November 19, 2016 News

A quick note from ~Jean: I have not taken the time to read your comments and suggestions concerning my health, because I’m trying to stay off line. My situation is very unusual in that I was on psychiatric drugs for about fifty years, and these have a very specific affect on our physical bodies. Although both of the people with whom I have worked have been extremely helpful, neither could completely comprehend my situation: my ligaments, tendons, muscles were incapable of carrying the energy those drugs shut down; they had been weakened and were collapsing  — and even have no memory of what it was like ‘before’ the drugs. As an example of what I mean, when I first got off those drugs, at night the muscles in my abdomen (intestines) would collapse, and I had to hold my hand on my stomach, because they felt like they were ‘falling out.’ They had no memory of what ‘rest’ at night meant.

Yesterday, I was at crunch time: I was so exhausted that I needed help and I needed it then. Having had almost zero sleep for far too pain-filled many nights, I knew I had to get a special appointment from the doctor, and I had to ask him to do something for me with which he disagreed. Prolotherapy is a noninvasive way of strengthening weak muscles, ligaments, etc, and it is done by injecting sugar water into the most painful areas. This results in the asking the body to throw off a foreign substance, thus strengthening these areas, while it also creates stem cells.

This doctor did not believe I was correct in my analysis that where he had already done the procedure wasn’t solving the problem, and he also believed a different area should be addressed. Fortunately, I believe he ‘heard’ that I may know more about the situation and my body than he did, and he did the procedure. Already, today, my leg is feeling better, and I believe I may now be slowly on the mend.

My healing has required that I stand up for myself against two specialists in their areas. It is not easy to stand up to a respected doctor, but that was what was what I had to do yesterday in order to to heal and take back my power. I’ve done so, and I’ve been proved correct in my assessment of the problem. If I had not done this, I believe I would not have for much longer survived my present situation, which has gone on for over two, very long years. I’m finally on a slow road back to health. While this sharing might sound overly dramatic — and that is not my intention, the fact is that yesterday was terrible for me — and it was very dramatic. What if the doctor had not done as I asked?

Now, my remaining problem is to figure out how to keep wi-fi from destroying my body which is so sensitive that it doesn’t like acupuncture 🙂
Thanks to everyone for your support – and hugs to all,

 * * * 

What’s really important in the news, and what is little more than tabloid material to scare us, intimidate us, or mislead us? Which headlines tell the story on their own and are quite enough? This is the question I’m trying to answer each day. To soak ourselves in the present depravity is, my opinion, simply not sensible. Better understanding, though, of our situation – ah, now that is of prime importance!

Wayne Madsen – Neocon ‘Blasts from the Past’ Threaten to Undermine Trump Presidency

Let me also share that I believe I’ve achieved some clarity about the video from Steve Piecezenik (HERE), in which I questioned Steve’s interfering with Trump’s selection of his cabinet, Steve told him publicly what he wanted, and I’m now going to assume that ‘he’ represents the Rockefeller branch of the cabal and Henry Kissinger himself. I’ve decided he was rebuking Trump publicly and telling him for all to hear that his cabinet choices were not his to make; in other words, Trump is yet another figurehead President. Immediately, we saw different names floated, one of which is Romney for Secretary of State.

Have we forgotten so soon Romney’s history, as we learned it before his failed attempt at the Presidency? If you have, or if want to review it, please SEARCH my blog here for the articles/history of that time. What they tell is damning for Trump and should make it clear to all that Trump is not a breath of fresh air, but simply another aspect of the cabal which continues to create death and chaos all over the planet as they fail in their attempt to enslave us.

Here is a sampling of articles from my blog  about Romney’s run for the Presidency and his criminal past. (I am sorry if they are not the best, but I’m trying not to stay online very long);
– Mitt Romney’s Father Was A Mexican Citizen When Mitt Was Born

– The Mexican Mormon War (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Full Length)

– Romney Backed by Goldman Sachs, Bailout Banks

 – Watchdog calls for probe of Romney Super PAC ad

 – How Mormon Doctrine Shapes Romney’s World View – by Kirk Robinson 

 – RT: Just business? Romney son visits ‘No. 1 geopolitical foe’ – report

Another thing to note in general  — but perhaps specifically because of Romney’s connection with Mexico —is that we no longer have just three city-states on our planet: Rome/Vatican, City of London, and Washington, D.C. Instead we can add a fourth, and that is Mexico City, which if I remember correctly is the place intended to be used to shift drug money around the planet. Interesting? You bet!

