November 14, 2016 News, late day

CBS 60 Minutes: Trump’s first post-election interview – full transcript (Video)

Two separate worlds, by Thierry Meyssan . . . a different viewpoint!

The Empire Strikes Back: Soros gathers an army to ‘take back power’ from Trump

Globalism: revisiting the monster in the presidential campaign, by Jon Rappoport

Sweet: Trump backs off promise of special prosecutor for Clinton

Trump and Brexit Defeat Globalism, but For How Long? | The Daily Bell

Popular Vote Reality Check, Zerohedge

Advance cursor above to about the 30-minute mark.

History in the Making at Standing Rock, by Paul Levy

Every now and then an event happens in our world that captures my imagination, touching something really deep within me. The Native American protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at Standing Rock, North Dakota is just such an event. This has the feeling of a truly seminal, historic event in which we are all invited to participate. The peaceful protests by what are known as the “water protectors” against a multi-billion dollar corporation putting an oil pipeline through what the Native Americans consider sacred land, endangering the source of their water-i.e., of life itself-is a deeply symbolic event with real life consequences. In a very real sense, the protest is itself a sacred ceremony being performed on the world stage, being done on behalf of all of humanity – which is to say, all of us..

Russian forces restore Syrian railway enabling deliveries of desperately needed humanitarian aid

Chaos Ensues As Europe Splinters In Response To Trump: UK, France, Hungary Snub EU Emergency Meeting | Zero Hedge

Trump win spells doom for European Atlanticists, by Finian Cunningham

Bulgarian PM resigns as pro-Russia general easily wins presidency

Marine Le Pen thinks Trump victory boosts her chances for presidency, likens NF to UKIP

South Korea protests may indicate that ‘US Asia pivot in shambles’

Russian forces restore Syrian railway enabling deliveries of desperately needed humanitarian aid

Moldovan President-elect Dodon confirms his readiness to restore strategic relations with Russia

Italexit? Italy referendum result could send shockwaves through markets and further shake European Union


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  1. Susan says:

    Good interview by Lada Ray

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