UPDATE: November 15, 2016 News . . . evening

UPDATE: Did Trump just sell out? ‘Everybody’s a lobbyist’ .  .  . this writer speaks positively about Trump as being a pragmatist, and while it makes sense and I would very much like to believe it, he fails to mention several points that make me question his theory: 1) Trump stole the election 2) it was apparently done via a CIA team from within Giuliani’s office, and 3) Steve Pieczenik, apparently a member of that team, appears to be attempting to call the shots, a man who has worked closely with many of the darker individuals in our history, most notably, Henry Kissenger.  Would that this author’s words were true. I would be happy to be told I’ve got it wrong . . . ~J

For we fight NOT against men…, but against PRINCIPALITIES, by Bradley Loves . . . Bradley’s back and I’ve just discovered that fact. How wonderful! . Check out his new site!

 * * * * * 

My question now to Steve Pieczenik is, “Who is WE?” Who is Steve speaking for —really? We know now that he worked with, among others, Henry Kissinger. As you listen, Steve tells us he wants this and that: I want this, and I want that. Is it actually Steve, and if not, for whom is he speaking? Why is he disrespecting Trump as President-elect and making these public statements, telling Trump what he wants? Don’cha wonder?

Donald Trump Announces Global Warming Is A Massive Hoax . . . good news here!

‘Cruel, Vindictive, Authoritarian’: Rudy Giuliani Tops List of Trump’s Candidates for Secretary of State | Common Dreams 

Something quite “HUGE” just happened! .  .  . for me the operative info in this post is that . . .

With the formal appointment of Stephen Bannon (Executive Chairman of BREITBART News) by Trump “as his chief White House strategist and senior counselor”,everything changes—BIG TIME.

How so?

Because, for the first time in U.S. history a powerful alternative news platform will have the ear of a POTUS and serious access to the West Wing.

. . . Interestingly, if you’ve been following my post, Steve Pieczenil doesn’t agree! 

 * * * 

Trump’s Ultra-Right Top Advisor Steve Bannon is Thinking Globally, Not Locally | Common Dreams . . . and we read here that he has just become Trump’s Chief Whitehouse Strategist — and by the way, Steve Pieczenik doesn’t recommend his appointment! Confused? You might be more so as you read this article. I felt like it was full of double-speak, but maybe all this confusion is more than I can deal with right now.


Defcon 5, as Russia blasts ISIS in Syria to smithereens! That’s worth a laugh, and it was lowered to the safest level because Trump won the election, and NORAD knows we won’t be going to war with Russia. When Hillary was still a prospect, we were at DEFOCON 3, and almost went to DEFCON 2, with DEFCON 1 being “launch”. We were at that defense level because if Hillary managed to steal it there definitely would have been war with Russia.

Instead, Putin talked to Trump a few hours before launching 1 sortie every 22 seconds (an unbelievable number) against “well vetted and confirmed ISIS targets in Syria”. That ought to finish quickly, when I did the report farther down this page, Russia had already launched 400+ sorties in the prior two and a half hours.

The details on this are farther down this page.

And THANK YOU TRUMP for making it possible for America to be at rest while Russia cleans up the mess Hillary and Obama made.


Russia was no doubt emboldened by Trump as POTUS and has launched massive carrier based airstrikes with heavy bombers, cruise missiles, artillery, and infantry in Syria to wipe out ISIS. This story just broke.

Now let’s see what Obama’s responses are, with U.S. warships within eyeshot of the Russian warships (the Mediterranean is not big enough for both navies).

OK, Here it is on RT

CONFIRMED: BEFORE LAUNCHING MASSIVE STRIKES ON ISIS IN SYRIA, PUTIN FIRST CALLED TRUMP AND DISCUSSED IT, [I want to be very careful here; I do not know for a fact that Putin and Trump specifically discussed this massive strike that began today. Neither article mentioned here says that this actually occurred during their phone call, although they do choose to leave that impression. I’m loathe to make such assumptions, and I rather think it might go against Putin’s grain. ~J] AND HE TOTALLY IGNORED OBAMA! HA HA HA HA HA and a half page full of laughs!

TRUMP WILL END THE WAR ON TERROR. All it will take is a little cleanup and a cutoff of American funding for the terrorists.


And now we witness the end of the Obama-Clinton legacy, before he’s even out of office!

* * * 

‘Cruel, Vindictive, Authoritarian’: Rudy Giuliani Tops List of Trump’s Candidates for Secretary of State | Common Dreams 

 * * * 

This video was aired in July of 2015. Since then, they’ve been able to keep this quiet, and right now they’ve actively moved to shut down any talk of pedophilia in the united States. This must not be allowed. Having been raped by a father and uncle at the age of three, I discovered in my healing process how this totally intrusive act destroys any feelings of personal sovereignty and personal safety in life that we might have. With help, I walked through feelings of terror and fear in order to heal them. I learned that I was no longer a child and had other alternatives, and I applied these skills — and I did free myself! I had blocked the entire experience until late in my life, and since I became aware of it and why my life never worked out, it has taken me twenty long, painful years to regain my sovereignty. I realize it takes a tough, tough person to do this, and how many people have the courage and stamina to do it? Yet, this is what is required! I think we must protect our children so they never have to deal with that which I have had to deal. It is not normal for little children to be treated like little adults! They are after all our future! They deserve to have a childhood!