The response to a Google Question: The answer is both. The capital of the country of mexico is Mexico City. Mexico City is located in an autonomous federal district (El DF as it is called in spanish) not unlike the District of Columbia in the US. There is also a state of mexico, which more or less surrounds the Federal District.

People from the country of Mexico are called “mexicanos”. People from the state of Mexico are called “mexiquenses”. People from Mexico City are called “chilangos”.

Before we leave the election and the continuing hubbub raised by Soros and team, this article, which demonstrates the total joke of our election is important. I have to wonder how much more of this will the American population continue to tolerate. While it does not mention the efforts by Hillary to steal the election, I believe the fact is that both sides stole it, but the GOP was a little more clever about it; they did a better job! The many, many avenues available to them is amazing, and show that our elections are totally macabre!

Did the GOP Strip and Flip the 2016 Selection?  

 * * *

We also have an update today from Clif High, in which he makes no reference to anything but the normal deterioration of our lives as the financial system totters and slowly falls. It appears he has backed off from his original interpretation of his data, which noted the craziness after the election that we have come to know as the battle between the Clinton/Soros/Rothschild faction and the Trump/Henry Kissenger/Rockefeller faction, and Hillary’s disappearance from the scene — never to be seen again, which would lead the rest of the world to drop the fiat dollar.

Hillary’s disappearance from the scene on election night IMO was not significant, but if the Rothschild faction were to win the Electoral College — and Hillary Clinton then could not be found, I believe that could then be considered to be a significant disappearance. Is there still a possibility that Clif’s original interpretation has validity? I’m hoping so.

Anyway, there is much drama that these people intend to subject us to between now and their demise, and at this point, until we the collective American people decide to do something about it, we might consider ourselves as little more than spectators.

Putin Is Finally Purging the Medvedev Government . . . this article fits with our financial situation and should remind us that Putin has been working for 16 years to clean the oligarchs out of Russia. I guess my question is how long will it take the US not only to wake up, but to then decide to clean out their own swamp. Do we really have 16 years?

Actually, when I reflect on how fast we are waking up to Trump, I’m simply delighted. I can remember being elated at the election of Obama, of delightedly showing photos of him with his wonderful family during the inauguration, and for a very, very long time being confused and stymied — maybe because of his being given the Nobel Peace Prize, about whether or not he was ‘with-us-or-against-us’. This took me a period of years. Trump hasn’t even been elected — and we’re on to him! I think there may be hope for us 🙂 

Note: Be aware that a little symbol of a house is now appearing where we’d like to refresh a site. It says it will take you to the home page. Not! This house will take you to something called ‘safe find’. I think it is an attempt to create fear and to stop us from reading alternative news.

I’m also being told by Yahoo that they don’t recommend such-and-such a site, so I can proceed at my own risk. Then, Safari can’t access a particular site Not! They can, but they do’t choose to . . . and this is all to intimidate us and shut down our right to free speech. Zero hedge has an article on this subject, describing the young woman, who out of nowhere has the authority to prescribe what we can and cannot read . . . this is desperation, loud and clear, but how far will they get with it? Rather, how far will we allow them to get with it — as they try to continue to force us to live in their false reality?

– Assange: “Google is not What It Seems’; They ‘Do Things the CIA Cannot’ link

Regarding Pedophila: We must not let them shut down this information, but since Trump has been involved, they sure will do their bet!

 – This is just in from Bix Weir, who appears to just now be hearing about this. I think it really, really upsets our sense of reality:

The alt media is running wild connecting the dots for the DC Pedophile Ring and it’s not pretty. It started with the Podesta Wikileaked emails but the trail leads on to many, many others. This goes to the highest offices in our Nation not only including the President and the Vice President but even the FBI’s top brass in charge of safeguarding against child trafficking.

There has been so much evidence exposed over the last few weeks that there is NO WAY this can be hidden any longer.

