking about a couple weeks back when I asked why no one seems to put as much importance into Donald Trump’s involvement with the Lolita Express as they do Hillary and Bill’s involvement. Down the rabbit hole we go… smh 😦

    • Jean says:

      Can you share the link again with me? I’ve been looking for it – and can’t find it . . . we may have avoided WWIII on the planet, but it ai’t over yet – and most certainly not for Americans! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      PS I found the info!!! It’s all good 🙂 ~J 🙂

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  6. DrinkDeep says:

    It’s important to distinguish between “suppressing the black vote” and “suppressing the automatic black vote for Democrats” – the hope to switch someone’s loyalty is not the same as denying them the right to vote.

    any “suppression” was offset by the illegal/dead/multiple votes on the other side

  7. Jay says:

    BOMBSHELL: Reports Tie Clinton’s Podesta Bros to Child Abduction Case of Madeline McCann.

    Hastert’s biography was removed from the firm’s website Thursday. In a statement issued late Thursday, a Dickstein Shapiro spokesman said only that “Dennis Hastert has resigned from the firm.” Ex-speaker Dennis Hastert pleads not guilty to all charges linked to alleged sexual abuse cover-up
    Kadzik had been an attorney with Dickstein Shapiro LLP for 18 years before he represented Podesta in the Clinton/Lewinsky investigation.
    Peter Kadzik will be in charge of Justice Dept. probe of Huma Abedin emails, Kadzik friend of John Podesta, Ties to Clinton administration, Another example of the Clinton campaign’s “cozy relationship” with the Obama Justice Department
    Check out Dickstein Shapiro LLP and the link to Soros, Dennis Hastert, the DOJ, the Weiner emails, the Clintons & Madelyn McCann kidnapping.

  8. Thanks Jean, for opening dialogue in what is essentially a mute matrix;

    Ask yourself, how can a constitution protect it’s people when the lawmakers can change the definition of words? When “we, the people” in truth means “we, the delegates”; and, when we were NOT PARTY TO THE CONSTITUTION; those delegates are dead; we have no clue what definitions they used; its hearsay evidence;

    A representative democracy is an hierarchical feudal system; the answers lie in Black’s Law 4th edition; here is one:
    EMPEROR. The title of the sovereign ruler of an empire. This designation was adopted by the rulers of the Roman world after the decay of the republic, and was assumed by those who claimed to be their successors in the “Holy Roman Empire,” as also by Napoleon. “The sovereigns of Japan and Morocco are often, though with little propriety, called emperors.” 10 Encyc. Amer. (1929), p. 300.
    In western speech the former sovereigns of Turkey and China were called emperors. Cent. Diet.

    The title “emperor” seems to denote a power and dignity superior to that of a “king.” It appears to be the appropriate style of the executive head of a federal government, constructed on the monarchial principle, and comprising in its organization several distinct kingdoms or other quasi sovereign states; as was the case with the German empire from 1871 to 1918. “The proper meaning of emperor is the chief of a confederation of states of which kings are members.” Cent. Dict., quoting Encyc. Brit.

    “In general, an emperor is the holder of a sovereignty extending over conquered or confederated peoples, a king is ruler of a single people. Thus the ‘King of England’ is ‘Emperor of India.’ ” Webster’s New Int. Dict. Before the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian empire in November, 1918, its monarch was known as the Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary.

    There you have it; the executive head of a federal government is an emperor; these definitions are in fact clues and hold true even for today; this would mean for the investigator that the US republics probably have European kings associated with them; and, we would look to secret societies; for example from wikipedia:

    The Knights of Pythias was the first fraternal organization to receive a charter under an act of the United States Congress.[3] It was founded by Justus H. Rathbone, who had been inspired by a play by the Irish poet John Banim about the legend of Damon and Pythias. This legend illustrates the ideals of loyalty, honor and friendship that are the center of the order.

    The order has over 2,000 lodges in the United States and around the world, with a total membership of over 50,000 in 2003. Some lodges meet in structures referred to as Pythian Castles.

    Note: The legend of Damon/Daemon/Demon/Amon/Amon-Ra/ and Pythias;

    Further, the BAR legal system is an imperial feudal system that recognises the supremacy of the godhead and sovereign; they recognise mystery titles; ask yourself, how can a feudal law system observe the sovereignty of a republican system; it cannot and does not; we could go on and on;

    So, while we are arguing about what kind of stew it is, we are not looking at the ingredients; the words; and, who makes them; this throws any constitutional argument out the window; all countries were incorporated into the CTC Delaware since 1907; even RSA, a republic is also a federal government since 1994; since 2008 ALL countries have been “re-venued” under the UN corp; there is no more sovereignty;

    Their game is to keep us arguing over things of no import while a global evil system continues; the key to our salvation lies in words:

    Nothing is so natural as to dissolve anything in the way in which it was bound together; therefore the obligation of words is taken away by words; the obligation of mere consent is dissolved by the contrary consent. Dig. 50, 17, 35; Broom, Max. 887.

    The Great American Adventure is spot on; Anna is spot on; we will all have to re-declare and re-establish our republics from scratch; restore the government trusts and review anti-trust laws; hence, we are launching the Peoples Earth Council;

    And, it is the so-called “professionals” who sold us down the river; knowingly or un-knowingly; their circle got squared; we just got too clever for our own good;

    Only we, the 99% can save ourselves;

    in peace

  9. Soverign for Life says:

    Wow, still not asking the right questions people…. Why can “black” and “slave” votes be taken away? Do your research. The 14th and 15th amendments were not ratified and are unlawful. Therefore number one you are all sovereign nationals and do not have the right to vote. Number 2, blacks and slaves (yes everyone is a slave that has not claimed sovereignty) do not have the right to vote. The government is just pretending to let you vote and can take away your vote whenever they want. Bet your civics teacher never went over that with you.

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