Now, please visit the site below and read this article, because to me it feels very much like mis-direction, or an effort to make us feel like this subject is being dealt with, but we hear not a word about Hillary and friends’ ventures into this area:


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17 Responses to UPDATE: November 15, 2016 News . . . evening

  1. beLIEve says:

    Globalists Will Crash Markets and Blame it on Trump-Rob Kirby

    Rob Kirby…….. comments…..
    “………Our capital markets have become nothing more than a crime scene……
    “The globalist operators have infested both the mainline DNC (Democrat) and RNC (Republican). They are infested with globalists. The central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve, is the backbone of the globalist system. The globalists are acting in crisis mode right now. So, paying heed to the notion of never letting a good crisis go to waste, it wouldn’t shock me at all for what the globalists have in store for us. They have contempt for humanity, and they would let the markets absolutely sewer the minute Donald Trump is sworn in, if he lives that long. That’s where I think we are headed, and the plans may be hastened.”


    • Jean says:

      beLIEve, everybody thinks the globalists are in charge, but are they? Will they be the ones to crash it, or will others be the ones to do it? No one is talking about this possibility, and I wonder why not. I think the odds are great that the rest of the world will soon have had enough . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Jay says:

    Tomi Lahren – Outsmart Soros | Final thoughts

  3. Tracy says:

    I’m in alignment with Bradley & Bill, it’s always been a spirit-battle, and everything else is “theater”. With that said the task for Mr. Trump to “drain-the-swamp” (which doesn’t even get close to the truth of our downward spiral as a “pending” Republic, while d.b.a. ® Registered Corporation,) So many embedded players & imposters in this drama that has been going on for centuries. The only thing that will pave the way is “truth” the honest to: good, bad, and ugly. Tell it from the mountain top so that all will hear, see and know just what has been going on. Only then will we as a totality of peoples be able to fix this mess; where every-person is a “responsible” stake holder with equal say about what is for the best good of ALL on Earth. That is how big of a task which is waiting for our “collective” solution. IMO this describes PROGRESS, anything else is a delusion. We only have this Earth it is past time for “everyone” to come together in peace to heal our home. We’ve got to ALL come together today without force, coercion, harm, fraud, et al. to sway a particular venue of interest by a cadre of “few”. As the song goes: It’s now or never. Affirming our restoration and further ascension.

    • Jean says:

      Remember, it’s taken Putin 16 years to really begin to get his swamp – I prefer cesspool – drained. As things are shaping up, and as we learn more about Trump, do you really think he will be able to drain our cesspool? Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Pingback: AMERICA IS NOW AT DEFCON 5! — Jim Stone | 1EarthUnited

  5. Deborah says:

    PIZZAGATE: The Scandal That Will Take Down the Clintons, the Democratic Party and the U.S. Federal Government

  6. trans20 says:

    Jean, the one we need to start watching closely is Paul Ryan for he’s the one that will take the reins….Obama as Prez of the US Corp is defunct so he’s really out of the equation as is Biden. Ryan will be the Prez of the New Republic and has already quietly been sworn in…but they’re rolling things out slowly, I’m told, to not scare the masses. Let’s watch and see…and above all, when Common Law replaces Admiralty Law, “God Bless America”.

    • Jean says:

      I just heard this morning that trump detests Paul Ryan – and it’s visceral. ? ? ? Please don’t buy into the New Republic. . . it’s a dream calculated to keep you from preparing and us from realizing change is up to us – and we can and will do it! Hugs, ~Jean

  7. SacredPeaks says:

    Jean, I am very suspicious about all of this. The reason being is that Steve P. came out with his statements, then Erik Prince with his article of “his inside knowledge with NYPD” on Brietbart owned by Steve Bannon who is Trump’s pick for chief of staff. So we have Bannon as Trumps’s pick for chief of staff and Trump gave his final speech just before the election on November 7th at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan? Anyone following things would know they are all in on it together. It is time to obliterate the cockroaches!

    • Jean says:

      SP, people need to wake up – and fast. They need to realize they’re dreaming if they think Trump is any different from the last Prez. They are all the same, just ‘created’ to get us to buy into their ‘new’ story of the present election cycle. If we don’t learn our lesson, we will be years struggling – and struggling. The lesson keeps coming around for us to learn — until we get it. That’s the way of energy, but now there isn’t much time. We’re near the end of the cycle . . . Nice to see you back. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Of interest also was mention by David Wilcock among others of how the Draconians promptly offered their human “troops” as “payment” for them being allowed to exit the Solar System Quarantine.

        None of the Cabal’s incarnate followers think it could happen to them……but it could- and between heartbeats- if the Dark entities thought it served them and their interests.

        Just like the Cabal has seen us as expendable- so too does the Dark entities view the Cabal and its servants……..

        I would rather the Cabal Stand Down and accept prison sentences rather than capital punishment instead of complete defeat. Compassion…for many.

        Bradley Loves is quite on point.

        • Jean says:

          Thanks, Michelle. I wish I could trust David, but through my personal experience I know he is not honest, so I do not follow him. I’m not into sorting him out. I’m glad people who believe him can find him elsewhere. . . Hugs, ~Jean

          PS I saw the quote used by Bradley on a short part of the Soros interview, where he talks about not believing in God and not worrying about the death of the Jews in the concentration camps . . .It seemed eerily appropriate 🙂

  8. Bill says:

    Jean – Here’s the source of the line in Love’s article:
    Ephesians 6:12 – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I saw this quote this morning on a three-minute version of the Soros interview, the part where he says he doesn’t believe in God. . . Thanks and hugs for posting it here. I appreciate your stepping in and helping – as I do everyone who does so.. . . ~Jean

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