Here’s a video that connect the dots and there are dozens more being posted everyday…

WARNING: If you watch this video you will never look at our leaders in Washington the same way again.

DC’s Comet Pizza Pedophile Ring

Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about this information. I don’t know whether to be angry or just break down in tears because the ramifications for our Nation of this information coming out into the open cannot not be underestimated.

Now we know why FBI Director Comey dropped the Clinton email case right before the election and Trump was “allowed” to win.

This can literally TAKE DOWN our entire government structure.

I knew it was bad but I had no idea it was this bad and so out in the open.

God save the United States of America…if we are meant to be saved.

Bix Weir

PS – Those who prophesied that Trump would never make it into the Oval Office may be right…our country may be DESTROYED from the INSIDE before Jan 20th.

* * *

Now for a bit on Syria

Personally, I enjoy listening to the calm reasoning of Assad — calmness in a world gone insane is really a special treat. . . . ~J

– For Washington, Destroying Allepo is a Bipartisan Agenda, by Tony Cartalucci


 * * *

The Week in Review from Global Research:

Shifting US-EU-Russia Relations?

False Promises of the European Dream: Moldova and Bulgaria Elect Pro-Russian Presidents

By Sergey Gladysh, November 14 2016

As the European Union continues to spiral towards an all-out disaster due to significant economic problems, the migrant crisis, cultural decay, and an overall loss of purpose, countries like Moldova and Bulgaria, which were once blinded by the false promises of the European dream, are beginning to shift course back towards the only nation in Europe today that is experiencing a remarkable renaissance – yes, Russia.

Restoring Dialogue with the Kremlin? Donald Trump and Potential US-Russia Break Points

By Michael Averko, November 14 2016

It remains to be seen whether Trump will continue to second guess the negative establishment views on Russia, or change course as he has done on some other issues. Trump’s inner circle of political elites includes some individuals who’ve expressed negatively inaccurate comments about Russia. On the flip side, during his presidential campaign, he (in at least one instance) favorably spoke of involving folks with fresh foreign policy ideas, who the establishment has shunned.

Fighting the (Real) Deplorables. Corporate Financiers, Big Agriculture, Big Pharma… What are the Solutions?

By LocalOrg, November 14 2016

It is the system that is deplorable. It is the corporate-financier special interests who are deplorable for monopolizing and dominating every aspect of the American people’s lives for profit and power. It is the politicians who are deplorable for selling themselves to these interests while posing as public servants and representatives. It is the corporate media who helps both special interests and their pet politicians pander to the public, mislead them, confuse them, and most deplorable of all, divide them against one another.

Steve Bannon: A Fascist in the White House

By Tom Carter, November 15 2016

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke celebrated Bannon’s appointment as Trump’s chief strategist in an interview with radio host Don Advo, a neo-Nazi sympathizer. Reacting to the news of Bannon’s appointment, Advo commented, “We appear to have taken over.” Duke agreed.

US Feigns Human Rights Concerns in Philippines. Extrajudicial Executions and Duterte’s “War on Drugs”

By Tony Cartalucci, November 16 2016

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is heading a controversial campaign against crime, embodied in his “war on drugs” which has led to violence spanning the nation’s troubled urban centers. President Duterte’s comments have ranged from reasonable, to utterly indifferent regarding fears of extrajudicial executions, vigilantism, and very real human rights abuses – opening a door of opportunity for his political opponents both at home and abroad.

President Bashar al-Assad Interview: “It’s our Right to Defend our Country against any Kind of Invasion” [View this interview on video, above. ~J]

By Bashar al Assad, November 16 2016

“We can say, you can win the war only when you restore stability in Syria. You cannot talk about winning the war as long as there’s killing and destruction on daily basis. That doesn’t mean we are losing the war; the army is making good advancement on daily basis against the terrorists. Of course, they still have the support of Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and some Western countries including the United States, but the only option that we have in that regard is to win. If you don’t win and the terrorists win, Syria wouldn’t exist anymore.”

