November 15, 2016, News

Stay Alert, America: The Worst Is Yet to Come, by John Whitehead

This is not the time to drop our guards, even for a moment.

Nothing has changed since the election to alter the immediate and very real dangers of roadside strip searches, government surveillance, biometric databases, citizens being treated like terrorists, imprisonments for criticizing the government, national ID cards, SWAT team raids, censorship, forcible blood draws and DNA extractions, private prisons, weaponized drones, red light cameras, tasers, active shooter drills, police misconduct and government corruption.

Time alone will tell whether those who put their hopes in a political savior will find that trust rewarded or betrayed.

Personally, I’m not holding my breath. . . continue reading

If Trump lets neocons infiltrate his Foreign Policy Team they will undermine his entire agenda 

. . .  John Bolton for Secretary of State? . . .

. . . The risk is that Trump’s foreign-affairs transition team becomes infiltrated. Much of the transition is being run out of the Heritage Foundation, which was a big promoter of the Iraq War. Mainly, however, Vice President Mike Pence, who heads up the transition team, was another war wanter and still supports the neoconservative agenda—e.g., he strongly supported the attack on Libya. He also wants much more military spending. Pence is great on domestic issues but not on foreign policy. Although a Catholic, he also is very close to those evangelicals who believe that supporting Israel’s expansion will help to speed up the second coming of Christ and, consequently, Armageddon. One must assume that he, together with the military-industrial complex, is plugging for the neoconservatives again to work their agenda upon America and the world. . .  continue reading 

Lest We Forget:

* * * * * * *

  * * * * * * * 


* * * * * * * *

‘War crimes of torture’: ICC prosecutor signals charges against US armed forces, CIA . . . what does this really mean, when we know the ICC is a tool of the United States and the UN? Is this just like the way the Pope and the UN handle things? All talk, but no action?

Russia’s economy minister detained, investigated over alleged $2mn bribe linked to big oil deal . . . no one in Russia is above the law!

News Line, RT:

The US Treasury Department has added six Russian MPs to the list of individuals sanctioned in connection with the conflict in Ukraine, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, which enforces economic and trade sanctions, said in a statement. The members of the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, represent Crimea and the city of Sevastopol. They are Dmitry Belik, Ruslan Balbek, Konstantin Bakharev, Andrey Kozenko, Svetlana Savchenko and Pavel Shperov.

Snowden: Trump Presidency May Mean More US Government Spying on Americans

“We are starting to substitute open government for sheer authoritarianism, a government based not upon the principle of informed consent granted by people who understand its activities but rather a trust in personalities, a trust in claims, a trust in the hope that they will do the right thing,” he said during a teleconference hosted by the law school at Buenos Aires University.

Kiev in a panic: Tymoshenko declares Third Maidan, emergency government committee prepares martial law

Selected Articles: Prosecute the Clintons for Wrecking Haiti | Global Research

For Haitian-Americans, the US presidential race was a fight not only to wrest our native land from the Clintons, but also our adopted homeland. The US would have been Hillary Clinton’s next target after she and her cronies had refined in Haiti their methods to rig elections, co-opt journalists, and destroy economies. The evidence of wrongdoing was there for all to see, but throughout the yearlong campaign by the Greens, Libertarians, Republicans, and Democrats, Mr. Trump was the only candidate who singled out Clinton’s indefensible pay-to-play conduct in Haiti for attack.

Hillary Clinton intervened personally in the 2010-11 Haitian elections to rig them in favour of Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly. The latter went on to steal millions of dollars to enrich himself and his family over a five year presidency marked by scandalous debauchery by Haiti’s morally-repugnant 1%, while the Black majority continues to die whenever it rains on their environmentally-vulnerable third of island.

What the Clintons Did to Haiti

By Nathan J. Robinson, November 13 2016

Their actions in the country were shameful and shouldn’t be defended… In this excerpt from Superpredator: Bill Clinton’s Use and Abuse of Black America, we examine the Clintons’ involvement in the country’s affairs during Hillary Clinton’s time at the State Department.

South Korea’s Historic “One Million People Protest” to Oust Washington’s Puppet President Park Geun-hye

By Hyun Lee, November 14 2016

As the United States ushers in a new right wing president into office, South Korea is about to give theirs the boot. One million people gathered in Seoul on November 12 to demand Park Geun-hye’s resignation. This is the largest protest South Korea has seen since the democratic uprising of June 1987.

Voices from Syria Refute Western Propaganda: US-NATO Supported Terrorists Involved in Countless Atrocities

By Mark Taliano, November 13 2016

Recent estimates suggest that terrorists from about 100 countries are currently infesting Syria. Coupled with the legal interventions of the “Axis of resistance”, and the illegal war crimes of NATO and its allies, means that the dirty war on Syria is increasingly a world war.

“Anti-Americanism” in the Philippines. President Duterte’s Subaltern Counter-Hegemony

By Prof. E. San Juan Jr., November 14 2016

What does “anti-Americanism” mean—to be against McDonald burgers, Beyonce, I-phones, Saturday Night Live, Lady Gaga, Bloomingdale fashions, Wall Street, or Washington-Pentagon imperial browbeating of inferior nations/peoples-of-color? Duterte is suspending joint military exercises, separating from U.S. government foreign policy by renewing friendly cooperation with China in the smoldering South China Sea, and”veering” toward Russia for economic ties—in short, promoting what will counter the debilitating, predatory U.S. legacy.

