November 19, 2016 News, Late evening !!!!!!! It looks like things are breaking open :)

This is the article from State of the Nation to which Gabor Zolna refers on his video. It is almost an encyclopedia of what is going on:

The Deep Back Story to the
Worldwide Pedophilia Ring

 * * * * * * * 

Now, this just in from Simon Parkes, which says maybe I’ve gotten it all wrong – AND I CAN TELL YOU THAT NOTHING WOULD DELIGHT ME MORE!!! I’ve been checking Simon’s site all day for some sort of announcement, so I don’t know if I was blocked, or not, becauseI’m just now able to get his notice. It looks like the US Military is protecting Trump! I hope this is right!!! Anyway, here are Simon’s two latest messages:


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4 Responses to November 19, 2016 News, Late evening !!!!!!! It looks like things are breaking open :)

  1. Captain says:

    This lady nails it (again): Judge Jeanine Blistering Opening ‘Hamilton’! “You Are All Damn Hypocrites”! #BOYCOTTHAMILTON! ..

  2. Captain says:

    Just passing these along. Hopeful signs that things are improving:
    As you can see, Captain, I’m not publishing anything by Ben Folfurd! If people want to view his words, there are plenty of places where you can read them, but please don’t bring them here anymore . . . I can’t publish the words of someone who for me – as a result of my own personal experience – has no validity. I haven’t got time for these kinds of people. In the future, please do not bring that sort of info here . . . many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    2 A small move back towards commonsense…
    3 A list of several interesting recent Kent Dunns posted at this site (some cover things that B Fulford claims is happening) ..

  3. Susan says:

    Hi Jean, I can tell you that James Gilliland is saying the same thing…. though I am not so sure yet, he’s been saying similar things for quite some time.

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