2016 Going On 1984: Britain has Passed the ‘Most Extreme Surveillance Law Ever Passed in a Democracy’

By Zack Whittaker, November 17 2016

The law will force internet providers to record every internet customer’s top-level web history in real-time for up to a year, which can be accessed by numerous government departments; force companies to decrypt data on demand – though the government has never been that clear on exactly how it forces foreign firms to do that that; and even disclose any new security features in products before they launch.

U.S. Imposes New Fine for Trading with Cuba

By Cuba vs Bloqueo, November 17 2016

The fine only serves to generate concern among economic entities interested in engaging with Cuba, and clearly demonstrates that the blockade continues to harm the Cuban economy.

Obama just Cancelled Oil and Gas Drilling on sacred Blackfeet Land

By Tom Cahil, November 18 2016

In a stunning move, President Obama has announced he won’t allow any oil and gas leases on land deemed sacred by the Blackfeet Tribe.

Largest Bank in Norway Sells its Assets in Dakota Access Pipeline

By Perry Wheeler, November 18 2016

The largest bank in Norway, DNB, has announced that it has sold its assets in the Dakota Access pipeline.

Greece’s Public Health Services on the Brink of Collapse

By Defend Democracy Press, November 18 2016

Six years of economic crisis, loan agreements, austerity cuts and freezing of new hiring threaten the primary care health care system. A report published by the Panhellenic Federation of Employees at Public Hospitals draws a dire picture of the situation and furthermore blames the Health Ministry and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

Demonetisation has Left India’s Food Markets Frozen – and the Future Looks Tense

By M Rajshekhar and Abhishek Dey, November 18 2016

As demonetisation enters its second week, traders in Patna’s Maroofganj mandi are seeing something unprecedented. In the last seven days, the supply of new stocks in this wholesale market, which supplies cooking oil, spices, rice, wheat and pulses to shopkeepers across Patna, has plummeted. The strange thing is: despite the contraction in both supply and demand, commodity prices are stable.

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12 Responses to November 19, 2016 News

  1. DET says:

    Hi Jean,
    above at Bill you are writing that you have a cover for your phone.
    Please notice:
    This cover is not a protection for your health because nowadays
    the provider are working on the basis of Scalare-Waves and this
    kind of waves penetrates all matter!
    The only shelter against this kind of waves is a changing
    magnetic field.
    There is a patent, inventor is a mister Egon Tech which were working
    together with a Russia scientist. I know mister E.T. by blog comments
    and mail writings. He is no charlatan and no moneymaker!
    They have developed a device which is working on
    the basis of theses changing magnetic field at Schumann- Frequency.
    Not only it protects you from the Scalare-Waves and other attacks but
    by the Schumann- Frequency it is generating a honeycomb structure
    in all liquids and this structure is the naturally structure. Remember the
    videos from Bradley Loves where he has shown us the changed
    pictures at changed frequencies.
    You must know our bodies are absorbing all electromagnetic waves
    and this is changing the honeycomb structure of all liquids at Nano level in our
    body and this is the reason for many inflammations.
    This device, together with a Zeolith/Betonit powder, and this is important
    that this powder is informed at the Schumann-frequency, is keeping
    the body at this frequency.

    When you put this device near your head during sleeping time
    because of shelter against manipulation of subconsciousness
    then your dreaming phases are more intensified which means
    all body- cells are more intensely relaxing.
    Since a year I am using such device and can confirm these
    statements of mister E.T.

    • Jean says:

      DET, thank you! I’ve written to Josh at Take Back Your Power to ask for his input, because on the surface, it makes sense to me. . . I will let you know . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  2. lecox says:

