November 20, 2016 News, evening

NEW SHOCKING INFO: FALSE FLAG COMING! Dr. Steven Greer 11/18/16 – The Carol Rosin Show, November 16, 2016

Among other things, the video above notes how many times Trump is known to have ridden the Lolita Express. Is this who we really want in the White House? Are these the men we want investigating 9/11?

As I consder what I’m learning, I have to question whether Simon Parkes was given all the info. I can understand the military choosing Trump as the lesser of the two evils, . . .

Take your time to reach a decision about the two videos below. Given your knowledge, is what they suggest possible?

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8 Responses to November 20, 2016 News, evening

  1. Hi Jean, great to see you back on board as your input has been invaluable over the years and was greatly missed during your brief respite.I’m commenting today re the last video clip titled “Judas Goat Trump etc.” The lass doing the commentary on the clip repeats the statement made by B. Obama concerning D. Trump’s interest in “wanting to work with my team around many of the issues this country is facing.” This is where I differ with her interpretation, for I feel the emphasis of the statement (at least by my interpretation) is in the word “AROUND” many of the issues, not to be confused with agreeing to the same protocol. Dire change is needed worldwide and looking on via the glass half full viewpoint, i’m hoping your new president is at least part of the answer to a happier, peaceful world. Good luck, Jean.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Jean 🙂 I’ve just posted a very important post filled with info about Trump and his future direction, by F. Willaim Engdahl. The news is nto good 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Aron says:

    G’day Jean,
    Good to hear from you again, missed you and are so glad that you are back. I thought you might be interested in this
    She has a tendency for correct forecasts. She went public with them around the time when the conflict in Ukraine began
    This is from her website:
    A slow and tedious change – NOT a quick, revolutionary, and relatively easy change – this is the theme for at least the next 3-4 years, possibly until 2021-22. In 2017, I’ll talk about how it’ll really work (NOT how all kinds of Western ‘gurus’ have predicted) and why it won’t be quick and simple.
    If you want to hear all this and find out where our common Planet Earth is really moving, in other words, if you are after the REAL TRUTH, REVELATIONS and GENUINE predictions, please support and follow me!
    Disclaimer: Sorry, my work is not for those who are after sensationalism and fairytales!

    I have listened to her earth shift report 16 and it gave me a clear understanding of what trump is about and the people behind him. I’ll give you a taste of what she said only because they are available through donations (from $1 to whatever you want but the suggested minimum is $8. I paid $5 for it) Trump only got so far because when he came into the republican party he had to make a deal of some sorts more that he gets to haggle it out and that he wont ”Drain The Swamp” as people are saying he is only going to make some dents in the NWO. But explains it in greater detail plus lots more.

    • Jean says:

      Aron, I’m grateful to you for sharing this and wish I could listen, but I don’t use my PayPal or credit card anymore like this – so that locks me out. I’m really curious about where she gets her info . . . and how she professes to know more than anyone else — and I’m not saying she doesn’t. . .but I can’t help but question what she says. Do ETs tell her? Is she a channel? Does he derive it from private sources? That is really what interests me about her reports.

      Thanks and hugs,

  3. Bill says:

    Jean Here are a couple sites that may be of some use to you and your “crusade.”

  4. Jay says:

    I don’t give this man/situation a moment of my time. Sorry! Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Jay says:

    I have it on good report that Corey Goode is controlled . . . I’m not interested in publishing anything from him or David Wilcock. They have sold their souls, and so any info that they give is questionable. I haven’t got time to figure these people out, especially when there are others out there who are into the ‘real’ truth. In the future, I’m not going to give you any explanation, but will simply not publish your comment. Hugs, ~Jean

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