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15 Responses to November 15, 2016, News

  1. Captain says:

    Regarding Guilliani: Never forget:
    Fact: Part of 9/11 bombings of the two towers were to cover up the theft of the gold bullion reserves – those stored in WTC 1, and those recently stored there to back up the NESARA announcement that was to take place that day, as arranged by those in the Pentagon (which was also taken out.) Reports on Veterans Today report of how vans filled with gold bullion were found in the subway tunnels.
    Fact: The day the gold reserves were ‘recovered,’ was the day Guilliani ordered the search for survivors to stop. The NY Firefighters refused and rioted. Guilliani called in the NYPD to remove the firemen!!! It was about the gold!
    Fact: Guilliani was in a bunker in a building adjacent to the WTC that morning, reportedly doing “drills” with the police force. He remarked that he was nearly trapped inside.
    Fact: Guilliani was in the same London tube station at the same time that it was bombed. Again he was doing “drills with special forces.”
    So the question is, will Guilliani aid or block Trumps 9/11 investigations? He probably know a lot of what went on behind the scenes – but if he acted willingly or unwillingly has yet to be determined.

    • Jean says:

      Captain, I’m having trouble being patient tonight. Please! There are no NESARA funds coming our way. It’s a hoax/a dream without possibility to keep us thinking we are going to be saved . . . when, in fact, we must/can/will have to do it ourselves! Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Ri-chard says:

    As long as interest rates stay relatively low, the US will just print more money until the reset, revaluation of currency and restart for US Treasury as the principal minus the Fed Reserve and IMF interference. That’s the pipe dream.

  3. SacredPeaks says:

    It appears that Ellen Brown has some serious concerns too! Trump’s infrastructure plan will fuel privatization of public assets (like water) at firesale prices:

  4. What George Soros does seems to always be good for Jews and their interests.

  5. Captain says:

    The lady hits on several topics: Judge Jeanine Pirro FULL Emotional Opening Statement Donald Trump Elected President ! – 11/12/16 ..

    This partly explains why Hillary did not do a concession speech that night, (short bit at the start), she was also probably wrangling for some ‘deal’ as hers is a history of bribes and blackmail: Hillary Clinton Goes Full Psycho ..
    ( Hillary from last month: “If that “F****ing” bastard wins, we all hang from nooses.” — HR Clinton during her melt-down after Matt Lauer interview. )

    • “(Hillary from last month: “If that “F****ing” bastard wins, we all hang from nooses.” — HR Clinton during her melt-down after Matt Lauer interview. )”)\

      Fact: Have drop-chart; will travel. Just send YT a certified copy of the Lawful Warrant. Offer applies exclusively to those convicted in a Lawful court of war crimes and authorization of same (including torture), bribery of elected officials and (as prescribed in the American National Constitution), TREASON. Reasonable fee payable on performance. Able and cooperative assistant required.

      And gee, it sure looks like Herself’d been reading or hearing from aides of such public offers of service as this from OTHER dead-serious Americans as well as YT well aforee that oddly-famousMatt Lauer Interview, no doubt, out in the fora and in the Blog Comments all across the land… Well, it’s a gut-wrenching job but it MUST be done.

      So where are the appropriately targeted arrests, already? Last I heard, Mr. Trump had told 60 Minutes last Sunday the 13th that he thought the Clintons were “Good People”… Maybe he was joshing, hm…

      This Old Turtle sure means it, rest assured. Can hardly wait for the first Letter! Holding one’s breath, now that’s a Different Thing. 😉

      SO glad you are back online, Jean! Many hugs and prayers too! And that is all. 0{:-|o[

      • Jean says:

        I’ve been wondering if you were okay – and if you would show up back here with us! Thank you so much for returning . . . and hoping you are well. Hugs, ~Jean

  6. Jay says:

    RT Max Keiser Part 2 of interview with Dr. Michael Hudson, Economist

  7. Finian Cunningham; Interesting reading…..

    “This is perhaps where the real significance of the latest Pentagon and British terrorist kill program is evinced. If we accept the plausible and proven premise that the Americans and their NATO allies have been covertly funding, arming and directing jihadi terror proxies, then one can expect that there is plenty of evidence within the terrorist ranks of such state-sponsoring criminal connections.

    As Russian and Syrian forces eradicate the terrorist remnants one can anticipate that a trove of highly indicting information will be uncovered that grievously imputes Washington, London, Paris and others in Syria’s dirty war. Among the finds too will be hundreds of Nusra and other terrorist operatives who may be willing to testify as to who their handlers were. A huge can of worms awaits to be prized open.

    To pre-empt such devastating evidence of Western culpability in waging a covert criminal war in Syria, the Pentagon and its British partner appear to be dispatching their elite troops to perform a little bit of «house cleaning». That cleaning may involve whacking jihadis who know too much.

    No wonder the British official said it could be the most important mission for the SAS in its 75-year history. Washington and London’s neck is on the line.”



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