    The basic picture I get from what I have looked at in this post is a picture of criminality in high places. On the other hand, some people survive in high places (Assad? Putin? Parts of the military?) who have not yet succumbed to this criminality but are definitely feeling the pressure from it. Of course, the general population also feels pushed into a corner by this activity. Because the criminal mind is willing to destroy another person – or many other people – without a second thought, this is a huge problem for those of us who want to correct the problem. While one wishes to lead a moral life, it is a little hard to see the benefit of becoming a martyr to this cause.
    From a spiritual point of view, if one doesn’t enjoy or agree with the game he’s playing, he always has the choice to exit that game. However, when the only mode of exit involves death of the body, most of us would not choose that option. The criminals count on this holding true (those who came before even put elaborate systems in place to trap us in their game). They would lose most of their followers, and what sham of a game they have left here, if everyone on the planet decided to just pick up and move somewhere else. Realize, though, that if we all could actually do that, criminals as we know them on Earth would have no power over us. So that remains the ultimate handling.
    The handling most of us opt for – though less effective – is to expose their secrets. Hubbard called these “withholds.” You can “miss” a withhold, which usually makes the target very angry (they do it to us all the time) or you can “pull” a withhold, which means to get the guy to come clean, which is therapeutic but not an option with most real criminals. Or you can expose the withhold through investigative methods. The last, if done with authority and accuracy, and publicly enough, tends to cause the criminal to cave in.
    Many think the way to “handle” criminals is to put them in jail. This is done to lower-level people. But unless the investigation actually found the exact facts of what they really did that they wanted to keep secret, this process will not cave them in. They may find a way to stay active while in prison, escape, get out early, or in some similar manner just continue doing what they were doing. Furthermore, these investigations tend to stop once a conviction is achieved. But what about all the connections this guy had, and all the other stuff he knew about? Thus, I am convinced that our current system of “justice” was created by criminals to serve their interests, and not the cause of truth and higher states of existence.
    Our best compromise short-term handling for the problem of criminality in high places is to expose the secrets. To be effective, the information exposed must be something a criminal really wanted to keep secret, not something leaked to the media to lead us all off track. Courtney Brown was moving in this direction before he got off into his “time-cross” project. Most investigations rely on ordinary physical evidence and are never totally conclusive because the perpetrator has had too much time to destroy much of it. Techniques using spiritual abilities could work, but we need something better than Remote Viewing to do that job, and the investigators would need to remain anonymous. For me, it all points back to spiritual ability as the way out of this. We can always hope that some other group with better spiritual abilities than ours will intervene to help us out. But don’t be surprised if that intervention results in new problems. Our own spiritual ability (or lack of it) is the real problem here, and it is up to each and every one of us to do something about it.

  3. Jay says:

    What the elite are doing

  4. lwking says:

    Jean, Steve recommended Newt Gingrich for Secretary of State not Mitt Romney

    • Jean says:

      Yes, but now Romney is being talked up. Why? From what I am learning, maybe it is not Trump, but those who would control him. We must just wait and let time unwind the truth . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Jay says:

    In spite of not feeling well you have been very busy providing us with info. Thanks. One thing that may help with wireless waves is organite. You can get it for as little as $13 on

  6. Bill says:

    Jean – some time back I received a video of 4 people sitting around a table and there were several kernels of popcorn in the center of the table. All four of them placed a call with the phones and in about 45 seconds the corn began to pop.i try to deep my I phone turned off and/or keep it away from my body as far as I can. An engineer friend of mine said he keeps his in the microwave! I believe that the phones radiate much more power than your router or computer.

  7. Helene says:

    so glad you’re back, Jean, please look after yourself while you do this tremendous public service. Getting as many diff perspectives right now is crucial I think. My hope is that the pedo/child trafficking ring comes first via Trump and they rescue all the kids who have been kidnapped and forced into these nightmare experiences. All of these people related to the Clinton Crime Family have committed crimes of one sort or another and need to be charged/indicted asap. RICO charges cannot be pardoned btw. All of the damning info in Wikileaks, Guccifer 1 & 2, DNC Leaks, DC Leaks, the FBI, State Dept, Weiner/Huma’s laptop, NYPD, the Panama Papers prove beyond doubt the national and global scale of the web at which the Clinton Foundation is one centre. We know via Wikileaks the Clintons are responsible for many deaths including Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and Justice Scalia, the Honduran environmental activist, and dozens more. They are in a way an American KGB not just a mafia syndicate. The MSM press etc continue to ignore all of this and as a result their ratings/sales keep dropping. Time will tell if Trump will return to his roots as a moderate Dem/Rep who is socially liberal. Steve Pieczenik is an interesting character and his decision to go public raises many questions as well. As he is an MD Psychiatrist who trained at Cornell which raises its own bells, his career with the CIA NIxon Kissinger pscyops etc makes anything he says questionable however at this time I’m taking what he says at face value.

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