November 13, 2016, News

Note: I’m hoping to take the rest of the day off 🙂 ~J

I just happened to come across this fascinating Clif High interview that backs up my personal experiences with Fulford, Wilcock, and Drake. IMO, they make false statements, selling us false truth/security/answers. We are going to have to do this for ourselves. He speaks favorably of Michael Tsarion and Dvid Icke. So interesting!

– Donald Trump and the danger of raised expectations

– Anti-Trump protests are paid and staged, Craigslist reveals . . . check out the various ads.

Martin Armstrong Exposes “The Real Clinton Conspiracy” Which Backfired Dramatically

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18 Responses to November 13, 2016, News

  1. DrinkDeep says:

    If anyone here isn’t reading Scott Adams, I highly recommend you get on board. Adams describes how Trump is a Master Persuader – Trump knows what he’s doing, and the fact that he won the election is the best proof.

    The next month will include endless ‘public debate’ about cabinet choices. Trump has demonstrated that he hires/fires people based on their effectiveness at specific points in time – look at his history with campaign managers. Kellyanne Conway was an Amnesty lobbyist, yet she carried him to the win. Just because ‘establishment’ people have held certain positions/opinions in the past, that doesn’t mean they will be the same going forward. I trust that everyone reading this would agree that until we looked at things through a different lens, we didn’t understand what was going on with the elites – don’t assume that people who have been playing the game won’t change their tune now that they have different leadership. If you think you have something to contribute to his administration, apply for a job –

    The media has shown their partisanship – they will continue to try and destroy Trump, and will continue to foment anxiety as that’s their revenue model. Ignore them – and by all means ignore their constant efforts to tear apart every move he makes. They are irrelevant and they know it –

    CBS filmed a 60 Minutes interview with Trump on Friday, and during that interview he specifically Told his supporters that if they were part of the unrest they should stop – looked directly in the camera and said “Stop It”. Instead of releasing this clip before the weekend demonstrations, they held it back – instead releasing a “preview” stating that he was going to keep parts of Obamacare.

    How much impact did that have? Hard to say – yet it let them feed the weekend news cycle with “Trump needs to say something to his supporters” (which he did, but they sat on it) and “Trump is backtracking”.

    Don’t play their game – Let Trump be Trump.

  2. Dennis Kahn says:

    Jean, Sooo happy you are back and providing such an important service. I was never able to find another site that quite equaled the quality and integrity of your site. On more than several occasions you have made me aware of a source that was unknown to, or unappreciated, by me that literally changed a direction in me or my life itself. How can I thank you? Your are more than maybe you know?

    So once again you have brought to my attention a source of extremely intelligent perspective that I had missed so far, whose insights have again helped me to adjust my truth detectors. I thank you for posting the Red Ice interview with Cliff High. He clearly strikes me to be a person of high integrity, sharp critical but open-minded intelligence with just the right balance of grounding skepticism to make him a very valuable commentator and purveyer of sanity . Thanks again!

  3. kwin123 says:

    Thanks so much for posting the interview of Clif High regarding Ben Fulford, et al. It was excellent!

  4. Captain says:

    Throughout this election I hoped to see some mention of the Free-masons, who were a key part of creating this Country’s independance. Most signers of the Declaration were Masons, as were most of the first presidents, and some recent ones – not too virtious. They were behind the original Tea Party in the harbor. This is the first printed words I’ve seen on the subject, which came out today: France Now In Terror After Donald Trump’s Victorious Freemason Forces Storm Back Across Atlantic ..
    ~~ Yeah, I know some folks think this site is dis-info, but a lot does pan out; and only here have I seen issues I’ve wondered about, but not seen addressed elsewhere. ( Fulord, I think, said this writer is actually someone from US Navy Intellegence – writing under a pseudonym, rather like when Ben Franklin wrote as “Mrs Silence Dogood.”

  5. Jean – first of all, thank you for coming back online. Your voice of sacred inquiry is much needed now.
    Interestingly, last night I also found and listened to that same interview with Clif High. I’m intrigued as I can be with his work and how he translates the data he discovers for our time. I would love to know the date of that interview to place it in context with now.
    And we have to remember that the data he is reading from DOES NOT INCLUDE the information being received from off-world and translated by David Wilcock and others who Clif High is calling into question. If you test for a wave, you will not see evidence of a particle and vice-versa. They are found in different data sets, so that should inform the perception of the blanks that Clif High is coming up with when trying to find evidence of what these people are saying.
    Nevertheless, he very expertly connects dots through those blank fields and comes up with startling conclusions that are relevant and, I believe, helpful to understanding the current collective narrative.
    I recall hearing in the two October, pre-election Web Bot reports where they did allude to seeing an expansion of the money supply. I’ll go back and listen to them again but I think that the very financial abundance that he was scoffing at in this interview he’s seeing evidence of coming to pass in the October/December reports.
    One more comment about the “Drake” factor – I’ve never trusted Drake or his egoic contributions to the ongoing discussion and long ago dismissed him from the collection of discerning voices that I pay attention to. That David Wilcock is conversing with him now only diminishes David’s credibility (in my mind), so I was very interested in hearing both the interviewer’s and Clif High’s take on Drake. It solidly confirmed my intuitive impressions of him from years ago when he first emerged onto the scene.

  6. Perceived danger of Trump as an ‘unknown’ is a freewill choice that requires each of us to watch closely what he does, do our own due diligence, post only what appears to be the closest truth, and if contradictory information shows up post a correction.

    The danger of media distorting, withholding, and omitting the facts is reality.

    Compare this headline to facts below:
    Trump Will Neither Repeal Obamacare Nor Withdraw US’ Support From South Korea



    Mr Trump, who pledged to repeal the 2010 law, said he will ‘keep the ban’ on insurers denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.

    He told the Wall Street Journal that he also favoured ‘allowing young adults to be insured’ on their parents’ policies.

    “I like those very much,” Mr Trump said of the two pillars of the bill.

  7. beLIEve says:


    Just came across this whilst surfing the net.
    Obviously, it is unconfirmed, I do not have a crystal ball…….YET !

  8. BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America…

    …Courtesy of George Soros, the Clinton Crime Family, and the Obama Administration

  9. Jay says:

    Was Madeleine McCann Abducted By The Podesta Brothers? – It is all over the internet – you need to check this out.

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